The Original Series is the first series of the School Daze saga. It features 10 seasons and 177 episodes of Tom and Trent's Adventures in the 7th Grade.

Characters Edit

Children Edit

Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Declan Lynch

Ethan Edwards

Kelsi Richardson

Jackie O'Duggan

Domenic Calitri

Allison Connelly








20+ more

Adults Edit

Ms. Romano

Mr. Kammerer

Mr. Halsey

Mrs. Pinto

Aunt Sally

Uncle Jerry

Mrs. Walker

Mrs. Tarrant

Mr. O'Halloran

Ms. Kass

Ms. Richards

Mrs. Summers

Ms. HV

Ms. Wynn

Steve the Canadian

Utensils Edit

Patrick the Pen

Ernie the Eraser

Oswald Orange

Yefe Yellow

Phil the Pencil

Bernie the Eraser

Annoying Pen

Future Patrick


Hermes 2.0

Bobby Black

Buddy Blue

Ritchie Red

Gary Green

Perry Purple

Billy Brown






Plot Edit

After his partner-in-crime Scott Tenorman was sent to hell, Trent Boyett was forced to take Patrick's place as a student at Fredford High School. There, he met Tom Connelly, an average 12-year-old 7th Grader who often acts as a voice of reason for Trent. At the school, Tom and Trent meet their new teachers: Ms. Onamor, their Math and ELA teacher, Mr. Kannenberg, their Social Studies Teacher, and Mr. Lansey, their Science teacher. Trent is also introduced to Tom's friends: Daniel Lavrich, a former bully and current Best Friend of Tom who is a big fan of popular games, such as Mario and FNAF, David Callahan, Tom's Best Friend, whom he doesn't have any classes with, but still sits with him at lunch, Kelly Russel, Tom's female Best Friend who also acts as a voice of reason, Eddy Edison, the troublemaker of the group who Trent strongly despises, and Janet Uganden, an 8th Grader who is often getting into arguments with Trent. Throughout the year, Tom and Trent are faced with the many challenges of middle school, such as Quizzes, MCAS, Observation Projects, and the occasional buttloads of Homework, which aggravates Trent so much, to the point of jumping out of windows(and surviving). They are eventually joined by Willy Fredrickson, a best friend of Tom who spent 7 years posing as a platypus, before faking his death in the 6th Grade. Little do Tom and Trent know, their utensils are actually ALIVE! They own a talking blue pen named Patrick(not to be confused with the other Patrick mentioned above), an eraser named Ernie, and a couple of Sharpies named Oswald and Yefe. They are often seen working for their masters and putting a stop to Kcirtap's evil plans. Eventually, they are joined by a pencil named Phil, more sharpies, stress-balls named Hermes who is later replaced by Hermes 2.0 after his death, Ernie's superhero-wannabe little brother Bernie, and the Annoying Pen. Near the end of the year, the Utensils faced their biggest challenge yet: The Darkening, an event where deceased utensils turn into black silhouettes and attack other utensils. As the Utensils fought off the dark demons, Tom and co. are finishing off their 7th Grade year, and preparing for the 8th Grade. Unfortunately, Janet will not return next year, because she is heading to High School.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
1 1 The First Day Tom and Trent go to school for their first day in the 7th grade. 9/3/14
2 2 Class Confusion Tom, Trent, and Ethan are confused about which class to go to. 9/4/14
3 3 Shootin’ Hoops Tom & Trent play basketball in Gym class. 9/5/14
4 4 The First Assignment The students get homework for the first time. 9/8/14
5 5 Return of Willy Willy returns after after a six-month absence. 9/9/14
6 6 Fire Drill The school has a fire drill. 9/10/14
7 7 Computer Time Tom & Trent earn a computer break. 9/11/14
8 8 3 Events in Remington 3 Major events occur at Remington School: Picture Day, a Math Quiz, and The Mile. 9/12/14
9 9 Social Prag. Tom & Trent go to their Social Prag. class. 9/15/14
10 10 Too Much Homework! Tom & Trent are given an assload of homework. 9/16/14
11 11 Magazine Assembly The school attends an assembly about magazines. 9/17/14
12 12 Clubs to Join Tom & Trent join Lego Club. 9/18/14
13 13 Seasons Survey Mr. Halsey assigns his class to do a Season's Survey. 9/19/14
14 14 Making a Quiz Mr. Kammer tells the class to make a quiz. 9/22/14
15 15 A Birthday in Fall Fall begins on Jackie’s Birthday. 9/23/14
16 16 A lot of Reading Tom & Trent spend most of class reading. 9/24/14
17 17 Kammerer’s Substitutes Mr. Kammerer is absent, so someone has to take over for him. 9/25/14
18 18 Seasons Project II Mr. Halsey assigns another season's project. 9/26/14

