Senior Year is the seventh and final series in the School Daze franchise. It features 10 seasons and 236 episodes of Tom, Trent, Willy, Caillou, Bonnie, and Mason's adventures in their final year of High School.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Bonnie Anderson

Mason Patzer

Alex Connelly



Allison Connelly

Michael Connelly

Aunt Sally

William P. Connelly (Main Antagonist)

Uncle Jerry

Terri Menton (Main Antagonist)

Andy Davis

Dora Marquez

Diego Marquez

Caillou Tollar

Rosie Tollar

Stewie Griffin

Brian Griffin



Toys[edit | edit source]


Buzz Lightyear

Jessie (Toy Story)

Bo Peep




Mr. Potato Head

Recurring[edit | edit source]

Daniel Lavrich

Rick Nabavi

David Callahan

Jacob Munsen

Janet Uganden

Bryce Racer

Ms. Kerā

Ms. Rōzaru

Mr. Nanbu

Ms. Jirian

Mr. Kannenberg

Mrs. Collins

Ms. Hizamazuku


Aunt Judi

Aunt Janine


Uncle Nate




Minor[edit | edit source]




Phil Mellow

Nathan Redheart


Other Students

Plot[edit | edit source]

Arc 1: New Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Since leaving the FAA, Tom and the gang’s luck has been really turning around, as they finally got friends in their classes again. They got in this new class called Forensics, which is basically about finding clues to solve murder mysteries. The gang got Mrs. Collins as a math teacher again, and she’s been making the year really hard for them, for she has been assigning homework on a super frequent basis, more than any other teacher ever has. After that, they all went down to Maine, where Aunt Sally & William got married, but later on, Sally fell ill. She and William went on a honeymoon, leaving Gammy to take care of Tom and the gang for a week. They then joined Unified Basketball and met many good friends who helped them get stronger in their skills. Shortly after her return from the honeymoon, Sally has been in and out of the hospital due to developing some bad symptoms such as vertigo and a swollen arm. Later on, Alex got sick of living in a broken home, and went back in time to save his mom in order to make a better life for himself and his family. He was warned that there would be consequences, but he never listened. After his best friend got killed in a house fire, Alex realized his mistake and went back in time to change everything back to the way it should be. And soon enough, everything was back to normal, and that’s how things stayed from that point onward.

Arc 2: Distant Nightmares[edit | edit source]

After that time-traveling incident, the gang continued to play hard in Unified Basketball, and competed against many teams, but some were too strong for them. Later on, Uncle Jerry helped our heroes prepare for their Permit test in many ways, such as playing jenga and taking quizzes, and it helped them a lot. However, when they took the actual test, none of them passed, and neither Rigby or Allison took it well. Also, their english teacher Mrs. Kera has started a new Serial podcast unit, and since it started, homework in that class has been spreading like wildfire, which of course annoyed Trent. The gang also had a fun long weekend with Uncle Jerry, as they went to Fire & Ice for lunch, visited an Anatomy Museum, played Sims 3, and even went to a trampoline park. However, Shortly After, Uncle Jerry left with Terri for a cruise trip, leaving our heroes behind, along with Michael and Ronny. That meant they had to spend another weekend in Fredford with the asshole, hot-headed William. Of course this meant that weekend would be a nightmare, and the gang wanted no part of that. Luckily, there were two school events that Saturday: a police station Halloween Party, and Homecoming. Tom and co. saw this as an opportunity to escape William’s wrath, and they took it. Meanwhile, Dora and Diego’s cousin Daisy went on a search for Olivia and Vinny, after they had gone missing last summer. She found them and got them back, but under one condition: she had to work for Tord and join the dark side. Later on, Uncle Jerry returned from his trip, and Shortly After, they attended another school-related party. They spent that Halloween in a way they haven’t spent it in a while: by Trick-or-Treating, and after that, life was normal once again for our heroes.

Arc 3: Daisy Larsson[edit | edit source]

After Daisy left, the Marquez family pretty much fell apart. They were broken, and Dora & Diego had to pick up the pieces. Alicia was affected the most, As she had fallen into a deep depression. During the first month of her new life, Daisy was given rules she had to follow, and was required to participate in each of Tord's evil plans. She was put on a strike system, but due to her good nature, Daisy managed to blow most of her strikes by foiling each of Tord's new plans, with the sole intention of protecting her loved ones. But that only caused problems on her end. Meanwhile, the Connellys had their own problems. Aunt Sally recently lost her job with Helen, due to accusations of “man-handling” her. After that, Sally was tasked to find a new job in order to pay the bills, causing her a lot of stress. Also, Gammy reveals that William was not invited to Thanksgiving, But she wanted to spend it with both him and the kids, but this time, she had to choose one. This issue only added to her stress, which gotten so bad that she ended up in the hospital yet again. After weeks of recovering, Aunt Sally finally made her decision, The family would not spend Thanksgiving in Hingham with Gammy and the cousins, but instead celebrate it at home with William, and the gang would later spend the other half with Jerry. This was done because she didn’t want to deal with more family drama, especially after that fight last year. At first, Alex wasn’t happy about her final verdict, but he warmed up to it as time went on. On Thanksgiving Day, the heroes learned that the Larssons had struck again. They had captured many families we were familiar with, including Sally’s side of the family, and put them in a simulation with a bomb inside. While we kept the family safe, Daisy, with help from Caillou and Perry, sacrificed her final strike and rescued everyone, but it didn’t take long for the Larssons to learn of her betrayal and take her away. Other than that, Thanksgiving was fairly normal, as the gang spent time with the family. Now that Thanksgiving is over, they just need to get through Christmas.

Arc 4: Pokemon Holiday[edit | edit source]

After that whole Thanksgiving ordeal, Ash returned to Franklin, but this time, he brought his friends from Hoenn: May & Max, who happen to be cousins of Bonnie. His Pikachu was in bad shape due to a run-in with Team Rocket, but Tom and co. helped him recover. The three ended up going to school with them, and there was a lot going on there. Our Forensics teacher, Mr. Nanbu, began a new class unit, which was a lot harder than everything else they’ve done. Our Heroes struggled a lot, especially with the math equations. Eventually, they took the practical, and unfortunately, they failed it, and to make matters worse, Mr. Nanbu decided to drop their grade down to a D because of it. Meanwhile, The Larssons had teamed up with Team Rocket, and together, along with their newest member Daisy, they began to wreak havoc for the gang, while preparing for their biggest plan. When School got out, Tom and co. went to a FRIENDS Pop-Up showcase in Boston, where they were reunited with their old friends Misty and Brock. On Christmas Day, they got most of what we wanted, while some of the gifts were “different” from what they had expected. They then got together with Aunt Sally’s family for the first time in forever, but instead of going to some hotel, they just stayed in Hingham. And that’s when the Larssons decided to strike. They captured most of the toys and put them under their control with some sort of special gas, which they were gonna spread throughout the whole world. As the heroes were left restrained, it was up to the toys to save the day. The gas consumed all of the toys, except for Woody, who fixed everything in the end. Shortly after, the gang once again had to say goodbye to Ash and his friends. Hopefully they’ll meet again someday. In the meantime, they must begin this new decade by taking the next step into adulthood.

