School Daze in Paradise is the fourth saga in the School Daze series. It features 2 seasons and 34 episodes of Tom and the gang's Summer Adventures. It starts with the 3rd movie, and ends off with Uncle Funtime 4.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Caillou Tollar

Dora Marquez

Diego Marquez

Allison Connelly

Alex Connelly



Michael Connelly

Aunt Sally

William P. Connelly

Uncle Jerry



Ash Ketchum



Ash's Pikachu






Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick Star

Finn the Human

Stewie Griffin

Brian Griffin

Tord Larsson

Vinny Larsson

Olivia Fuller

Recurring[edit | edit source]



Aunt Judi

Terri Menton

Grandpa White

Grandma White

Aunt Linda







Baby Jaguar




Peter Griffin

Lois Griffin

Chris Griffin

Meg Griffin

Mr. Krabs




Delia Ketchum

Professor Oak

Professor Kukui

Gary Oak




Dr. Namba



Plot[edit | edit source]

Movie 3[edit | edit source]

The film begins with Sabrina and Nico (Diego's Parents) running through an abandoned temple. They are chasing a couple of criminals who have stolen an ancient artifact, known as the Orb of Life, an object that can bring dead people back to life. The couple eventually retrieved the orb and fled the ruins. Meanwhile, Tom, Alex, Mordecai, Rigby, and Aunt Sally are preparing for Allison's graduation from the 8th Grade. Once they arrive at Robinson Middle School, they run into Michael and Uncle Jerry, as well as a few old teachers. They watch Allison's gradation, and afterwards, Uncle Jerry takes the gang to lunch at Uno's, and a long shopping spree at Wrentham Outlets. Eventually, they arrived at Uncle Jerry's house and play some Roblox, before heading home. At The Rescue Center, Dora, Diego, and Alicia, are concluding an episode of Go Diego Go, while Boots and Tico warn Baby Jaguar that people will turn against him, and Caillou is at his house playing Tomodachi Life, while Rosie, Stewie, and Brian watch. The gang later joins together for dinner at Papa Gino's where they run into Trent and Willy, as well as Diego's Parents, who tell the gang about the Orb of Life. Several days of hanging out and packing later, The gang hits the road for their week-long trip to Tennessee, to see their grandparents. During the roadtrip, William is yelling at traffic and Aunt Sally, even threatening to punch her at one point. When they finally arrived, The gang meets up with Grandma and Grandpa and eat at a pizza place. The next day, Tom and co. go to their grandparents' house and later ride a boat. They then go to their new house, since they are moving around the same time. While Grandma is busy packing and moving stuff to the new house, Grandpa takes the gang to fun and exciting places, such as a gondola ride, lunch at various restaurants, and even riding a maneuverable roller-coaster. Meanwhile, the criminals from the ruins are following our heroes everywhere they go. Eventually, they find the gang's hotel and steal the Orb of Life. The gang later steals the Orb back,while the criminals reveal themselves to be Trent's biological parents, and that they wanted the Orb so they can revive their son, as they believed that he was dead. They then agree to turn themselves in after the trip ends. So after having lunch at a pizza place with Grandma and Grandpa, they part ways and head back home to Massachusetts.

Main Series[edit | edit source]

The First thing Tom and the gang does is go to the Drive-In to see Despicable Me 3, but unfortunately, due to Tord and his team's interference, the movie projector stops working, and the gang is forced to leave. Later on, they go see fireworks for Allison's birthday, and spend most of their time sitting around, watching YouTube. They then do other stuff like visiting their Aunt Linda's cottage, while Trent and Willy sit in their cell, using their chromebook to entertain themselves, before the gang's eventual return to the Drive-In. They also do other activities such as Playing Badminton, Going to a Fair, Preventing a Suicide, Eat Sweets, Play Hooked, and get stuck in traffic. They don't exactly have the best summer. That's because there's a running gag in the series where the family has a fun plan for the summer, only to have it be cancelled due to a disaster caused by the Larssons, like what happened with their trip to the pool. They ended up going to a bookstore that day, as well as visiting Aunt Sally's hometown, Fixing Nona's cable, and shopping for shoes. The main reason their summer plans kept getting cancelled was because the creators were trying to save their budget for Uncle Funtime 4, where the gang would go on a trip to New York City.