Season 2 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
19 1 Trent and his Bad Luck Trent suffers the day with bad luck. 10/1/14
20 2 Who Prank Called the School? Someone prank-called the school, and Principal Peri isn’t too happy about it. 10/2/14
21 3 Moon Observations Mr. Halsey assigns the class to observe the moon each night. 10/3/14
22 4 Volcano Video Mr. Halsey shows the class an educational video about volcanoes. 10/6/14
23 5 Trent vs. Ethan: The Stab-Off Trent and Ethan fight with pencils. 10/7/14
24 6 A Wonderful Day for Soccer The students begin their Soccer unit. 10/8/14
25 7 The 3 Absent Teachers: Part 1 Lots of crazy shit happens while 3 of the main teachers are absent. 10/9/14
26 8 The 3 Absent Teachers: Part 2 The teachers are still absent, and Tom & Trent have a lot of work to do. 10/10/14
27 9 Book Talk Tom & Trent present their Book Talk to the whole class. 10/14/14
28 10 Tissue Trips The School is running low on tissues, so Tom & Trent must go to the nurse’s office and get some more. 10/15/14
29 11 Idiom Madness The school uses a lot of idioms. 10/16/14
30 12 Seasons Walk Mr. Halsey makes his class do a Seasons Walk 10/17/14
31 13 Reader Response Blogs Ms. Romano makes her students edublog accounts. 10/20/14
32 14 Too Much Homework II Tom and Trent once again get an assload of homework. 10/21/14


Too Much Homework III
Tom and Trent get lots of homework for the third time, and Trent suspects that it has something to do with the blogs. Meanwhile, the utensils take the stage. 10/22/14

34 16 2 Assignments and a Quiz Review. Tom and Trent get 2 Homework assignments while being forced to Review for a Quiz. 10/23/14
35 17 Lockdown Drill The School has a Lockdown Drill. Meanwhile, the utensils discover an alternate Universe where everyone is evil. 10/24/14
36 18 Pen from the Future Patrick’s Future Self visits the past to warn Patrick about what the future has in store for him. 10/27/14
37 19 Who Stole Ernie’s Mouth? Ernie’s mouth gets stolen, so him and the utensils “borrow” Einre’s mouth. 10/28/14
38 20 Amnesiac Math Quiz Tom and Trent take a Math Quiz. Meanwhile, Hermes suffers from Amnesia. 10/29/14
39 21 Half Day Madness Part 1: Trent the Pencil. Trent tries to go back in time and erase homework from existence, only to end up switching bodies with a pencil. 10/30/14
40 22 Half Day Madness Part 2: Halloween Special It’s Halloween, and everyone is showing off their costumes. Meanwhile, Kcirtap starts a zombie apocalypse and It’s up to Patrick, Ernie, and Oswald to stop it. 10/31/14