Arc 5: The Next Step[edit | edit source]

After Ash and his friends left, the new year 2020 came around, and for Tom and co., it got off to a rocky start. When the gang got back to school, they made it their goal to fix their Forensics grade. The first thing they did was re-do the practical, and despite that, Mr. Nanbu hesitated to update their Aspen grade for many weeks. Not only that, they also had to prepare for a final project in English, which was an essay on A Streetcar Named Desire. They watched the movie and took many notes, and after finishing, they got started on that paper. Now Tom wasn’t exactly true to his word about “taking the next step into adulthood”. He tried applying for a job at Big-Y, but they told him he had to wait 90 days for approval. Since Allison got her driver’s permit last month, Tom and co. decided that they needed one as well. Mordecai spent almost every day of the week studying with the gang. Rigby wasn’t doing so well at first, but later began cheating his way through the practice tests. Hopefully he won’t do this on the actual permit test. On the weekends, they began creating an “Ultimate Sims 4” Server, but the weekend after, Jerry and Terri left for another trip, so once again, the gang had to spend the weekend with dad. Luckily, they didn’t have to deal with him much, due to his new job with Doordash. After that, lots of stuff happened in school. The gang dealt with a bit of controversy about Michael’s fandom, but more importantly, they finished and turned in our Streetcar essay, and Mr. Nanbu finally fixed their grade, just in time for the end of Quarter 2. Shortly after, things took a turn for the worse. The gang got into a really bad car accident with Aunt Sally, and also, they got an old enemy in one of their new classes. At first, it seemed like he wanted to change, but after witnessing his strange behavior towards Willy, the gang was not so sure. Recently, Caillou received a message from his old friend Perry, saying he needs his help with something. What could it be? Tune in to find out!

Arc 6: Return to the 2nd Dimension[edit | edit source]

After Quarter 2 came to an end, a lot has been going on for Caillou. He was recently called by Perry, who needed his help for a mission. The mission was to infiltrate the Larsson manor, where Tord and his family were holding blueprints for an Alternate-Dimension-Inator, which they had stolen from OWCA Headquarters. Caillou managed to stop them, but broke his arm in the process. After Caillou recovered, The blueprints were stolen once again, so Perry wanted Caillou to help him get them back once more. The only problem was: Caillou’s parents were against the idea, and put him on curfew. Luckily, with Stewie’s help, they managed to keep everyone distracted, and proceeded with their mission. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, as an evil Caillou from an alternate dimension came out of the portal and overpowered both Perry and Caillou before trapping them in the 2nd Dimension. The evil Caillou then started attending school with Tom and co., disguised as the Caillou they know so they wouldn’t suspect a thing. Meanwhile, Perry’s owners and the Pines twins were worried about Perry, and began to search for him. In the 2nd Dimension, Caillou and Perry became wanted criminals, and tried to lay low, but unfortunately, they were caught and imprisoned. Luckily, Phineas’s group found out what happened to Perry and managed to build a portal to the 2nd Dimension, where they teamed up with the Resistance and broke Perry and Caillou out of prison. They then returned home and defeated Caillou-2 once and for all. The heroes thought everything was back to normal after that, but they were wrong. Dr. Doofenshmirtz from the 2nd Dimension was furious that his trusted ally was behind bars, and retaliated by kidnapping Dr. Doofenshmirtz from this dimension, and Caillou’s family. Caillou, Perry, and their friends teamed up again and decided to use time travel to take Doof-2 down, and after a few mishaps, they finally put a stop to Doof-2 and his reign of terror. After that, Perry revealed that he had a crush on Doof, and wanted to tell him as soon as possible, and Tom and co. helped him prepare and practice throughout the week, all while trying to catch up on missed school work after Alex’s sickness kept them out of school for 2 and a half days. Once Perry confessed his love, Caillou was offered to join OWCA for his Senior Project. He accepted the offer, but has to get through the rest of Quarter 3 before kicking any more asses.

Arc 7: Coronavirus[edit | edit source]

After that whole 2nd Dimension fiasco, Tom and the gang returned to school and made it their goal to focus more on the Senior Project and their entire future in general. They got started on that by giving the permit test another shot, but unfortunately, they failed again. Meanwhile, Cartman began to believe that his late-friend Chef is still alive out there, but none of his friends believed him, except for Kenny, who, due to his immortality, knows that Chef is nowhere to be found in the afterlife. He then took the form of Mysterion, and began searching for clues to Chef’s current whereabouts. Mysterion did get in trouble, but that didn’t stop him from continuing the search. Eventually, he and the boys found Chef and spent some long-overdue quality time with him. The fun came to an end, however, as Chef was taken hostage by another person who was presumed dead: Annabelle Connelly! Around the same time, the infamous Coronavirus spread to my home state, which caused the school to get shut down until May 4th, along with many other communal locations. Luckily, it didn’t ruin Tom's 18th Birthday at Ryan Amusement. This also meant that other school events, such as prom and Senior Project had to be cancelled, and unfortunately for Caillou, that got in the way of his internship with OWCA. With school out, the boys now had more time to find their friend Chef, and not only that, my brother Alex also wanted to help, mainly because he wanted to meet his mother. They then proceeded to interrogate many familiar faces in hopes of finding more clues before eventually learning of her affiliation with the Space Tree Space Station. Dr. Langer then said that he would build a spaceship that will take them to the Space Tree, but it would take an entire week, so after about a week of mostly doing nothing, The Coon and Friends finally embarked on their mission to find Annabelle and Chef. Will they succeed? Find out next month!

Arc 8: Distance[edit | edit source]

After the Coronavirus came to America, We basically lived in fear and isolation. It even got to the point where school was closed for the rest of the year, which could affect our heroes' graduation. However, to fill the education void, Tom and co. are now taking online classes and getting work done at home. They had a group for online school, but it quickly became shorter, as a few of their friends left home to escape from the Coronavirus. Bonnie and Mason went to stay with their cousins in Seattle, where they got part-time jobs at Sunnyside while searching for a missing teen. Caillou and his family fled the country on boat, but thanks to Perry and Milo, they ended up stranded on a deserted island, and once they escaped, they went straight to Svalbard. Meanwhile, Alex and his group were still searching for Chef and Annabelle, but when things got hairy, they decided to take a break. During this time, Annabelle and Chef went traveling around the world, searching for parts needed to build their escape from the virus. After their break ended, The Coon and Friends returned to space and found Chef and Annabelle, who told them their whole story. She told them everything, about her childhood and teen years, the love triangle between William, Jessica, and herself, her association with Emit Relevart, and her escape from the public after unintentionally faking her death. Once the story was over, Annabelle offered Alex’s group to join her in her escape to an alternate timeline, claiming that things would only get worse here. Without much of a choice, they accepted. What will their new lives be like? Will they be better than how the world is today, or will they be worse? And more importantly, will they be back? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Arc 9: Future[edit | edit source]

After Alex's group left with Annabelle, Things in Fredford have been fairly quiet. With everyone else gone, it was just Tom’s online school group left, and since the end of the year was drawing close, they had been working real hard to get the last of their schoolwork done. They were also involved in a Senior Adoption program, meaning that they pick a student and bring each other gifts weekly. Tom and co. adopted Daniel, and he adopted them in return. Meanwhile, Alex and his crew were having a good time in the Alternate Future. They were all grown up and took part in lots of family activities, including a vacation in Hawaii. Eventually, Alex's heroes: Ash, Luffy, and Naruto found out about Alex's disappearance and returned to Franklin, with determination to find him and bring him home. While Tom and the gang finished our Senior Year, The heroes teamed up with some of their long-lost friends and planned to get Alex back by the end of the month. Later on, Terri decided to take Uncle Jerry on yet another trip, so that weekend, we were stuck at home once more. However, they got lucky again. Aunt Sally became badly ill, so they ended up staying at Gammy's. Meanwhile, a time traveling criminal, Emit Relevart, was on the search for his old client Annabelle for quite some time, and he finally found her along with Chef. Alex's group escaped from that timeline and reunited with Tom and the gang. They later learned that Emit was planning to sacrifice Annabelle and Chef in order to put an end to this pandemic. So after leaving Gammy's, they went straight to the future and stopped Emit. Now that Online School is done, and Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby are back, Tom and co. can now focus on my High School Graduation. How will it play out? Tune in next time to find out!