Uncle Funtime 4[edit | edit source]

After another altercation with Team Rocket, Ash, May, and Max once again end up in Fredford, where they meet up with Tom and co., as Team Rocket secretly join them. They first go to Accaplucco's, and visit the Krusty Krab and meet up with Caillou's group and the cast of Spongebob Squarepants and Adventure Time. There, they stop Plankton from stealing the Secret Formula, and then, they eat dinner with Michael and Jerry during a thunderstorm. Next, they go to the Natick Mall and meet up with Brock and Misty during a trip to the Boston Children's Museum. They then spend their time watching Anime, while Giovanni puts Jessie, James, and Meowth in a mentor-ship program with Cassidy and Butch, due to their habits of goofing around. He then tells them to form an alliance with Trent, Willy, Plankton and The Larssons, and head to New York City, and stealing all it's riches, with a promise of a promotion. Meanwhile, Steve the Canadian announces a Pokemon Contest/Wrestling Match taking place in Alola, with the prize being a 3-Day trip to New York City. The gang eventually won the contest and began their long journey to New York City. There, they eat at various restaurants, as well as visiting the Statue of Liberty. By the time they went back home, the Evil Alliance had successfully robbed New York City and got promoted. While the gang continued their lazy routine, Trent and Willy had been bailed out of juvie and kidnapped Patrick. Now our heroes had to work together to save him. After viewing a baseball game, the gang went to the Larssons' manor to rescue Patrick, and parted ways. As a result of the rescue, Team Rocket was demoted, and Trent and Willy were sent back to juvenile hall.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 26[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
467 1 School Daze 3: Marquez and the Orb of Life Tom and the gang go on a trip to Tennessee to see their grandparents. Meanwhile, Diego’s Parents arrive and try to protect the Orb of Life. 7/1/17
468 2 Disaster at the Drive-In Tom and the gang go to the Drive-In to see Despicable Me 3, but unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. 7/2/17
469 3 Allí, You’re a Firework! Tom and the gang once again go see fireworks for Allison’s birthday, but Caillou has something else in mind. 7/3/17
470 4 The Lazy Bunch Alex and his friends spend the day sitting in bed, watching Youtube videos. 7/5/17
471 5 Life at the Cottage Tom and the gang spend the weekend at an island in New Hampshire to see their Aunt Linda. 7/9/17
472 6 Survivor: Roblox Edition Trent and Willy play Survivor on Roblox 7/10/17
473 7 Driving-Into Attempt #2 Tom and the gang return to the Drive-In to try and watch Despicable Me 3 again after the incident that took place last time 7/18/17
474 8 Skills of Badminton Alex plays some Badminton with Allison and Uncle Jerry. The gang goes to dinner afterwards. 7/19/17
475 9 The Fairest of Dogs Tom and the gang go on a little trip to the Summer Festival. Meanwhile, Rigby starts to behave like a dog. 7/20/17
476 10 Suicidal Jaguar Tom and the gang help Baby Jaguar with his suicidal tendencies. 7/22/17
477 11 Hooked on Sweets The Connellys come up with a fantastic idea for dessert. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang starts using Hooked. 7/25/17
478 12 The Trouble with Traffic On their way home from dinner, Tom and the gang get stuck in traffic. Even worse, their exit to King Street was blocked. Will the gang find a way home, or will they be stuck all night? 7/26/17
479 13 Gathering the Aquatic Heroes When Alex, Mordecai and Rigby become disappointed with yet another change of plans, Tom and Michael decide to invite some old friends to cheer them up. 7/27/17
480 14 Sally’s School Aunt Sally shows Tom and the gang the place where she grew up. 7/28/17
481 15 The Cable Crew Tom and the gang must go to the Verizon store to get a splitter for Nona’s cable. Also, Willy tags along and brings the cast of South Park. 7/29/17
482 16 Shoe Shopping Tom and the gang visit the Wrentham Outlets to buy some new sneakers. 7/30/17