Season 3 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
41 1 Return of Ms. Kass Ms. Kass returns after being gone for a month. Meanwhile, Edward the eraser passes away. 11/3/14
42 2 The New Edward The utensils find an eraser to replace Edward. Meanwhile, Kcirtap murders Phil. 11/4/14
43 3 All Homework and No Breaks Makes Trent a Dull Boy Trent comes up with a catchphrase to use whenever he gets homework. 11/5/14
44 4 Too Much Homework IV Tom & Trent get a fourth assload of homework. 11/6/14
45 5 Murder on Veterans Day It’s Veterans Day and Hermes suffers a gruesome fate. Meanwhile, Phil returns and claims that he didn’t die. 11/7/14
46 6 Willy the Trent Willy takes Trent’s place for a day. Meanwhile, Ms. Romano gets a new stress ball after the death of Hermes. 11/10/14
47 7 Hermes 2.0 The new stress ball, now known as Hermes 2.0, replaces the original Hermes. 11/11/14
48 8 What Happened to Hermes 2.0? Hermes 2.0 mysteriously disappears and it’s up to the utensils to find him. 11/12/14
49 9 Einre’s Revenge Einre tries to get revenge on the utensils for stealing his mouth. 11/13/14
50 10 Trip to the Book Fair Mr. Kammerer’s class visits the Book Fair. 11/14/14
51 11 S.H.A.R.P.I.E Reunited Oswald and Yefe find some old friends from the group S.H.A.R.P.I.E. 11/17/14
52 12 The African Quiz Tom and Trent take a quiz on Africa. 11/18/14
53 13 Ernie gets Kidnapped? Someone kidnaps Ernie, and it’s up to the utensils to find out who. Meanwhile, Willy plans to kill Tom & Trent’s teachers for giving them homework. 11/19/14
54 14 Quest to Kill Willy Patrick Star and Jake the Dog must assassinate Willy before he kills Tom & Trent’s teachers. Meanwhile, the utensils are still on the search for their missing friend. 11/20/14
55 15 SportsGiving The Whole School goes to a Basketball Game. 11/21/14

Season 4 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
56 1 Plastic Surgery Kills Buddy the Sharpie gets plastic surgery, only to learn that Plastic Surgery is deadly for Sharpies. 12/1/14
57 2 Pen-Pal Period Mr. Kammerer’s students get pen-pals. 12/2/14
58 3 Bernie: The Dark Side Kcirtap makes an evil clone of Bernie. 12/3/14
59 4 A Movie in Art Ms. Walker’s students watch a movie before Term 1 ends. 12/4/14
60 5 Fun in the Computer Lab Tom and Trent start attending Computer Class 12/5/14
61 6 Naughty Ethan Ethan does a lot of bad stuff that lands him in the Principal’s Office. 12/8/14
62 7 Test Monkey Bernie Mr. Halsey assigns his class to build a balance. Unfortunately, Tom & Trent use Bernie for theirs. 12/9/14
63 8 2 Quizzes and a Rescue Mission Tom and Trent are forced to take 2 quizzes. Meanwhile, the utensils must rescue Bernie from the balance. 12/10/14
64 9 Trent’s Haircut Trent gets a new haircut, and everyone is impressed by it. 12/11/14
65 10 Basketball Improvement Tom & Trent’s Basketball Skills begin to improve. 12/12/14
66 11 A Day Without Romano Ms. Romano is once again absent. 12/15/14
67 12 Homeless The Utensils lose their box, which is their home. 12/16/14
68 13 Too Much Homework V Tom & Trent get an assload of homework for the fifth time. Meanwhile, Bernie becomes Sticky-Note Man. 12/17/14
69 14 Bernie’s Sticky-Suit Fail Bernie tries to make his suit sticky, but fails. 12/18/14
70 15 Teacher, I Forgot My Lunch Tom & Trent forget their lunches. 12/19/14
71 16 Kcirtap’s Mind-Control Device Kcirtap Mind-Controls the Utensils 12/21/14
72 17 School Daze Holiday Special Lots of crazy stuff happens in this hilarious special. Tom & Trent give gifts to their teachers, The utensils continue to work on Herm-2’s crib, etc. All of this hosted by yours truly: Steve the Canadian! 12/22/14