Arc 10: Graduation[edit | edit source]


Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 48[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Attending
960 1 Taking Charge Tom and the gang begin their Senior Year of High School, and Alex tags along. 8/27/19 Bo Peep & Rex (missing)
961 2 Adjusting to Academics Tom and co. attend their academic classes for the first time, while Buzz and Potato Head are on a search for Bo Peep & Rex, who went missing on the first day. 8/28/19

Buzz & Potato Head;

Bo Peep & Rex (found)

962 3 On the Road to Marriage After getting through their third day of School, Tom and the gang prepare to depart for Maine, but first, they must help Aunt Sally with some wedding-related chores and find some missing decorations. 8/30/19 Woody & Slinky
963 4 Married... With Anger As the heroes are getting together with the family and preparing for the wedding of Aunt Sally & William, the latter begins to lose his temper. 9/1/19 All Except Bo Peep
964 5 Home, Sweet Home! After the wedding, Tom and the gang head back to Fredford with Gammy, and later clean up the house a bit. 9/2/19 All Except Bo Peep
965 6 Welcome Back, Homework Tom and the gang return to school from their 4-day-long weekend, only to receive their first homework assignments of the year. 9/3/19 Jessie & Rex
966 7 Minor Tasks Tom and the gang get through their 5th day of school while preparing for a couple of minor quizzes. Later, they are tasked with cleaning out Aunt Sally's car. 9/4/19 Buzz & Potato Head
967 8 The Math Drill Tom and the gang have their first Fire Drill of the year while having to work on a big Algebra Assignment. 9/5/19 Woody & Slinky
968 9 Seated Stowaway Tired of never getting picked, Hamm decides to sneak into Bonnie's backpack and join the gang at school. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang take a quiz on the seating chart in Forensics. 9/6/19 Bo Peep & Rex;

Hamm (illegally)

969 10 Milford Homecoming After an entire weekend of being away, Tom and the gang finally return to Milford and spend another weekend there. 9/7/19 All
970 11 Reunified Tom and the gang stay after school for their first day in Unified Basketball. 9/9/19 Jessie & Slinky
971 12 Late-Night Sports Tom and the gang must stay after school from 5:30 to 7:00 so they can participate in their second Unified Basketball practice. 9/10/19 Buzz & Hamm
972 13 The Appointment Tom and the gang get out of school early for their next Doctor's appointment. 9/11/19 Jessie & Rex
973 14 Secret Admirer After learning from Rigby that she has a secret admirer, Bonnie becomes desperate to find out who it is. 9/12/19 Bo Peep & Slinky
974 15 Friday the 13th On Friday the 13th, Tom and the gang recieve their fair share of bad luck. 9/13/19 Buzz & Rex
975 16 Opening Up Tom and the gang attend their first therapy session, while Bonnie finally learns who her secret admirer is. 9/14/19 All
976 17 And Panther News, Starts Right Now! In their TV Production class, Tom and the gang finally create their very first newscast. 9/16/19 Bo Peep & Potato Head
977 18 Assemble the Panthers! Tom and the gang attend their practice session that is right before their first game. 9/17/19 Jessie & Slinky
978 19 Blue vs. White Tom and the gang participate in their first Basketball game, and since they're on the White Team, they must face off against the Blues. 9/18/19 Bo Peep & Hamm
979 20 Sally's Symptoms Aunt Sally develops the same bad symptoms she had when fainting at the wedding and has to go to the hospital, thus forcing Gammy to take care of the kids again. 9/19/19 Woody & Potato Head
980 21 Road to Recovery With Aunt Sally at the hospital, Tom and the gang must find a ride back home from Basketball practice. 9/20/19 Bo Peep & Slinky
981 22 Staying on Track Uncle Jerry has yet another surprise for Tom and the gang, which involves "Rail Exploring". Meanwhile, The Larssons strike again and attempt to steal the toys. 9/22/19 All
982 23 In Need of a Helping Hand As Aunt Sally is still recovering from her dizziness, Tom and the gang must care for her while improving their Basketball skills. 9/23/19 Buzz & Potato Head
983 24 Swell Time at the Club Fair Tom and the gang attend another club fair. Later, Aunt Sally's arm gets swollen, and has to go back to the hospital. 9/24/19 Jessie & Slinky
984 25 The Dinner Game Tom and the gang must attend practice on Wednesday, the day where they usually go out to eat with Michael and Uncle Jerry, but they try to work around it. 9/25/19 Bo Peep & Rex
985 26 Return of Advisory Tom and the gang attend their first Advisory period of the year, and later bury the hatchet with one of their greatest foes. 9/26/19 Buzz & Potato Head
986 27 Time Rupture 3: Road to Wampanoag Tired of how miserable his life currently is, Alex decides to go back in time and prevent his late-mother's death in order to make things better for himself and his family. 9/29/19 Bo Peep & Rex

Season 49[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Attending
987 1 Weekday Therapy Tom and the gang attend another therapy session, but this time, it's on a Tuesday night instead of a Weekend. 10/1/19 Jessie & Potato Head
988 2 Pasta Players Tom and the gang go to another Basketball Practice, followed by a Pasta Party. 10/2/19 Bo Peep & Slinky
989 3 Stranded Basket-Buddies Tom and the gang attend their first Best Buddies meeting and have a Basketball game against Tri-County. Later, they all get stranded at the school, as Aunt Sally is taking forever to arrive and pick them up. 10/3/19 Woody & Hamm
990 4 Back to the AMC After a busy few weeks, Tom and the gang return to the movie theater and see Abominable. 10/4/19 Jessie & Slinky
991 5 Driven to Jenga Uncle Jerry helps Tom and the gang prepare for their upcoming Permit Test by playing Jenga while studying. 10/6/19 All
992 6 Practical Sushi-Maker Tom and the gang spend most of the day playing Papa's Sushiria. Later, they take their "Practical" in Forensics class. 10/7/19 Woody & Potato Head
993 7 Shots & Errands Tom and the gang attend another basketball practice, but not before running a few errands with Aunt Sally. 10/8/19 Bo Peep & Hamm
994 8 Never Alone Michael and Ronny tell the story of how they first met and became friends, as well as how they fought off a bunch of bullies. 10/9/19 None
995 9 Panthers Against Attleboro! Tom and the gang have their first out-of-school Basketball game in North Attleborough. 10/10/19 Jessie & Slinky
996 10 Permitted to a Half Tom and the gang have a half-day at school, and later go with Uncle Jerry to take their permit tests. Unfortunately, they didn't pass. 10/11/19 Buzz & Hamm
997 11 Monitored Sim Adventures Tom and the gang begin their long weekend with Uncle Jerry before the letter's upcoming trip, and they spend it by testing out their new Sims 3 packs and their new monitor. 10/12/19 All
998 12 The Museum of Grills & Anatomy Tom and the gang return to Boston so they can learn about Human anatomy in the Science Museum, but not before a meal at Fire & Ice. 10/13/19 All (Including Itchy & Scratchy)
999 13 Gotta Bounce Early Tom and the gang spend Columbus day by going to a Trampoline Park with Daniel and David. The only downside is that their long weekend in Milford had to be cut short. 10/14/19 All

(Car Ride only)

