Tony Edwin is a minor character and former antagonist who appears in the School Daze series. He is a classmate of Tom and co. in various classes. In Advanced Education, he was in their My Money, My Life class. In Senior Year, he is in their English and Forensics classes. He first appears in the Original Series. He serves as a minor character/anti-hero in most of the series, and the tertiary antagonist of Season 42.

Description[edit | edit source]

In the Original Series, Tony was a nice guy. He thought Tom, Trent, and Willy were cool and treated them as one of the guys. He would always go along with Willy's grounding jokes most of the time. In the Advanced Education series, he is given a more antagonistic role, along with Shia and Chase. In most occasions where Tom and co. ask for his help with a project, he would often scold them, saying that they should already know. He also starts drama with Willy, as he would usually mock him, call him the wrong name, and act like an oversensitive SJW over most of his jokes. He serves as one of the major antagonists of the 5th Season of the Advanced Education series. In Senior Year, however, he is more kinder to Tom and the gang than he was in the previous series, and is even supportive of them during their time in Unified Basketball.

Looks[edit | edit source]

Tony is a tall and slender young man with tan skin, blue eyes, and short black hair. He also has freckles. In the older seasons, He would wear black, blue or gray hoodies with long or short-sleeved undershirts that vary in color, sweatpants or shorts that are colored black, gray, or blue, and black sneakers. In Advanced Education, he usually wears a dark blue(sometimes black) sports jacket with a black long or short-sleeved undershirt(sometimes red, blue, white, gray, or other colors), black or gray athletic pants(sometimes jeans or khakis), and gray sneakers. In Senior Year, he is usually seen wearing t-shirts with shorts and sneakers in warm weather, and hoodies or sports jackets with undershirts and pants.

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