Season 5 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
73 1 It’s Good to be Back! Tom and Trent return to school after leaving for Winter Break. 1/2/15
74 2 A Bruised Stress Ball After finishing Herm-2’s Crib, Hermes 2.0 hits his head. 1/5/15
75 3 The Delay The students go to school late. 1/6/15
76 4 The Solids and Liquids Quiz Tom & Trent take a quiz on Solids & Liquids. 1/7/15
77 5 The Metallic Silver Kcirtap builds a dangerous weapon to destroy the utensils. 1/8/15
78 6 The Bullying Assembly The students attend a bullying assembly. 1/9/15
79 7 3 Substitutes and a Meeting 3 of the main teachers are absent again. Meanwhile, Tom & Trent go to a meeting with Tom’s Aunt & Uncle. 1/12/15
80 8 Testing my Vision & Hearing. Tom & Trent prepare for a Geometry Skit, Only to get sent to the nurse’s office to get their eyes and ears checked. 1/13/15
81 9 Billy’s Bucket List. The Utensils must help Billy finish his bucket list before he dies. 1/14/15
82 10 Math Exterminators A Special group of Utensils help solve some math problems. 1/15/15
83 11 Possessed Stress Ball Hermes 2.0 gets possessed and brutally murders another utensil. 1/16/15
84 12 Many arrests on a Quiz Day Hermes 2.0 gets arrested due to the events of “Possessed Stress Ball”. Meanwhile, Tom & Trent take another quiz. 1/23/15
85 13 Trent vs. The Packet Tom & Trent are forced to do a Math Packet. 1/29/15
86 14 Utensils Locked Up. Ms. Romano gets tired of the utensils distracting Tom & Trent, so they decide to trap them in their box. 1/30/15

Season 6 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
87 1 Gary vs. Perry Gary & Perry fight to see who’s better. 2/3/15
88 2 If I Didn’t use the Sharpener... Though he was able to use the sharpener before his death, Phil started to think of what would have happened if he didn’t. 2/4/15
89 3 The End of the Sticky Tissues The Sticky Tissues duo comes to an end after Bernie & Edward Jr. lose their costumes. 2/5/15
90 4 Delay n’ Packet: The Sequels

The school has another delay, and Tom and Trent have to do ANOTHER math packet. 26/15
91 5 Trent’s Shower Problem Discovery Ms. Romano learns that Trent never showers, so she has to intervene. 2/9/15
92 6 The Annoying Pen The Annoying Pen starts to annoy the hell out of the utensils. Meanwhile, Trent’s in some hot water with Jackie. 2/10/15
93 7 School Daze Valentines Special Everyone at Remington Middle School is celebrating Valentine’s Day. 2/11/15
94 8 Questions Answered! Trent tries to make things right with Jackie. Meanwhile, Bernie & Edward Jr. get costumes made of paper. 2/12/15
95 9 The End of Tennis Tom & Trent finish their Tennis Unit. 2/13/15
96 10 Too Much Homework VI Tom & Trent get an assload of homework for the 6th time. 2/25/15
97 11 Yefe vs. Pinbot Yefe must take down Pinbot for hurting him and his friends. 2/26/15
98 12 Return of Einre & Einreb Einre & Einreb return from the grave for revenge. 2/27/15