1,000 14 First Step into Adulthood Tom and the gang attend a meeting about what their plan for the future is. 10/15/19 Bo Peep & Slinky
1,001 15 Answer to the Law! Tom and the gang must get access to the homework answer sheet sent by Daniel so they can get their math homework done before class starts. Later, they all compete in a basketball tournament against the Firemen, the School Staff, and the Police. 10/16/19 Woody & Hamm
1,002 16 Advised to Suck Tom and the gang have their second Advisory period of the year, and later have their first game loss to a Basketball team from Sharon. 10/17/19 Jessie & Potato Head
1,003 17 I Can't Do This Anymore! Tom and the gang once again go to the AMC Theater to see two movies: "JEXI" and "The Addams Family". Unfortunately, William's temper is through the roof, and Alex has had enough. 10/18/19 Bo Peep & Rex
1,004 18 Farewell to Milford Tom and the gang spend a one-day weekend with Uncle Jerry before he leaves on his cruise with Terri. Later, Michael and Ronny stay at Tom's house and have a bonding session with their Uncle William. 10/19/19 All
1,005 19 Teen Mom Daisy tells her cousins and Caillou how she met Tord and conceived Olivia. 10/20/19 None
1,006 20 Paid to Play! Tom and the gang must buy lunch due to Aunt Sally's upcoming appointment, and later, they participate in a Basketball Game in Attleboro. 10/21/19 Woody & Hamm
1,007 21 Kera's Off Her Rocker While watching Episode 2 of the Serial podcast, Ms. Kera decides to make the class take notes on it, and assign homework based on the episode. 10/22/19 Jessie & Slinky
1,008 22 Milford, A Worthy Opponent! Tom and the gang must get signed up on the Best Buddies website, since their membership got corrupted. Later, they lose another Basketball game to the Milford team. 10/23/19 Buzz & Slinky
1,009 23 Looking Forward to It Tom and the gang attend their third Advisory, which is basically an assembly talking about upcoming events for Seniors. 10/24/19 Woody & Hamm
1,010 24 Injustice and Defeat Tom and the gang go shopping for Halloween costumes, as Aunt Sally reveals that she got fired form her job with Helen. Later, they lose their third Basketball game to Natick. 10/25/19 Buzz & Slinky
1,011 25 Operation Rage-Escape! Tom and the gang, not wanting to put up with William's anger during the weekend, decide to spend it by attending a Halloween Party at the police station and the school's Homecoming dance. 10/27/19 All (Ronny's Visit Only)
1,012 26 Maleficent: The Enemy Within As Tom and the gang head to the movies again and see Maleficent, Stewie gets possessed by the spirit of his old arch-nemesis Bertram. 10/27/19 None
1,013 27 2 Substitutes and a Lab Tom and the gang do an experiment in Forensics, which involves testing different substances with toxic chemicals. Later, they have subs in two of their classes. 10/28/19 Bo Peep & Potato Head
1,014 28 Half-Time in King Phillip Tom and the gang have another Half-Day of school, and later participate in a Basketball game at King Phillip High School. 10/29/19 Buzz & Hamm
1,015 29 Uncle Jerry is Back! Tom and the gang have their second Half-Day in a row while Uncle Jerry returns from his cruise trip. 10/30/19 Bo Peep & Potato Head
1,016 30 Spooky Buddies Tom and the gang spend Halloween by going to a Best Buddies Trick-or-Treating Party and eating lots of candy. 10/31/19 All

Season 50[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Attending
1,017 1 Alone with the Ass Tom and the gang unsurprisingly attend another movie night, but this time, they must ride with William alone, since Aunt Sally is doing job interviews. 11/1/19 Jessie & Slinky
1,018 2 Deja Vu, We're Back Again! Tom and the gang have their first weekend in Milford in a while, and later visit Nona again. 11/3/19 All (Ride to Milford Only)
1,019 3 Panthers vs. Parents Tom and the gang attend a Basketball game at Annie Sullivan Middle School, where they must compete against their parents. 11/4/19 Woody & Rex
1,020 4 This is My Life Now Daisy tries to adjust to her new life with the Larssons while the gang struggles to cope with her disappearance. Later, they go to the movies and see "Arctic Dogs". 11/5/19 None
1,021 5 The Pasta Poachers Tom and the gang attend another Pasta Party, followed by a practice session. Meanwhile, The Larssons plan to capture the toys during these events. 11/6/19 Buzz & Hamm
1,022 6 Time for Payback Tom and the gang spend their 4th Advisory period by going on a website called "Time for Payback". 11/7/19 Bo Peep & Rex
1,023 7 Into the Woods In Forensics, Mr. Nanbu's class goes outside and look for human bones in the woods. 11/8/19 Buzz & Potato Head
1,024 8 Let the Games Begin! Tom and the gang attend their final Basketball game, which is a 3-game Jamboree, while Mordecai and Rigby have a surprise waiting for Alex after the game. But later, a happy reunion turns into disaster as Chopper suddenly goes missing. 11/9/19 All (brief cameo)
1,025 9 Deernapped! Tom and the gang make a plan to rescue Chopper from the clutches of the Larsson & Team Rocket alliance, as the latter abducts Pikachu as well. Unfortunately, the heroes are faced with many obstacles along the way. 11/11/19 All (Ride Home only)
1,026 10 Not For Free After School, Tom and the gang attempt to find and watch the Rick and Morty Season 4 Primiere, but run into some trouble along the way. 11/12/19 Bo Peep & Hamm
1,027 11 Baking Cold During a very cold day of school, Tom and co. play a lot of Papa's Bakeria. 11/13/19 Woody & Potato Head
1,028 12 Repeat Emergencies Tom and the gang have another fire drill at their school. Meanwhile, Aunt Sally ends up at the hospital yet again. 11/14/19 Jessie & Hamm
1,028 13 Gammy on Nightwatch As Aunt Sally prolongs her stay at the hospital, Tom and the gang once again spend the night with Gammy. 11/15/19 Bo Peep & Slinky
1,029 14 Virtual College Tom and the gang spend the weekend playing Sims 4 University. 11/17/19 All
1,030 15 No Calculators, We're Being Serial! Tom and the gang look over their writing assignment for Serial, and later do an Algebra worksheet without Calculators. 11/18/19 Jessie & Rex
1,031 16 Nanbu's Substitiutes Tom and the gang have a sub in Forensics, and later do some revisions on their writing assignment. 11/19/19 Buzz & Slinky
1,032 17 A Chateau Close to Home Tom and the gang try out the newly-opened Chateau in Fredford for dinner. 11/20/19 Jessie & Rex
1,033 18 That Damn Advisory! Tom and the gang struggle go get certain things done due to yet another Advisory period. 11/21/19 Bo Peep & Hamm
1,034 19 Better Than Papa Tom and Caillou attempt to finish Papa's Cheeseria by unlocking Papa Louie. 11/22/19 Woody & Slinky
1,035 20 America Sings The Larssons are once again up to no good, as they kidnap Stewie and Brian and go back in time to prevent Debbie Stone's death, resulting in Daisy and Tord becoming a married couple. As the former's new life becomes more and more unbearable by the day, she realizes that she made a mistake. 11/23/19 All
1,036 21 Thanks, But No Giving! Due to her fight with Nate last year, Aunt Sally decides not to have her and the kids celebrate Thanksgiving at Gammy's but would instead celebrate at home with William, as the kids would spend the rest of the holiday with Uncle Jerry, but Alex struggles to cope with this change in tradition. Meanwhile, The Larssons capture many families and plan to destroy them. Now it's up to Daisy and our heroes to save the day. 11/28/19 Bo Peep & Potato Head (Day 1)

All (Day 2 & Thanksgiving)

