William P. Connelly, is the main antagonist of the entire School Daze series. He is the Father of Tom, Allison, and Alex. He used to insult his family for dumb reasons. This went on until he moved out in “William’s Departure”. He did return a few episodes later with a positive attitude, up until “Meet William’s Mother”, when he stopped taking his meds. This caused him to act like a jerk towards his family again. He was the leader of the Super Adventure Club and appeared in the South Park Season Ten episode, "The Return of Chef". He remained the leader until Chef and the children went there and blew it up in the Adventures in South Park episode “Chef’s Return from the Dead”. His injuries were so severe he had to get plastic surgery.

Personality Edit

William is a very grouchy man. He would always yell at his family. According to Sally, he is Childish and Bipolar. This is shown to be true, for he has been shown being nice to the family on a few occasions, for he would take his family to the movies almost every Friday. As for his childish behavior, well, he has been acting like a spoiled little child in several episodes, like for example, if he went to a restaurant, and if the service was slow or the waiter gave him the wrong meal, he would yell at Sally or just storm out of the restaurant. There are a few reasons why he is such a jerk. Like for example, he lost his father, his wife, his uncle, his brother, his aunt, his job, and his own club. It is possible that he is just depressed. In South Park, he was shown to be somewhat caring for human life, as he did not want to kill the boys. However, he does not have any moral objections to psychologically traumatizing children to get their "marlocks". In “William’s Departure”, he moved out of the house and was never seen again until “William’s Surprise Visit”. Since then, he was shown to be a bit nicer. However, starting at “Meet William’s Mother”, he was back to his old, verbally-abusive self. As mentioned before, William likes to take his family to the movies. Not only does he like it, he is ADDICTED to going to the movies. He drags his family to a movie night every Friday, and would rarely do anything else. If he were to plan a different event, William would always try to put the movies into the equation. If there was an opportunity for him to take the gang to the movies on a different day, like if there was no school or if Uncle Jerry is for some reason unable to take them for the weekend, he will not pass it up. The family hates going to the movies with William because of his anger, but he takes them anyway, and it usually ends in disaster.

Appearance Edit

William has fair skin and blue eyes. He is bald with orange hair on the sides. He always wears a hat to cover his bald spot. In the Summer School Daze mini-series, he temporarily wore a bandage on his left leg due to the events of "Chef's Return from the Dead".

South Park Edit

In South Park, he wears a white, pith helmet pince-nez, and carries a riding crop. He also wears a white dress shirt, white pants, black and white boots, and a pink ascot.

School Daze Edit

In 8th Grade Adventures, he wears a blue cap with the Boston logo on it, a light blue dress shirt with chest pockets and rolled up sleeves, a white undershirt, a black belt with a gold buckle, blue jeans, and white Nike sneakers.

His usual clothing in High School Years, the Paradise series, and Forever Sophomores consists of a t-shirt or polo of varying colors, usually red, blue, teal, gray, or green. He also wears his blue jeans and the same sneakers. On his head, he wears a navy blue Boston cap. He sometimes wears a gray or green hoodie with this outfit.

He can also be seen wearing 3 other recurring outfits:

  • A red Boston cap, a red jacket that reads: Red Sox, an undershirt of varying colors, light blue jeans, and the same sneakers.
  • A black Bruins cap, a black hoodie with the Bruins logo on it, an undershirt of varying colors, and the same blue jeans and white sneakers from his primary outfit.
  • A navy blue Patriots cap(which is the same color scheme as his original hat), a navy blue hoodie with the Patriots logo on it, an undershirt of varying colors, and the same blue jeans and white Nike sneakers from his primary outfit.

In Advanced Education and the Summer Era episode “Back in Franklin”, William was seen wearing a pale and navy blue patterned t-shirt with his blue jeans, and white sneakers from his primary outfit. On his head, he wears a navy blue cap similar to his original one, but instead of a red "B", his had has a pair of red socks on it, symbolizing the Boston Red-Sox. His shirt is red in the promotional artwork and is seen in different colors as well(such as blue, red, green, black, or gray). In cold weather, he would wear a hoodie with this outfit, and starting with Late-Season 6, William replaces his blue cap with a black and yellow Bruins cap, though he still wears his old one occasionally.

In the Dog-Daze series, William's main shirt is a red, white, and blue tie-dye Red-Sox t-shirt, while still wearing his Bioston cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. Like in the previous series, William's shirt varies from time-to-time. His cap is either Red-Sox or Bruins-themed, and colored blue, red, or black/yellow.

