Tico (who has been voiced by Muhammed Cunningham, Jose Zelaya and currently by Jean Carlos Celi) is a dark purple ferret and a friend of Dora's who lives in the forest and is very fluent in Spanish though very rarely speaks English. He wears a colorful striped vest and is usually seen driving his little yellow car, although he has been known to travel in a variety of vehicles, from helicopters to boats. He has purple fur, a round body, and small triangular stumps for arms and legs.

Personality Edit

A four-year-old Spanish-speaking squirrel and a good friend to Dora. While Tico is young and playful, he can also be brave and heroic. Since Tico can operate any vehicle--everything from a bicycle-powered plane to a Super Spy boat-car--he has been known to save the day in a crisis. He is often found driving in his little yellow car or in his tree at the Nutty Forest. Tico's function on the show is to help Dora teach the audience words and phrases in Spanish; Dora has to tell Tico something in Spanish, such as "Faster" or "Look out", and she asks the viewers at home to say it along with her. In some episodes, a different Spanish-speaking character (such as Señor Tucán) appears instead of Tico. In the episode "Dora's First Trip", it was established that Boots had been friends with Tico before Dora met either of them, despite the fact that Boots and Tico speak two different languages. In School Daze, he speaks fluently in english and is in a gay relationship with Boots. He was Caillou’s sidekick, until he caused him to go savage in Phineas and Ferb: Off to the Falls.

Appearance Edit

Tico has purple fur, white eyes, pink nose, with black pupils, and a long tail. He wears a colorful striped vest consisting of colors orange, magenta, dark violet, lime, and blue.

In Virtual Paradise, Tico's vest was plain and light blue.

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