1,037 22 Paralysis Ash Ketchum reunites with his old friends, May and Max, and is determined to bring them to their cousin's place for the holidays, but things get out of hand when Team Rocket captures Pikachu yet again. 11/30/19 None

Season 51[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. In Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Attending
1,038 1 Blizzards Tom and the gang return to school from their break, while Alex suffers from a sore throat. Later, they run into Ash and co. and help him heal Pikachu's Paralysis. 12/2/19 Jessie & Slinky
1,039 2 Wolves Tom and the gang have a snow day, and they spend it by watching the 5th episode of Life is Strange 2 while being joined by the boys of South Park, but William decides to intrude. 12/3/19 None
1,040 3 Classes Ash, May, and Max begin attending Fredford High School with Tom and co. 12/4/19 Woody & Hamm
1,041 4 Hours Tom and the gang have yet another Advisory Period. Later, they learn the hard way that Best Buddies is not today, and are forced to stay after until the late bus arrives. 12/5/19 Bo Peep & Rex
1,042 5 Grills Tom and the gang drive all the way to the Main Street Grill so they can celebrate Sean's 21st birthday with William's family. 12/6/19 Buzz & Potato Head
1,043 6 Plans Team Rocket reunites with the Larssons, and together, they begin the first phase of their next big plan. 12/7/19 All
1,044 7 Scoops Mason is determined to finish his game of Papa's Scooperia today. 12/9/19 Woody & Slinky
1,045 8 Tests Tom and the gang get through a couple of quizzes & tests while Willy attempts to finish Papa's Bakeria. 12/10/19 Buzz & Potato Head
1,046 9 Puppets After getting into a fight, Jessie and Slinky become Puppet hands, and are stuck that way for the rest of the day. 12/11/19 Jessie & Slinky (Puppet Hands)
1,047 10 Buddies Tom and the gang attend a Holiday-Themed Best Buddies meeting. 12/12/19 Buzz & Hamm
1,048 11 Half Tom and the gang have a Half-Day of school on both Willy's birthday and Friday the 13th. 12/13/19 Woody & Potato Head
1,049 12 Critters Randy, Stan, and the boys seek help from our heroes after they were attacked by Woodland Critters who had kidnapped Sharon and Shelley. Now they must work together to rescue them. 12/14/19 All (Car Ride Only)
1,050 13 Memories Tom and the gang watch old Home Videos of the Connellys' last Christmas with Annabelle. 12/15/19 None
1,052 14 Wounds As Tom and co. part ways with Luffy & Naruto, Jessie struggles to recover from the injuries she recieved over the weekend. 12/16/19 Buzz & Rex
1,053 15 Dismissal Tom and the gang must finish their first writing prompt for A Streetcar Named Desire. Later, the entire school is dismissed early due to icy weather. 12/17/19 Jessie & Potato Head
1,054 16 Lunch One of Tom and the gangs old recurring mistakes returns as they forget their lunches yet again. 12/18/19 Woody & Rex
1,055 17 Grades Tom and the gang have another Advisory Period, while also holding a grudge against Mr. Nanbu for giving them a D in Forensics after a failed Practical. 12/19/19 Bo Peep & Potato Head
1,056 18 Friends After getting through their last day of school before break, Tom and the gang attend the FRIENDS Pop-Up in Boston, where they run into Ash's old friends: Misty & Brock. 12/20/19 All
1,057 19 Games Tom and the gang begin their winter break by attending a Christmas Party with Trina's family and playing a Present Unweapping game. 12/21/19 All
1,058 20 Countdown Tom and the gang spend the last two days before Christmas by running errands and attending a Christmas Eve party with William's family. 12/24/19 All
1,059 21 Christmas It's finally Christmas, and Tom and the gang spend it by going to Nona's and opening presents, some of which are different from what they had hoped for. 12/25/19 All
1,060 22 Taken Tom and the gang return home from Christmas with Uncle Jerry, and spend their time back by watching YouTube. Meanwhile, Bonnie's group plays Truth or Dare with the toys, while Sid, Al, and Team Rocket try to steal them. 12/27/19 All
1,061 23 Family Tom and the gang spend the weekend in Hingham with the cousins, while the toys struggle to cope with their missing friends. 12/28/19 All
1,062 24 Goodbye Tom and the gang depart from Hingham and head back to their home town, but not before one last family activity with the cousins. 12/29/19 All
1,063 25 Rescue Tom and the gang must rescue the toys from Team Rocket and the Larssons before 8:00, because that's when Ash and co. have to leave for Kanto. 12/30/19 All

Season 52[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Pot Airdate Toys Attending
1,064 1 A New Decade! After parting ways with Ash's group, Tom and the gang spend the last two days of break by celebrating the new year 2020. 1/1/20 None
1,065 2 Break is Over Tom and the gang return to school after a long and adventurous Winter Break. 1/2/20 Buzz & Potato Head
1,066 3 2 Movies and a Workload Tom and the gang are given quite a lot of work to do in school. Later, William takes the family to another double movie night. 1/3/20 Bo Peep & Slinky
1,067 4 Digital Undead Future Tom and the gang spend the weekend playing games like Sims 3: Into the Future and The Walking Dead 1/4/20 None
1,068 5 Sub-Par Connection Tom and the gang have a substitute in their Forensics class, and later have issues with the work assigned in Mr. Nanbu's absence. 1/6/20 Buzz & Hamm
1,069 6 Applying to Big Y Tom and the gang go online to apply for a part-time job at Big Y. 1/7/20 Woody & Slinky
1,060 7 Corey SUCKS! Tom and the gang attend an assembly on vaping, but most students aren't too fond of the guy doing the presentation. 1/8/20 Jessie & Potato Head
1,061 8 Return of the Zumba Tom and the gang attend Advisory yet again, and later have a visit from the Zumba Dancer in Best Buddies. 1/9/20 Bo Peep & Slinky
1,062 9 Dramapedia Robert and Chad learn about Michael's fandom and try to pressure Tom and co. to delete their articles on it. 1/10/20 Buzz & Hamm
1,063 10 Sims 4 Ultimate The day where Tom and co. construct their Ultimate Sims 4 game finally arrive, but they do have to get through a handful of errands first. 1/11/20 All
1,064 11 Farewell Again! Tom and the gang depart from Milford, as Jerry and Terri have another trip planned for next weekend. 1/13/20 Woody & Potato Head
1,065 12 Prompted Assistance Tom and the gang finish their final writing prompt for A Streetcar named Desire, and later receive help from Allison with their Driver's Ed Practice test. 1/14/20 Jessie & Hamm
1,066 13 Rozaru's Recovery Ms. Rozaru returns to work after several days of being sick. 1/15/20 Woody & Potato Head
1,067 14 The Primitive Tom and the gang get a jump-start on planning out their final writing assignment in English. 1/16/20 Bo Peep & Hamm
1,068 15 William's Weekend 3: The Long Haul With Jerry and Terri away on another trip, Tom and the gang once again have to spend the weekend in Fredford, and mostly spend it by playing Sims 2. 1/20/20 Buzz & Potato Head
1,069 16 Returning to a Meeting Tom and the gang go back to school after a 4-day long weekend, and later attend a meeting concerning their testing from the previous season. 1/21/20 Bo Peep & Hamm
1,070 17 Revenge of the PACER Tom and the gang must take the PACER Test in Lifetime Activities again. 1/22/20 Jessie & Potato Head
1,071 18 Nanbu's Slides When Tom and co. went to that meeting 2 days prior, Mr. Nanbu decided to assign a Vocab Slideshow about Arson. Now they are tasked with completing it before the end of the Quarter. 1/23/20 Bo Peep & Hamm
1,072 19 End of Quarter 2 Tom and the gang attend their last elective classes in Quarter 2. 1/24/20 Woody & Slinky
1,073 20 Crash Course Tom and the gang get into a terrible car accident with Aunt Sally while trying to deliver food for Doordash. 1/25/20 None
1,074 21 Dave & Buster's: The Third Visit Tom and the gang have fun at Dave and Buster's while Allison hangs out at the mall with her friend. 1/26/20 All (only at the beginning)
1,075 22 New Quarter, New Chromebook! Tom and the gang begin Quarter 3 by attending their new elective: Graphic Design II, and later replace their Chromebook. 1/27/20 Jessie & Potato Head
1,076 23 Robotics for Kids! Tom and the gang attend their new A & B period electives for Quarter 3, and end up sharing a class with someone they least expected. 1/28/20 Buzz & Hamm
1,077 24 Friend or Foe? With Arvo-Javier now in one of their classes, Tom and co. want to make sure that he can be trusted. 1/29/20 Bo Peep & Potato Head
1,078 25 Q3 Advisory Tom and the gang have their first Advisory Period in Quarter 3. 1/30/20 Buzz & Slinky
1,079 26 Wolfie-Senpai! Willy and Mason continue their Red Riding Hood & Wolf fan-fiction, while Caillou receives a message from an old ally. 1/31/20 Woody & Potato Head