Other Outfits Edit

During his cameo in OH012, he wore the same blue shirt, but his blue jeans were replaced by red shorts, and he is both hatless, and barefoot.

In the Halloween Special of Advanced Education, William wore a blue and red sweater with his usual outfit.

In the Thanksgiving Special, William wore 4 different outfits, each one is listed below:

  • On Day 1, William wore his navy blue Patriots cap, a light black hoodie with the Boston World Series logo on it, a black undershirt, and his blue jeans and white sneakers.
  • On Day 2, William wore a gray hoodie with the Boston logo on it, a green undershirt, and the same navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • On Day 3, he wore a navy blue t-shirt, as well as his usual cap, blue jeans, and sneakers. After the movie, he wears his previous gray hoodie with this outfit.
  • On Day 4, he wore the same outfit, but with a dark gray hoodie over his shirt.

In the Christmas Special, William wore 3 different outfits, each one is listed below.

  • When Aunt Sally told Alex to brush his hair for Terri's son's Christmas Party, William wore a red jacket, blue undershirt, black pants, and gray socks.
  • When the Connellys went to the movies to see Mary Poppins Returns, he wore a black and yellow Bruins cap, a navy blue Patriots t-shirt, and his usual blue jeans and white sneakers. During the Christmas Eve party, he wore a gray Bruins hoodie with this outfit.
  • On Christmas Day, he wore the same gray hoodie and navy blue t-shirt from his previous outfit, along with black pants and gray socks.

In the Season 4 finale, William wore a gray hoodie over a red shirt and black pants.

In Advanced Education The Movie: Strong Forces Allison wears several outfits. Each one is listed below:

  • On Valentines Day, William was seen wearing a dark gray Bruins t-shirt, a black and yellow Bruins cap, as well as his usual blue jeans and white sneakers.
  • When departing for work, William wore a pale blue Adidas t-shirt with a navy blue cap, and the same blue jeans and sneakers. When picking up Aunt Sally from the hospital, he wore the same outfit, but his blue cap is replaced by his black and yellow one.
  • During the Sister Act play, William wore a gray Bruins hoodie over a light blue t-shirt, as well as his black and yellow cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. Before the play, he wore the same hoodie with black pants.
  • During Tom and co.'s day out with Gammy, William wore a blue hoodie with his black pants.
  • When viewing the film "Isn't It Romantic?" at Regal Cinemas, William wore his gray hoodie with a red "B" on it and a red undershirt, as well as the same cap, jeans, and sneakers.

During the Cipher's Law Arc, William wore 3 outfits. In HU039, William wears a navy blue t-shirt with teal boxer shorts. In HU040, William wears the same navy blue shirt underneath a dark blue sports jacket, as well as his usual black Bruins cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. In HU041, William wore a red t-shirt with yellow boxers.

During the Advanced Education finale, William wears 5 different outfits. Each one is listed below:

  • On Day 1, he wore a black and gray Bruins-themed polo shirt, along with his usual black and yellow Bruins cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • On Day 2, he wore a navy blue t-shirt with the same cap, jeans, and sneakers. He later switches to a red and blue shirt.
  • On Day 3, he wore a pale-blue t-shirt with the same cap, jeans, and sneakers.
  • On Day 4, he wore a light gray sports jacket with red trim over a black shirt, a navy blue cap, and his usual jeans and sneakers.

The Weirdness War Edit

William is shown wearing several outfits throughout the Forever Sophomores finale. All of the outfits he wore are listed below:

  • On the first day of the family trip to Maine, William wore a red short-sleeved polo shirt, a navy blue baseball cap with the Red-Sox symbol on it, blue jeans, and his white sneakers.
  • On the second day of the trip, he can be seen wearing a red, white, and blue striped Boston t-shirt with the same navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • On the third and final day of the trip, He wears a lime green short-sleeved polo shirt with his navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • On the last day of school, William was seen wearing a light gray t-shirt while keeping his navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. He is later seen wearing his light blue dress shirt with white boxers.

Summer Era Edit

In "Back in Franklin", William wore the same outfit he currently wears in Advanced Education.

In “Hingham is Where the Start Is”, William wore his previous outfit at the beginning, but once he arrives at the movies, he wears a light gray t-shirt with “Boston Red Sox” written on it, along with his usual navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. After the movie, he wears his red jacket from the movie with this outfit.