Season 7 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
99 1 The Missing Sheet Tom & Trent must find a worksheet by the end of the day. Otherwise, they will have to re-do it for homework. 3/2/15
100 2 New ELA Class Tom & Trent attend Mr. Kammerer’s ELA Class. 3/3/15
101 3 Problems with Capon Erasers Kcirtap & Bob discover a new species called Capons. 3/4/15
102 4 Mind Control Capons The Capons mind control other utensils. 3/5/15
103 5 Exterminator’s Demise The Math Exterminators suffer a horrible fate. 3/6/15
104 6 Steve vs. Steve Steve the Canadian discovers that Buddy is actually an evil clone of him. 3/9/15
105 7 Practicing Parcc The students practice for an upcoming test. 3/10/15
106 8 Trent Goes to the Office. Ms. H-V sends Trent to the Principal’s Office after he ripped Ethan’s paper. 3/11/15
107 9 3 Deaths and a Half-Day The school has a half-day. Meanwhile, 3 utensils get killed. 3/12/15
108 10 Tom’s Party The students celebrate Tom’s 13th birthday at Ryan Amusement. 3/13/15
109 11 Phil and his Conjoined Twin Phil gets a conjoined twin. 3/16/15
110 12 Heat Presentations Mr. Halsey’s class do presentations on Heat. Meanwhile, Phil’s twin is dead close to being kicked out of the group. 3/17/15
111 13 Poster Quiz The students take a quiz with posters. 3/18/15
112 14 Parcc Test Part 1: Yefenesia Tom & Trent take Parcc. Meanwhile, Yefe gets amnesia. 3/19/15
113 15
Parcc Test Part 2: Computer Quiz Tom & Trent take Parcc along with a Computer Quiz. 3/20/15
114 16 Parcc Test Part 3: Stress Ball Ban Tom & Trent finish their first Parcc Test, only to be banned from using Hermes 2.0. 3/23/15
115 17 The New Herm-2’s Crib After being evicted from the cubby, Hermes 2.0 is forced to live in Ms. Romano’s room. 3/24/15
116 18 Return of the Annoying Pen The Annoying Pen returns after being missing for a month and a half. 3/25/15
117 19 Science Museum Assembly Tom & Trent start attending STEM. Then, the whole school attends an assembly about the Science Museum. 3/26/15
118 20 Project Madness Tom & Trent have to do a lot of projects. 3/27/15
119 21 Phil the Pencil Killer After conquering his fear of STEM, Phil decides to kill other pencils. 3/30/15
120 22 Parcc Test II Part 1: Emostick Tom and Trent take their second Parcc Test. Meanwhile, the utensils meet a popsicle with a goth-like personality. 3/31/15

Season 8 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
121 1 Parcc Test II Part 2: April Fools! Tom and Trent finish their second Parcc Test. Meanwhile, It’s April Fools Day at Remington Middle School. 4/1/15
122 2 Classroom Chaos Mr. Kammerer’s class goes crazy & destroy the World’s Smallest Pencil. 4/2/15
123 3 The New Tiny Pencil The utensils find a replacement for the World’s Smallest Pencil. 4/6/15
124 4 Stem Quiz The students take a quiz in STEM. 4/7/15
125 5 Lack of Tissues Once Again, the school is running out of tissues. 4/8/15
126 6 A Dog in the Gym A special dog visits the Remington Gym. 4/9/15
127 7 Blanko & Smurf The Annoying Pen makes new friends. 4/10/15
128 8 Quest 4 the Magic 8 Cube The utensils must get the Magic 8 Cube back after it was stolen by Kcirtap. 4/13/15
129 9 Repeats of Events in the Past Deja Vu affects the school, for multiple events that happened before take place on this day, including the Mile. 4/14/15
130 10 A Day of Good Luck! Tom & Trent have good luck throughout the day. 4/15/15
131 11 Quiz n, Mile Tom & Trent not only have to take a Quiz, but they must also do the Mile. 4/16/15
132 12 Spring Special The school celebrates their last day of school before Spring Break. Meanwhile, Kcirtap murders his former assistant. 4/17/15
133 13 Utensil Body Swap The Utensils switch bodies. 4/27/15
134 14 The Fitness Test Mr. O'Halloran's class has to take a fitness test. 4/28/15
135 15 Observation Puppets Tom & Trent decide to use puppets for their Ecosystems Project. 4/29/15
136 16 The 4th Mile The students must do the mile again. 4/30/15