Season 53[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No, in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Attending
1,080 1 Back Together, Torn Apart Caillou helps Perry with one of his missions, only to get injured in the process. Later, Tom and co. reunites with Perry's group and spend the weekend together, while Stewie and Brian search for ingredients to make a healing serum for Caillou. 2/1/20 All
1,081 2 Prints of Steal After some recovered blueprints from the Larsson Manor were stolen, Perry decides to head down to Caillou's school for his help. 2/3/20 Buzz & Slinky
1,082 3 Lockdown on Doolittle Tom and the gang have yet another lockdown at their school. Later, they all go to the movies and see Dr. Doolittle. 2/4/20 Jessie & Rex
1,083 4 Caillou's Curfew Caillou and Perry come up with a plan on how they will get the stolen blueprints back, but Caillou's parents decide to get in the way with their new curfew regulations. 2/5/20 Woody & Hamm
1,084 5 Loophole Scavenger As Caillou and Perry are struggling to find a way around the new curfew rules made by Caillou's parents, Stewie finds a solution, and has Perry go back to Fredford High and get the necessary parts. 2/6/20 Jessie & Slinky
1,085 6 The Biggest Dummies in Providence Tom and the gang have yet another half-day at school. Later, Caillou joins the Pines family as they go see a puppet show in Providence. 2/7/20 Woody & Potato Head
1,086 7 Bedding & Dentistry Tom and the gang attend another dentist appointment, and later help Nona fix her bed. 2/8/20 All
1,087 8 Waterlogged with Wax Alex, Caillou, and Perry suffer from ear pain due to wax buildup, and attempt to get their ears cleaned by going to the doctor's. 2/10/20 Jessie & Hamm
1,088 9 Mission Impossible Caillou and Perry finally go on their mission to retrieve the stolen blueprints, while Stewie attends school with Tom and co. disguised as Caillou. 2/11/20 Buzz & Rex
1,089 10 A Brand New Reality Tord, Caillou, and Perry find themselves trapped in the second dimension, and end up as Doof-2's hostages. Meanwhile, Alex is sick from school, and Rigby stays home from work to take care of him. 2/12/20 None
1,090 11 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Caillou-2 attends Fredford High school pretending to be his 1st dimension counterpart, as Phineas's group tries to warn Tom and co. about Caillou-2. Meanwhile, Caillou and Perry are attempting to find some help, but the entire town wants to surrender them to Doof-2. 2/13/20 Bo Peep & Slinky
1,091 12 Students in Crime Caillou and Perry attend the Fredford High School in the 2nd Dimension with new identities. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang spend the last day of school before break by eating Ice Cream during last period. 2/14/20 All (brief cameo)
1,092 13 Stan O' War Phineas's group joins Grunkle Stan and Ford on a boat trip to find the last piece needed to build the Other-Dimension-Inator, while Caillou, Perry, and Tord have an appointment with the prison psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Tom and co. must take a ride to their therapy session from William, since Jerry is unable to take them himself due to an appointment in court. 2/15/20 All
1,093 14 Jailbreak Phineas's group must break Perry and Caillou out of prison and escape back to the 1st Dimension, but not without help from their dopplegangers 2/16/20 None
1,094 15 Would the Real Caillou Please Stand Up? Now that they have escaped from the 2nd Dimension, Caillou and Perry must find Caillou-2 and bring him to justice. 2/17/20 None
1,095 16 Caillou's Birthday Our Heroes celebrate Caillou's birthday by going to Chuck-E-Cheeses and seeing Sonic the Hedgehog at the movies. 2/18/20 None
1,096 17 Doof Retaliates In retaliation for Caillou and Perry putting Caillou-2 behind bars, Doof-2 decides to send his Norm-bots to attack their home towns and capture the ones they love most. 2/19/20 None
1,097 18 Good Old 2011 Caillou's group goes back in time to the year 2011 in an attempt to use the Other-Dimension-Inator do access Doof-2's past, but things don't really go as planned. 2/21/20 None
1,098 19 Fixing the Timeline After Stewie accidentally screws up history, Caillou ends up separating from his group and must find everybody so he can set things right. 2/22/20 All (brief cameo)
1,099 20 Time for a Climax Caillou's group must go back in time and return Doof-2's Choo-Choo to him so he can surrender his power over the Tri-State Area. Meanwhile, Tom and co. continue to study for their upcoming permit test. 2/23/20 None
1,100 21 Break's Over Already? Tom and co. return to school after their week-long break. 2/24/20 Jessie & Rex
1,001 22 Love Canal Tom and co. help Perry practice confessing his love to Doof, while Alex's ear pain gets so bad to the point where he must be dismissed from school. 2/25/20 Buzz & Hamm
1,002 23 Plague of the Pills Alex's health only gets worse as his prescribed medicine causes him to get diarrhea and throw up a lot. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb stay home sick with similar symptoms. 2/26/20 None
1,003 24 The Massasoit Tour Tom and the gang take a tour of the Massasoit Community College, while also staying home sick from school yet again. 2/27/20 None
1,004 25 Falling Behind! Tom and the gang must catch up on all of the work they had missed during their 2-day absence. 2/28/20 Jessie & Slinky
1,005 26 The Confession Perry finally confesses his romantic feelings towards Doofenshmirtz, but not before a shopping spree with Tom and co. 2/29/20 All (briefly)