In Anime Extravaganza Movie: Endless Summer, William wears several outfits. Each one is listed below:

  • When viewing Teen Titans GO! To The Movies at the movie theatre, William wore a light gray t-shirt with a green and yellow symbol on the top right corner, while keeping his navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. When departing for work, he switches to a red polo shirt.
  • When watching “Christopher Robin” at the AMC Theatre, William wore a red t-shirt with a darker red pattern, which is very similar to the pattern on his blue shirt worn in most of the Power of Peruto Arc and OH012. He also wore his usual navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • When eating lunch at the Incontro Restaurant, William wore a navy blue Patriots t-shirt with his navy blue cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers.
  • When saying goodbye to Tom and co. as they depart to Milford, He wore the same blue shirt from his previous outfit, along with red boxer shorts.

Wampanoag Edit

When he lived in Wampanoag, he had a mustache and glasses. He wore a dark green lumberjack hat, a black suit jacket over a white dress shirt, a red tie, the same belt from his primary outfit, blue trousers, and black dress shoes.

Biography Edit

William was born on April 9, 1971. When he was 2, his mom left him and moved to California, leaving his father to take care of him. He then re-married Gammy and William became Sally's step-brother. Months Later, William's father died in a gruesome car accident, so Gammy had to take care of him. Many Years Later, he married Annabelle and they gave birth to Tom and Allison. They then moved in with Sally, Jerry, and Michael, making it a "Full House". Annabelle was diagnosed with AIDS after Allison's birth, and things got worse when she became pregnant with Alex. Shortly after his birth, Annabelle passed away. Depressed, William left the family to form the Super Adventure Club. During his time as the Super Adventure Club Leader, he lured Chef into his club and brainwashed him into becoming sexually interested in children. After the boys brought his memory back, He kidnapped Chef again. When the boys tried to rescue him, Chef died a gruesome death. However, William recovered his corpse and turned him into Darth Chef. Years later, he was arrested along with his son and the other members of the Super Adventure Club. Later on, they got out and started up the club again, but it wasn't long until Chef and the boys came along and blew up the place. William survived, but he was seriously injured. After all that stuff went down, he returned and began to verbally abuse the family.

Antagonistic Roles Edit

William serves as the main antagonist in several episodes of the series. here is a list of times where he has antagonized our heroes in some way:

