Shia Harley is a recurring character and an antagonist appearing in the High School Years and Forever Sophomores series. He was often seen hanging out in the library in the High School Years series. In the Forever Sophomores series, he's in Tom and co.'s English class. In Advanced Education, he's in their My Money, My Life class. He debuted in "Health Survey". He serves as a minor antagonist in High School Years, an on and off supporting antagonist/anti-hero in Forever Sophomores and Seasons 1-4 of Advanced Education, the secondary antagonist of Season 42, and a minor character in Season 43 and onwards.

Personality Edit

Shia is a spontaneous person. He often hangs out with friends and plays games or watches videos when done with classwork. He is great friends with Willy, but this wasn't always the case. In the High School Years series, he was often rude to Willy by mocking his habits and smell. He even told him to kiss Andy, causing him to get in trouble. In the Forever Sophomores series, Willy was still upset with Shia about it. Eventually, Willy got over it and him and Shia have been friends ever since, though he would sometimes assist Cody Heevan in picking on him. In Advanced Education, he joins Tony and Chase in their constant habits of teasing Willy by calling him names he doesn't like and blaming him for things he does not do, making him one of the major antagonists of the 5th Season.

Appearance Edit

Shia has fair skin, blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. he is often seen wearing a gray or dark blue hoodie with an undershirt of varying colors, khaki shorts/pants or gray/black sweatpants, and gray sneakers. In Advanced Education, he is seen wearing a maroon hoodie(sometimes gray, blue, or black), an undershirt of varying colors, khaki pants(sometimes black or gray sweatpants), and white sneakers. This outfit is seen in different colors.

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