Season 54[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Attending
1,006 1 Circumference of a Signature Tom and the gang have to catch up on the Algebra work they had missed, and also need to make up a handwriting Practical in Forensics. 3/2/20 Buzz & Potato Head
1,007 2 Call of the Votes Tom and the gang have a day off from school, and spend it by seeing "Call of the Wild" at the movies, and voting for the next president. 3/3/20 None
1,007 3 Another Try Tom and the gang once again attempt to take their permit test 3/4/20 Jessie & Hamm
1,008 4 My Money, My Life Takeover Tom and the gang spend Transitions class creating budgets. Later, they spend Best Buddies outside. 3/5/20 Woody & Potato Head
1,009 5 Too Much Homework XXI Tom and the gang receive a couple of challenging homework assignments they must finish before the day is over. 3/6/20 Jessie & Hamm
1,010 6 Shelf-Advocating Tom and the gang must help Uncle Jerry install a new shelf for the kitchen. 3/8/20 None
1,011 7 Bones & Sketches Tom and the gang do an activity in Forensics involving bones, and later get started on their Alice project in Children's Literature. 3/9/20 Woody & Slinky
1,012 8 Chef Lives? When Cartman suspects that Chef could still be alive, Kenny, disguised as Mysterion, decides to help him out. However, in order to actually find him, he has to decipher a clue to his whereabouts. 3/10/20 Buzz & Rex
1,013 9 Quick Response Inc. Tom and the gang continue to help Mysterion locate Chef, and they seem to finally have a lead. 3/11/20 Bo Peep & Potato Head
1,014 10 The Suburbs of Kentucky The Coon & Mysterion head down to Kentucky in an attempt to find Chef, but later find themselves in a bit of trouble. 3/12/20 Jessie & Slinky
1,015 11 Closing with Corona Tom and co. learn that school is out for two weeks due to Corona-virus, while Mysterion finally learns the true whereabouts of Chef. 3/13/20 None
1,016 12 Hello There, Children! Mysterion and the boys head down to Quahog, Rhode Island and finally find Chef, and later spend some quality time with him. 3/14/20 None
1,017 13 Bowl for 18 The gang celebrates Tom's 18th birthday by going bowling and getting some dessert. 3/15/20 None
1,018 14 We Need Answers The Coon and Friends join the Connellys as they go out to eat at the Chateau and go grocery shoping, and later interrogate Caillou about his knowledge of Annabelle. 3/16/20 None
1,019 15 Research The Coon and Friends go to Danville to get Perry's help in researching what Anabelle has been up to for the past few years. 3/17/20 None
1,020 16 Langer and the Scholars The Coon and Friends embark on a search for Dr. Langer, as he has crucial information needed to find Annabelle. Meanwhile, Terri decides to force Tom and co. to spend the weekend writing a scholarship essay. 3/21/20 None
1,021 17 Mastermind Tom and the gang play a board game with Allison, and later purchase some Girl Scout cookies for dessert. 3/23/20 None
1,022 18 Look Alive Bonnie and Mason tell Tom and co. the story of how they learned that their the toys are alive. 3/25/20 All
1,023 19 Injustice in Colorado Trent Boyett reveals what he has been up to during the 5 years leading up to his first attempt to get revenge on the boys. 3/27/20 Bo Peep & Rex (flashback)
1,024 20 The Wait is Over After a long week of waiting, the Coon and Friends finally begin their mission in space. 3/29/20 None

Season 55[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Present
1,025 1 All That Remains Coon and Friends go to what's left of the Space Tree, and attempt to find more clues to where Annabelle is now. 3/30/20 None
1,026 2 Caged Inside After being taken hostage by Annabelle's guards, Frederick's group must escape and find the others. 3/31/20 None
1,027 3 Jessie's Guy Coon and Friends visit Jimmy Jones'' residence in search of a new spaceship, and later hear his mother's story of her relationship with William. 4/1/20 None
1,028 4 Whispers in the Dark Coon and Friends take Dudebob to the hospital after he broke his legs while escaping Annabelle's ship. But when the power goes out, they are now tasked with finding some healing fluids for Dudebob before he dies. 4/2/20 None
1,029 5 Lash N' Dash Tom and the gang help Aunt Sally with her Doordash job while also dealing with William's bad temper. 4/3/20 None
1,030 6 Comatose Tom and the gang recall on the time Jerry & Michael lived with them temporarily while Aunt Sally was in the hospital in 2013. 4/4/20 None
1,031 7 Virtual Learning Tom and the gang begin attending their online school, and are later tasked with finding another way to go grocery shopping without entering the store in person. 4/6/20 All
1,032 8 Meet the Bennetts! Bonnie, Mason, their parents, and the toys head down to Seattle to stay with their cousins: The Bennett Family. Meanwhile, with Bonnie & Mason gone, Dora and Diego take their place during virtual school. 4/7/20 All
1,032 9 Marooned The Tollars and Griffins attempt to ride a boat to Svalbard to escape from he Coronavirus, but end up stranded on a deserted island instead. 4/8/20 None
1,033 10 William's Birthday Tom and the gang celebrate William's birthday, but he is less than grateful. Meanwhile Bonnie and Mason begin working at Sunnyside, while the toys learn that Lotso is back. 4/9/20 All
1,034 11 Wii are Not to Blame Tension rises between the Tollars and the Griffins after Doris's presumed death. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang attempt to get their old Wii working. 4/10/20 None
1,035 12 Apply and Die Tom and the gang seek help from Uncle Jerry on how they should handle their College application. Meanwhile, Frederick recalls on Annabelle & William's first year in college, back in 1989. 4/11/20 None
1,036 13 Memories 2: The Easter We Never Had With no possible way to celebrate Easter, Tom and the gang watch more old home videos from when Annabelle was around, but this time, it's their last Easter with her. 4/12/20 None
1,037 14 Lotso's Revenge Lotso returns to Sunnyside and wrecks havoc for Bonnie, Mason, and the toys, while Tom and co. get Boots to replace Caillou for Online School. 4/13/20 All
1,038 15 Too Much Homework XXII: COVID-19 Edition During yet another day of Virtual Learning, Tom and the gang recieve a huge load of assignments due by the end of the week. 4/14/20 None
1,039 16 All Hail Queen Doris As Tom and the gang finish the second half of their schoolwork and throw out their broken microwave, Doris is revealed to have survived falling off the cliff, and becomes the evil queen of a native tribe. 4/15/20 None
1,040 17 Lotso's Reign of Terror Bonnie and Mason have been shrunken down to toy-size and finally find the missing Zach Bennett. Now with Sunnyside under Lotso's control, it is now up to the toys to find their owners and stop Lotso. 4/16/20 All
1,041 18 The Flaming Temple Caillou and Perry team up with the Larssons and head down to a temple in the center of the island in order to rescure their friends and family from being sacrificed to the Great Fire Lord. 4/17/20 All (no lines)
1,042 19 Quarantined in the Winter It snows once again in the Town of Fredford, and Tom and co. are of course tasked with shoveling the driveway. Later, they play a bit of Roblox at Uncle Jerry's. 4/18/20 None
1,043 20 Reunited and Undercover In a flashback to 2018, Annabelle returns to the Connellys' household, disguised as a CPS Inspector, in order to recover a blueprint required to build an escape portal from an upcoming pandemic. 4/19/20 None
1,044 21 COVID-Free Dimension 23 The Coon and Friends meet up with Ben's Team and head down to Dimension 23 after learning that Annabelle and Chef are visiting there. Meanwhile, Tom and co. find out that school will be closed for the entire year. 4/21/20 None
1,045 22 Hostage 23 The Coon and Friends go to the Plumber Headquarters in an attempt to rescue Ben 23, who is being held hostage by Annabelle and Chef, for they need him to find the last missing part for their portal. 4/22/20 None
1,046 23 Not Satisfied Tom and the gang spend the afternoon hanging out in the backyard and playing the Wii yet again. Later, they are faced with a disappointing delivery from Instacart. 4/23/20 None
1,047 24 You're a Wizard Tom and the gang spend their online learning period by reading Harry Potter for their Children's Lit class. 4/24/20 None
1,048 25 Fountain of Youth Tom and the gang help Uncle Jerry set up a fountain in his backyard. 4/25/20 None
1,049 26 First Thing Tomorrow Alex's group joins Tom and co. in attending online school with plans to leave for space the next day. 4/27/20 None
1,050 27 Mother Answers All After Coon and Friends finally find Annabelle, she tells them some stories from her childhood. Meanwhile, Tom and co. confront Mrs. Collins about her frequent habit of returning their math assignments, while Mr. Nanbu decides to assign them an hour-long video for Forensics. 4/28/20 None
1,051 28 Star-Crossed Lovers Annabelle tells Coon and Friends about her teen years, where Jessica continuously rebels against Hadley's authority just so she can be with William. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang attempt to make their own lunch while helping out with a few chores. 4/29/20 None
1,052 29 Dog Days of College Annabelle tells Coon and Friends about her second year of College and encounter with 3 of the Family Guy dogs. Meanwhile, Tom and co. continue to read Harry Potter. 4/30/20 None
1,053 30 Dear Jessica Annabelle tells Coon and Friends about how Jessica and William's marriage came to an end. Meanwhile, Brian wants to make amends with Vinny by re-watching his favorite movie. 5/1/20 None
1,054 31 Presumed Dead Annabelle finally tells Coon and Friends about how she faked her death, and alter offers them to escape with her to an alternate timeline. Meanwhile, Tom and co. attempt to enjoy their weekend without their friends. 5/2/20 All (cameo)