  • The Return of Chef - Brainwashes Chef into becoming a Child Molester; kidnaps Chef once his memory is restored and tries to brainwash him again; convinces Chef to come back with them, causing his death.
  • Uncle Funtime 3 - Fights with Cole Marquez; constantly argues w/ Aunt Sally; pressured Dora to go on a ride at Six Flags; locks the group out of the car; refuses to stop when Boots has to use the bathroom.
  • Off to the Cape - Argues with Aunt Sally; has an outburst in a restaurant and storms off; causes the gang to be locked out of the hotel room; yells at Tom for not washing the dishes properly.
  • Runaway Alex -Grounds Alex for sneaking out of the house
  • Dora, Diego, and Tom’s Amazing Adventure - threatens Mordecai and Rigby; follows the gang to the hotel; steals Aunt Sally’s phone
  • Demon Snake Outbreak - Gets Alex bitten by a Demon Snake
  • The Six Flags Adventure - Argues with Aunt Sally; Yells at the kids; Once again refuses to stop when Boots has to go to the bathroom.
  • A Wimpy Weekend - Yells at Aunt Sally through the phone.
  • School Daze Spooktacular Movie - Argues w/ Aunt Sally in the restaurant.
  • School Daze Christmas Movie - Argues w/ Aunt Sally; Tells Caillou to “relax” when he’s thirsty; hides Aunt Sally’s keys so the Connellys can’t go see Gammy.
  • A Weekend of Cold Weather - Yells at Tom for taking too long to get ready; Argues w/ Aunt Sally; Storms out of restaurant after outburst.
  • William Reaches his Breaking Point - Prevents Tom from buying lunch; threatens to beat him and Allison.
  • Return of Wilbur Davies - Stalls Tom and the gang, almost preventing them from going to Michael and Jerry’s house.
  • School Daze: The End - Causes outburst at Froyo World.
  • School Daze: The Movie - Argues w/ Aunt Sally during drive to Gammy’s.
  • Off to Maine - Spends the entire episode acting like a jerk towards his family and arguing with Aunt Sally
  • Someone’s in the Kitchen With Gammy - Yells at Aunt Sally and acts impatient while waiting for Gammy
  • An Abusive Day Off - After learning Aunt Sally dated another man, William prevents her from taking Tom and co. out for lunch by blocking the driveway using his car and chairs.
  • The Spirits of Verbal Abuse - Threatens to kill Aunt Sally and lies to Tom that he will change off-camera, resulting in the family reporting him to the police; follows them to police station and convinces her not to; persuades Tom and Allison to believe he’s changed and make Aunt Sally go out to dinner with him; yells at Aunt Sally when she rejects going out with him.
  • William’s Departure - In flashbacks, William raises Alex into being gay.
  • Skype Chat With Alex - Picks on Boots
  • Meet William’s Mother - Lashes out on Allison for using her phone at dinner; storms out of restaurant in anger.
  • School Daze Christmas Chronicles 16: Fun at Coco Keys - Doesn’t take meds; takes anger out on family by yelling at them.
  • School Daze Christmas Chronicles 17: Make Way for 2017! - Yells at the Connellys
  • Tattletale William - Rats out Tom and co. for throwing snowballs at cars.
  • School Daze 2: A Jolly Good Battle - Argues with Aunt Sally/ complains about restaurant service
  • Wizard of Ice, Larsson and the Power of One!, and The High Notes of a Musical Reunion - takes his anger out on the Connellys.
  • The Weather Game - Scolds Tom for taking the bus home instead of letting Aunt Sally pick him up; once again prevents the Connellys from going out by blocking the driveway; blackmails Aunt Sally not to report him to the police.
  • Pokemon Franklin Expeditions 8: Allison’s 4th Concert - gets upset w/Allison for forgetting her phone; Yells at Aunt Sally; pressures Tom and co. to make a decision on what movie to watch.
  • Pokemon Franklin Expeditions 14: Talent Breakout! - Yells at Aunt Sally throughout the whole episode
  • Pokemon Franklin Expeditions 21: Working for the Love - Forces Ash to do various chores, such as sweeping the stairs
  • Pokemon Franklin Expeditions 23: Most Work and Some Play - Makes the Connellys clean the master bedroom by putting clothes in the bathroom.
  • School Daze 3: Marquez and the Orb of Life - William is the main antagonist in this film, as he commits various misdeeds, such as attempting to cancel the trip by hiding parts of the wheelchair, arguing with Aunt Sally during the road-trip and threatening to punch her in the face, confiscating Caillou’s 3DS for no reason, stealing Aunt Sally’s phone, yelling at Tom and Allison for not doing the laundry properly, locking the Connellys out of the hotel room various times, speeding, using roller coaster rides to prevent the Connellys from seeing Grandpa, and yelling at Alex for looking for something in the car.
  • The Sore-Skilled Game! - Continuously yells at Aunt Sally during the trip to Fenway park.
  • The Challenging Road - Screams and cusses over the constant traffic he comes across while driving Tom and co. to Michael and Jerry’s house.
  • One Stay Movie - Continuously takes his anger out on Aunt Sally.
  • Return to Maine - Spends the entire episode taking his anger out on Aunt Sally. He later locks the Connellys out of the hotel room, just because they didn’t help him bring his stuff inside. He also makes Allison cry and calls her a baby.
  • Wonder of Poppins - Scolds Aunt Sally and freaks out over traffic.
