Sam Heavington was a recurring character appearing in the Advanced Education series. He was a friend of Tom, Trent, Willy, Caillou, Bonnie, and Mason from School. He first met Tom and co. in a program called Best Buddies, and debuted in "Welcome to Best Buddies". Unlike Phil, Sam wasn't in any of Tom and co.'s classes. He made his final appearnace in "Ms. Robinson is Back! On the Road to Graduation!".

Looks Edit

Sam was a tall and slender young man with fair skin, blue eyes, and auburn hair. He also had a beauty mark on his left cheek. When he debuted in the Season 3 episode "Welcome to Best Buddies", he wore a gray hooded jacket, a white undershirt, black sweatpants, and black sneakers. In Season 4 and the Heroes United Arc, Sam wears a blue sports jacket over a white hoodie, the same white undershirt, khaki pants, and his black sneakers. During Best Buddies Prom, Sam wore a blue and white pinstriped dress shirt, khaki trousers, and brown loafers. For the remainder of his time at Fredford High School, he can be seen wearing either his football uniform or just a simple t-shirt and shorts with or without a hoodie.

Description Edit

Sam was first introduced in the episode "Welcome to Best Buddies", when he was assigned to Tom and co.'s buddy group, along with Phil Mellow. They instantly hit it off, and he became another one of the gang's closest allies. Sam was a kind young man, and would often join Tom and co. in Best Buddies Activities, and would act kind towards them. He was also fond of sports, as he was currently on the football team. After about two Best Buddie meetings, Sam stopped going to Best Buddies, but unlike Phil, who had lost interest, Sam actually wanted to stay, but a certain force was preventing him from doing so. He returns in HU014, as he attends the Best Buddies Prom. He then reveals that he hasn't been attending Best Buddies because he was busy looking at colleges since he was now a Senior. He attended the last Best Buddies meeting as well as it's end of year celebration and greeted Tom and the gang either in the hallway or on the football field whenever they saw him. In "Ms. Robinson is Back! On the Road to Graduation!", he graduated and was never seen again.


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