Season 56[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Present
1,055 1 A Fresh Start Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby attempt to adjust to their new lives in Annabelle's alternate timeline, while Tom and co. help out with a few chores. 5/3/20 None
1,056 2 One Smart Cookie Tom and Willy recieve a gift from Daniel for a Senior Adoption program they are doing. Meanwhile, The Connellys in the alternate future are having a cookout, while Rigby gets jealous over Alex and Mordecai constantly hanging out together. 5/4/20 None
1,057 3 When Life Gives You Pretzels Tom and Willy make chocolate-dipped pretzels with M&M's for Daniel in return for his Senior Adoption contribution, while Rigby attempts to cope with his depression over being away from Eileen. 5/5/20 None
1,058 4 Weight of the Punishment When Boots performs dangerous stunts in the house, he is forced to pay the consequences. Meanwhile, the alternate Connellys help Alex lose weight by taking him to a public pool. 5/6/20 None
1,059 5 As Told By Kenny As Tom and the gang continue reading Harry Potter, Kenny visits the Alternate Connellys' household to warn them about an upcoming threat. 5/7/20 None
1,060 6 Games of Glory Alex's group discovers a cool new gaming location, while Tom and the gang finally finish reading Harry Potter. 5/8/20 Woody
1,061 7 Virtual Therapy Tom and the gang have an online therapy session with Dr. Carlson, while the Future Connellys visit a boring museum. 5/9/20 None
1,062 8 Mother's Day in Quarantine Tom and co. celebrate Mother's Day by eating 99 takeout for dinner and playing clue, while the Future Connellys spend said holiday at a cafe. 5/10/20 None
1,063 9 Oops, My Timeline Crashed! The Future Connellys attempt to throw a big house party, only to get stuck in an endless loop of timeline crashes. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang recieve another gift from Daniel, and later order some more groceries. 5/11/20 Woody, Jessie, and Bo Peep (cameo)
1,064 10 Visitors at Risk Ash, Luffy, and Naruto return to Fredford, in hopes of finding the information needed to learning Alex's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Alex and Annabelle attempt to fix their uncontrollable hatred for each other caused by the frequent timeline crashing. 5/12/20 All (brief cameo)
1,065 11 A Crappy Comic Ash, Luffy, and Naruto help Tom and co. finish their final Children's Lit project, while William suffers from diarrhea. Meanwhile, the Future Connellys visit a local garden for some fresh air. 5/13/20 Jessie and Woody
1,066 12 Anime Game Night 3 Ash, Luffy, and Naruto compete against one another in a fame of Family Game Night 3 on the Wii, while the Future Connellys go on yet another trip to the grocery store. 5/14/20 Bo Peep
1,067 13 Culinary Disclosure The Future Connellys take a visit to a Films and Literature hangout, and later participate in a cooking contest. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang have a "chill day" in online school. 5/15/20 None
1,068 14 A Birthday in Disguise Team Rocket, disguised as Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby, decides to meet up with Tom and co. to celebrate Alex's birthday. Meanwhile, the Real Alex and the Future Connellys celebrate by going to a night club and eating cake. 5/16/20 None
1,069 15 Toys Trapped in Time While still hiding out in Seattle, Bonnie, Mason, and the toys are lured to the future by Emit Relevart and become his hostages. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang are dragged into a driving lesson, while the Future Connellys go to the gym and work out. 5/17/20 All
1,070 16 Bon Voyage The Future Connellys go on a week-long family vacation, while Tom and co. begin their last week of online school. Meanwhile, Woody and Bonnie meet up with Perry during their escape by train from Emit Relevart. 5/18/20 Woody
1,071 17 One Last Workload Tom and the gang receive lots of schoolwork for their last week of Virtual Learning, while the Future Connellys visit the Hot Springs. Meanwhile, the heroes encounter a black-out during their train ride to Svalbard. 5/19/20 Woody
1,072 18 Attack on Svalbard! The heroes arrive at Svalbard and try to get Stewie's help in finding the timeline Alex's group disappeared to, but get more than they bargained for when Emit shows up. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang work on their Infographic project, while the Future Connellys visit a boardwalk. 5/20/20 Woody
1,073 19 Jim Runs a Tight Ship The heroes turn to Jimmy Jones for help with getting a spaceship, but Jessica is not having it. Meanwhile, the Future Connellys go to a couple of beaches, while Tom and co. take a trip down memory lane on their second-to-last day of online school and later play Game of Life with Allison. 5/21/20 Woody (physical); Slinky (flashback)
1,074 20 Escape to Reality Part 1: The End of Virtual Learning Escape to Reality Part 1:The End of Virtual Learning - Tom and the gang get through their last day of Online School, and later receive their final Senior Adoption gift from Daniel. Meanwhile, the Future Connellys spend their 5th day of their trip going grocery shopping. 5/22/20 Woody
1,075 21 Escape to Reality Part 2: It's Happened Once Again Due to Aunt Sally falling ill, Tom and the gang are sent to Gammy's for the weekend. Meanwhile, Emit Relevart finally finds Annabelle and Chef and abducts them, forcing Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby to depart from the Alternate Future. 5/23/20 Woody
1,076 22 Escape to Reality Part 3: Homecoming Tom and the gang must head to the future and rescue Annabelle and Chef from getting sacrificed by Emit Relevart. But first, they have to get through the rest of Memorial Day weekend in Hingham. 5/24/20 All

Season 57[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. In Season Title Plot Airdate Toys Present
1,076 1 Apples to Apples for Dinner Tom and the gang eat Chateau takeout for dinner, and later play Apples to Apples with Allison. 5/26/20 None
1,077 2 Road to Big Brother Caillou, Stewie, and Brian tell the gang about a time where they had a bet over who would last he longest on Big Brother. 5/27/20 None
1,078 3 Goodbye, Mr. Chromebook! Tom and the gang return to Fredford High School and return their Chromebooks. But first, they clean up a mess in the car that William made. 5/28/20 None
1,079 4 Larsson B. Goodie In a flashback, Olivia and Vinny are given one last chance to change their ways before they are sent to Reformatory School. 5/29/20 None
1,080 5 Cutters XP Tom and co. return to Cost Cutters and get another haircut. later, they visit Nona and replace her old Windows XP computer with a brand-new one. 5/30/20 None
1,081 6 The Application Process Tom and the gang go for a drive with Allison, and later apply to Massasoit Community College. 5/31/20 None
1,082 7 The Last Day Tom and the gang venture to Shōgai Island so they can get a potential cure for the virus. Later, they return to school for their graduation. 5/2/20 All
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