  • Quiz-Themed Final Showdown! A Film That No One Wants To See - yells at Aunt Sally a lot.
  • Adventures in the Aquarium! A Meal Without Our Friends - Constantly takes her anger out on Aunt Sally and freaks out over traffic. Later waits in the parking lot for hours, causing Tom and co. to not have enough time to pick up their friends for dinner.
  • Double-Movie Roadtrip(and any other episode where they go to the movies) - Takes his anger out on the family.
  • Movie Night, Triple Threat! - Blames Aunt Sally for the car getting towed.
  • Winter Labor Force - forces the kids to shovel the driveway, provoking a disagreement between Alex and Aunt Sally.
  • Birthday Blizzard - Makes the Connellys shovel the driveway again.
  • William’s Weekend of Terror - Verbally Abuses the Connellys for the entire weekend. For Example, he screams his rant on the school walkout, and he tells Aunt Sally to “put a bullet through her head because he doesn’t like her”.
  • An Apologetic Vengeance - Makes the Connellys clean the living room on their day off.
  • Easter Kicks off the Month (Part 1) - Acts like a jerk on Easter morning.
  • Maine Trip 3: The Out-Of-State Viewing - Continuously acts aggressively towards the family and unreasonably freaks out over traffic.
  • Let’s Go, Bet-Sox - Acts rude towards Aunt Sally
  • Enter Jimmy Neutron: Agony and the Brains - Fails to show sympathy towards Alex when he gets another Charlie Horse. Instead, he tells him to shut up for screaming in pain at the movie theater. He also yells at him to walk normal.
  • Return to Fenway - Freaks out over traffic and acts rudely towards the family.
  • Geometry MCAS Part 1: The Top Dog on Campus - In a flashback, he bullies Vinny in college and beats him up after Brian dropped out.
  • Geometry MCAS Part 2: Brewie Forever! - Forces Tom and co. to go to Dollar Tree and get some cleaning supplies because he is too lazy to do it himself.
  • I Claim to be Under-Pressure - makes a big pile in the living room.
  • Overboard Origins - Acts rudely towards Aunt Sally on the phone as she asks for his help in looking for her Handicap Pass.
  • The Weirdness War - Acts rude towards Aunt Sally, Forces the gang to sleep with him, Yells at them for getting stuff while he’s cleaning the camper.
  • Hingham is Where the Start is - Makes Tom and co. clean out his car at the exact time they have to leave for their week with Gammy. He also acts rudely towards the Connellys and has an outburst at the AMC Theatre.
  • Anime Extravaganza Movie: Endless Summer - Acts rude towards the Connellys and complains about traffic. He also teases Allison over being scared of the doctor’s.
  • Toys to Fenway - complains about traffic, wastes the Connelly’s time by taking pictures of the car that hit his car, and acting rude towards them for the entire episode.
  • Happy-Time Proposals - Takes Tom and co. to a movie that neither Allison or Aunt Sally find enjoyable.
  • Toys to Fenway 2: The Rematch - Acts even ruder towards the family and screams louder at traffic than ever before.
  • Vlogger 2: The Heat of the Moment - Gets in a fit of rage over traffic; blames Aunt Sally for passing Uncle Jerry’s house.
  • Small Foot Inspection - Acts rude towards Aunt Sally.
  • Where's Rigby? - Behaves rudely toewrds the family; scolds Alex for losing Rigby in the movie theater.
  • Sugar Rush - Yells at Aunt Sally for not eating today, because that’s what caused her to have a “Low-Blood-Sugar Episode”.
  • Terror Tales of Fredford - During a flashback in Alex’s Scary Story, William forces the family to clean out the fridge, which causes Aunt Sally to be crushed to death by it. This leads to William getting arrested.
  • Time to Move on, Tord - Acts angrily towards the family; pressures Tom and co. to decide whether or not to watch another movie.
  • The Junk House - Makes big piles in not only the living room, but in the upstairs hallway and bathroom as well, forcing the family to work on cleaning it up for the rest of the week.
  • How the School-Shooters Stole Christmas - Acts rude towards the family as usual.
  • The Larssons’ Thanksgiving Special - Acts rudely towards the family during another trip to the movies; yells at Tom and Alex for failing to fix the mailbox.
  • Andy’s Coming Home for Christmas! - Yells at Aunt Sally during another trip to the movies; Acts negatively at a Christmas Party; behaves in a disrespectful manner on Christmas morning; complains about how much he hates holidays and cooking.
  • No Shit, Sherlock! - Acts rude towards the family.
  • When You Least Expect It… - Screams loudly in anger over a car accident that caused them to get stuck in traffic, constantly saying “WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE ODDS?!”, as well as screaming over a spilled drink, making the family very uncomfortable.
  • Tomodachi Tune-Out - Behaves rudely during another trip to the movies.
  • Sleeping with the Sickness - makes Tom and Alex run various errands with him while he is sick with the flu, causing Aunt Sally to make the gang do various chores for him during the remainder of Season 42, and the start of Season 43.
  • The Final Riddle - Accuses Allison of not feeding the cats.
  • Intolerance - Continuously takes his anger out on the family during another double movie night; goes on several unnecessary errands afterwards.