Season 9 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
137 1 Declan’s Birthday The school celebrates Declan’s birthday. 5/1/15
138 2 Another Meeting Tom and Trent attend another PTA meeting, Meanwhile, Bernie suffers some psychological problems. 5/4/15
139 3 Loads of Classwork Tom & Trent are forced to do an assload of classwork. 5/5/15
140 4 Quizpocalypse Part 1: Where’s A.P? Tom & Trent seek must take a lot of quizzes, so they seek help from a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, The Annoying Pen mysteriously disappears. 5/6/15
141 5 Quizpocalypse Part 2: Scolded by a Coach Mr. O'Halloran scolds Trent for yelling at him after him & Tom were late for class. Meanwhile, the Utensils are still on the search for A.P. 5/7/15
142 6 Quizpocalypse Part 3: Half Day 4 Tom & Trent take their second quiz while having their 4th half day. Meanwhile, A.P remains missing. 5/8/15
143 7 Quizpocalypse Part 4: A.P’s Return Tom & Trent finish their last quiz, but suspect that the stranger that helped them is hiding something. Meanwhile, the Utensils reunite with their missing friend. 5/11/15
144 8 Trip to Patriot’s Place The school goes on a field trip to Patriot’s Place. Meanwhile, Phil’s conjoined twin returns to the Utensils for revenge. 5/12/15
145 9 Parcc Test III Part 1: Tyga in Disguise Tom & Trent take the Parcc Test for the third time. Meanwhile, A.P. suspects that the “Stupeed Tyga” is on the loose. 5/13/15
146 10 Parcc Test III Part 2: Bernie goes Missing Tom & Trent finish their third Parcc Test. Meanwhile, Bernie mysteriously disappears. 5/14/15
147 11 Bernie Found! The Utensils learn the whereabouts of Bernie. Meanwhile, Ethan gets in some trouble with Mr. Halsey. 5/15/15
148 12 Remapalooza Tom and Trent go to Remapalooza and have the time of their lives. 5/16/15
149 13 Homework in Stem? The Stem teacher assigns the class a homework assignment, and of course, Trent isn’t really happy about that. 5/18/15
150 14 Quest to find Phil a new Body. The Utensils must find Phil a new body so he can get plastic surgery. 5/19/15
151 15 Response Game Tom and Trent’s social prag. class play a game where they talk about how they would react in certain situations. 5/20/15
152 16 Another Darkening Victim The Darkening claims another victim, and that victim is the Emo-Stick 5/21/15
153 17 The Hockey Game The School goes to a Hockey Game. Meanwhile, Hermes 2.0. gets killed. 5/22/15
154 18 Ecosystem Rap Mr. Halsey shows his class a rap video about ecosystems. 5/26/15
155 19 Parcc Test IV Part 1: Homework Redo Tom and Trent take their final Parcc Test, Then, Ms. Romano forces them to redo a homework assignment. 5/27/15
156 20 Parcc Test IV Part 2: Workout. After finishing their final Parcc Test, Tom and Trent visit the Workout room. 5/28/15
157 21 Return of Hermes 2.0 Two-Fives goes back in time to prevent Hermes 2.0’s death. 5/29/15