Season 27[edit | edit source]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
483 1 Return of the Pokemon Trainers Ash returns to Franklin and introduces Tom and the gang to May and Max. 8/1/17
484 2 The Patty Poachers When Plankton learns the Krabby Patty secret formula from a YouTube video, he causes chaos at the Krusty Krab. 8/2/17
485 3 Fear of a Thunderstorm Tom and co. try to go out to dinner while dealing with a huge thunderstorm, and Meowth is freaking out! 8/2/17
48 4 Lost in Natick Tom and co. take a visit to the Natick Mall and eventually get lost there. 8/4/17
486 5 Enter Brock and Misty! Ash and co. reunite with Brock and Misty and visit the Boston Children’s Museum. 8/5/17
487 6 Animadness! Tom and co. spend 2 days watching One Piece and Naruto. Meanwhile, Team Rocket messes around with Meowth’s new phone. 8/8/17
488 7 Team Rocket’s Mentorship Program After learning that Team Rocket was goofing off, Giovanni gives them mentoring. Meanwhile, Another Vacation Contest is announced, 8/10/17
489 8 The Train of Strength The gang begin to train for their upcoming contests. 8/12/17
490 9 The Chinese Buffet Tom and co. eat at the Sky Buffet for dinner. 8/12/17
491 10 Battle for Vacation! Ash and May compete in the Pokemon Contest to win the trip to New York City. Meanwhile, Peter and Mr. Krabs compete in the wrestling competition for the same reason. 8/14/17
492 11 Road to New York City Tom and co. embark on a long journey to New York City. 8/15/17
493 12 Statue Quest Tom and co. go see the Statue of Liberty. 8/16/17
494 13 The Conclusion to a Really Short Trip Tom and co. head home after their trip to New York City has come to an end. 8/17/17
495 14 Two Yard Sales and One Piece! Tom and co. take a trip to a couple of yard sales. Meanwhile, Caillou, Stewie, and Brian record the first two episodes of the One Piece in Sims 3 series. 8/20/17
496 15 Starnapped! Patrick gets kidnapped by his old nemesis, Trent Boyett. 8/23/17
497 16 The Sore-Skilled Game! Tom and co. go to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox baseball game. Meanwhile, Alex gets a sore throat from Ash’s Pikachu. 8/25/17
498 17 Evil Alliance Final Battle! Tom and co. venture to Trent’s Secret Lair and rescue Patrick. 8/26/17
499 18 Till We Meet Again! The heroes spend their last summer together playing Sims 4. 8/27/17

Theme Song Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Dear mother

Can you hear me whining?

It's been three whole weeks

Since I left your home

This sudden fear has left me trembling

'Cause now it seems that I

Am out there on my own

And I'm feeling so alone

Pay attention to the cracked streets

And the broken homes

Some call it slums

Some call it nice

I want to take you through

A wasteland I like to call my home

Welcome to paradise

A gunshot rings out at the station

Another urchin snaps and

Left dead on his own

It makes me wonder why I'm still here

For some strange reason it's now

Feeling like my home

And I'm never gonna go

Pay attention to the cracked streets

And the broken homes

Some call it slums

Some call it nice

I want to take you through

A wasteland I like to call my home

Welcome to paradise

Dear mother

Can you hear me laughing?

It's been six whole months since that

I have left your home

It makes me wonder why I'm still here

For some strange reason it's now

Feeling like my home

And I'm never gonna go

Pay attention to the cracked streets

And the broken homes

Some call it slums

Some call it nice

I want to take you through

A wasteland I like to call my home

Welcome to paradise


Ending Theme Lyrics[edit | edit source]

When it starts to rain, know the sun is always shining right behind the clouds The light is slowly breaking through and the sunshine makes the flowers come rising from the ground I see you trip and fall in a puddle and you're acting like it's just a game And then you get up and with no trace of shame you're smiling and calling out my name

You grabbed my hand and took me to see the view from up the hills we're climbing And all of my worries are blown away by the summer breeze

I want you to know, you can take me wherever No matter what comes, I will be with you forever This summer with you has made me feel like I can Overcome all hurdles if you're here by my side With you, I will never feel hollow Your beautiful smile will always rid me of all of my sorrow You make me look forward to tomorrow

Oh yeah, woo-ooo

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