  • Advanced Education the Movie: Strong Forces - Refuses to wake up when Tom tells him that it’s time to pick up Aunt Sally from the hospital; Yells at the kids to do laundry and calls them “lazy fucks”; stresses Alex out to the point of bursting into tears; refuses to help Aunt Sally prepare to leave the hospital; spends the car ride calling the family lazy; pulls over at a McDonald’s and refuses to keep driving until they pick a place to eat; Acts disrespectful towards a waiter because he’s “too slow”; once again goes on unnecessary errands; yells at Alex for not doing laundry properly; Yells at Tom and Alex to come to the master bedroom; Acts miserable at the movies; yells at Allison to help Tom and Alex with the popcorn; complains about traffic.
  • Snow-Shoveling as a Team! You Can't Help Everyone! - Forces the gang to shovel the driveway; confiscates Allison's laptop because he wants her to to work around the house.
  • Booted and Overworked! Identity Crisis at the AMC Theater! - Complains about traffic and Friendly's service; scolds Allison for losing her bus pass; complains about it to Aunt Sally.
  • A Mysterious Noise! Home Alone with Oral Pain! - Off-Camera, he once again takes away Allison's laptop as punishment for losing her ID in the previous episode.
  • Catching Up With the Rye! What's Wrong With Alex's Tooth? - Gets angry when Allsion says she doesn't want to go to IHOP; refuses to go until she changes her mind; accuses Allison of not feeding the cats; makes a mess in the kitchen out of anger.
  • Another Birthday Surprise! What on Earth Could it Be? - Makes the gang clean out his car.
  • The Things We Missed! Not Another Double Movie Night! - Angrily searches for something he lost; Slams the car door very hard; Yells at Tom and the gang to wait for Aunt Sally; Makes the Connellys wait in the lobby for a few minutes; Argues with Aunt Sally over dinner; Screams at Aunt Sally for not charging his phone; calls her stupid, causing her to cry.
  • Everything is Due Today! Operation Total War! - forces Tom and co. to run an errand at Stop n' Shop and get some Doritos for him; refuses to give Oreo medicine.
  • End of Quarter Half-Day! A Movie Without Allison - Screams in anger over Sean mixing up his movie pass; makes Chopper cry; yells at Aunt Sally to get the tickets; argues w/ Aunt Sally over dinner; scolds Allison to come to dinner; storms out of car because he doesn't want to go out to eat.
  • Spring Break is Here! Try to Stay Positive! - Complains about the Happy Place and not wanting to go; yells at Aunt Sally for it, causing her to cry; Wastes the gang's time by stopping at a Starbuck's; acts miserable during the whole event; takes the gang to the movies afterwards
  • Enter Agent P and Company! Finally on the Road to Maine! - Takes away Aunt Sally's phone to prevent them from leaving for Maine; wastes her time by arguing with her.
  • William Ruins the Fun! Who is Bill's New Pawn? - Acts rudely towards Aunt Sally and the gang; takes Aunt Sally's keys to prevent her from taking separate cars; yells at Aunt Sally for driving in front of him and gets angry about other things.
  • The Long Journey Home! Ciphogee is in Control! - Tries to prevent Aunt Sally and the gang from driving back home, since he wants to take them out to eat today.
  • Movie Night Un-Cancelled! The Young Athlete Who Drowned! - Despite his new work Schedule, William takes the day shift so he can still take the family to the movies; acts rude towards the family.
  • HU046-51 - Fails to give Aunt Sally the money for Chocolate he owes.
  • Beware the Indigo Plateau! Ash vs. The Gym Leader Union! - Complains about the Chocolate Money situation and refuses to write a check; says he doesn't care about Unified Track.
  • Pep-Talk with Ms. Gritz! Pikachu and the Mystery of the Raging Father! - Argues w/ Aunt Sally; acts like a hypocrite and says Aunt Sally is the angry one.
  • Welcome to Quinsigamond University! Movies are a Pain in the Chest! - Takes Tom to the movies despite the poor condition he's in; acts ignorant about his chest pain.
  • History of Stress! Revenge of the Cancellation Gag! - yells at Aunt Sally over poor wifi at 99; Screams in anger on the way to Dairy Queen.

Relationships Edit

William often has an argument with pretty much anyone he meets, especially his family. Because of this, Aunt Sally always tries to kick him out, but he always refuses to leave. In Later Seasons, Aunt Sally is shown to be loving and caring towards him, and is willing to look past his aggressive side, despite the kids' objections. However, she would still yell at him for either being a jerk or yelling at the kids. Cole doesn't trust his kids around William because of his Verbal Abuse, but Boris gets along with him very well.

Trivia Edit

  • William is the second character to debut on South Park. First being Trent Boyett.
  • William swears the most out of all characters
  • In the 4Kids and Cartoon Network dubs, all of the curse words he uses in each episode is removed.
  • William has been arrested twice. The First time was in "South Park: The Metal of Trust", and the Second time was in "Dora, Diego, and Tom's Epic Adventure".
  • William hates prety much everything: Traffic, Bad Restaurant Service, Waiting, his Kids using Technology, etc.
  • In newer episodes, he acts a lot more calm

Gallery Edit

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