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Vincent is a recurring character appearing in the School Daze series. He is the boyfriend of Aunt Judi who often attends family gatherings. He debuted in “The Brunch Bunch”.


Vincent is a kind and caring man. He is very loving and romantic towards his girlfriend Judi. He is also shown to be very talkative and friendly towards everyone in the family. Vincent appears to be very wealthy, as evidenced by the fact that every house he and Judi bought together is pretty big and fancy. They had three houses together: They initially owned a two-story house, which first appeared in “Sweet Mother of Mine”, and continued to live there until they moved out sometime after “Party of Coughs”, which was the house’s final appearance. They temporarily stayed at a beach house, which was only seen in “The Larsson’s Thanksgiving Crisis Special”. The two eventually moved into a condo prior to HU056, and have been living there ever since. Like Judi, Vincent often attends family holidays and gatherings. He has been appearing constantly since his first appearance in the Franklin Expeditions episode “The Brunch Bunch”.


Vincent is a middle-aged man with fair skin and brown eyes. He also has gray hair, but is slightly balding. He tends to wear very formal clothing, usually dress-shirts with or without a sweater or coat over it, as well as trousers and loafers. His choice of apparel in the summer is a t-shirt or polo with Bermuda shorts, and either sneakers or sandals for footwear. His clothing is usually seen in the colors gray, green, brown, white, black, or blue.


High School Years (3 Appearances Total)

  • Pokemon Franklin Expeditions 19: The Brunch Bunch
  • Sweet Mother of Mine(final HSY appearance)
  • The Final Frontier (pictured)

School Daze in Paradise (1 Appearance Total)

  • Driving-Into Attempt #2(first only Paradise appearance)

Forever Sophomores (5 Appearances Total)

  • Life During Post-Thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the Corner!(first re-appearance)
  • Christmas is Here! The Waiting Has Finally Paid Off!
  • Party at Jerry’s Hometown
  • Easter Kicks off the Month (Part 2)
  • Party of Coughs(final FS appearance)

Advanced Education (5 Appearances Total)

  • Put a Ring on It(first re-appearance)
  • The Larssons' Thanksgiving Crisis Special
  • Andy's Coming Home for Christmas!
  • The Fall of Ciphogee! Ending Break with an Easter Celebration!
  • Judi & Vincent’s House Party! It's My Birthday and You're Invited!(final AE appearance)

Senior Year (5 Appearances so far) 

  • Time Rupture 3: Road to Wampanoag (alternate timeline)
  • Thanks, But No Giving! (first re-appearance)
  • Christmas
  • Bedding & Dentistry (voice only)
  • Mother's Day in Quarantine (voice only)
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