Season 10 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
158 1 Puns n’ Mistakes Ms. Romano makes the students make corrections on a quiz. Meanwhile, Trent makes a pun after he touches a saw in Stem. 6/1/15
159 2 Einre’s 5th Comeback Erinre returns again for revenge on the Utensils. 6/2/15
160 3 Studying Madness Tom & Trent must study for upcoming quizzes 6/3/15
161 4 2 Quizzes and a Fight The students take 2 quizzes. Meanwhile, 2 utensils get into a fight. 6/4/15
162 5 A.P. Skidoo A.P. and Bernie learn how to jump in and out of books at will. 6/5/15
163 6 Science Sketches Mr. Halsey’s Class does sketches. 6/8/15
164 7 The Geo Test The students take a test in Geography 6/9/15
165 8 The G.R.A.D.E Test Tom & Trent must take the G.R.A.D.E test. 6/10/15
166 9 Let’s work as a “Teamo” The students play a game called Teamo, which is a cheap knock-off on Bingo. 6/11/15
167 10 A Day with Gordon Gray The Utensils hang out with Gordon Gray for the day. 6/12/15
160 11 The Quick Day The day seems to be quick for Tom & Trent. Well you know what they say, Time flies when you’re having fun. 6/15/15
169 12 A.P. in Pink A.P. gets a new shirt, and it’s pink. Meanwhile, the students learn that Jackie is a fan of Jojo's Circus. 6/16/15
170 13 Stolen Hockey Sticks Trent is accused of stealing miniature hockey sticks. 6/17/15
171 14 Super Bowl of Science Part 1 Tom & Trent work on the Super Bowl of Science. 6/18/15
172 15 Super Bowl of Science Part 2 Tom & Trent finish the Super Bowl of Science. 6/19/15
173 16 Trent’s Day Off Trent fakes sick so he can sneak off to Bikini Bottom & kill Patrick Star. 6/22/15
174 17 Travel Festival The School has a Travel Festival 6/23/15
175 18 Movie Madness When a movie that Tom & Trent don’t like is chosen, they decide to watch Jurassic Park 3 in Ms. Romano’s Room. 6/24/15
176 19 Outdoor Activities The School goes outside for fun. 6/25/15
177 20 The Darkening It’s the last day of school, and Tom & Trent must give gifts to all their teachers. Meanwhile, the Darkening occurs. 6/26/15

Theme Song Lyrics Edit

Hoo, Ha, Ho, Ho! Hoo, Ha, Ho, Ho! Tom and Trent School Daze!

In the town of Franklin where kids are bound to learn, Trying to survive the School Daze are two very special boys

Tom is just an average kid, his family has hidden lore, Trent was sent to juvenile hall when he was only four.

Tommy and Trent, School Daze, School Daze, Tom and Trent School Daze!

Patrick used to go there, he did not have lots of fun, His old teacher Megan Cook was not so very nice.

He got three detentions, girls were screaming at his face, Patrick then dropped out and Trent was forced to take his place.

Tommy and Trent, School Daze, School Daze, Tom and Trent School Daze!


Work is getting harder each and every single day, With our strength and courage we will get through the whole way.

If you wish to work hard to get all the schoolwork done, Then we shall work really hard together as one.

Tommy and Trent, School Daze, School Daze, Tom and Trent School Daze!

All the work you recieve is sure to stress you out, But your closest friends will be there without a doubt.

Once we use our knowledge, we will always make it through, Come with me we'll do it all, It's only me and you!

Tommy and Trent, School Daze, School Daze, Can you survive the School Daze, Yeah!

Ending Theme Lyrics Edit

Ow ow ow ow

Hey! oh! Hey! oh!

Do it

I don't wanna waste my time again By getting wasted with so-called friends 'Cause they don't know me But they pretend to be part of my social scenery And hey maybe I'm a critic, a cynic Or am I jaded? or am I afraid of it? 'Cause it's draggin' me down It's bummin' me out It's makin' my head spin round and round

Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? I get the feeling we're on to somethin' I say jump and you start jumpin' Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's that, now what do you want from me?

Just another day in the life of me It's three am and I can't sleep And I've been thinkin' That we've been drinkin' In hopes to maintain our sanity And hey maybe I'm a critic, a cynic Or am I crazy? do they all hate me? 'Cause they pick me up And throw me down It's makin' my head spin round and round

Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? I get the feeling we're on to somethin' I say jump and you start jumpin' Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's that, now what do you want from me?

Whoo! Everything that I do It's never good enough for you I do my best, dress to impress With my heart out on my chest Goin' nowhere fast I don't know where I'm at When I say jump and you start jumpin' Hey! We're on to somethin'

Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? I get the feeling we're on to somethin' I say jump and you start jumpin' Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's that, now what do you want from me?

Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's right, what do you want from me? I get the feeling we're on to somethin' I say jump and you start jumpin' Can you say Hey Can you say Oh That's that, now what do you want from me?

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