The Larsson Family is an evil family who serves as one of the major antagonists of the School Daze series. They are the family of Tord Larsson, consisting of his uncle Leo, mother Georgette, father Edward, brother Toby, and sister Trina. After the death of Debbie Stone, they began to wreck havoc for our heroes in the School Daze series.

There is no information about Tord, Vinny, or Olivia because there are already separate articles about them. For their articles, see Tord Larsson, Vinny (Dog), or Olivia.


Edward Larsson (Tord's Father)


Georgette Larsson (Tord's Mother)


Toby Larsson (Tord's Brother)


Trina Larsson (Tord's Sister)


Leo Larsson (Tord's Uncle)



All of the family members are evil, and are more than willing to help Tord Larsson with his evil plans. In Season 13 of Family Guy, Uncle Leo and Georgette were mentioned by Vinny. In Simpsons Guy 3: Disney Edd-venture, the entire family makes their debut and go to Disney World and try to kill Mickey Mouse after the death of Debbie Stone. They also try to kill Edd and his friends, The Simpsons, and The Griffins, only to be taken away by the police.  In Uncle Funtime: Thanksgiving Edition, Him and the rest of the family are broken out of jail by Tord, Vinny, and Team Rocket. In Larsson and the Power of One!, him and his family give potions to Lois and Daisy, causing them to be allergic to dogs and straw. They also blinded Carter, thus forcing Brian to take care of him. However, both of those plans fail, so they decide to give candy to Stewie, which contains the demon, Fred Blackout. Meanwhile, the potions caused Lois to lose an arm, Daisy to turn into a cat, and Boots to become 50 feet tall because he drank the potion as well. Then, Olivia ends up eating the candy and gets possessed by Fred Blackout. After killing Stewie, the family promises to take it easy with their evil schemes. However, they end up breaking this promise, as they continue to help Tord wreck havoc for the rest of the School Daze series, up until the end of Forever Sophomores, where they were sent to a maximum security prison. They broke out in Advanced Education, and are now helping Tord to try and get Olivia and Vinny back.

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