Phil Mellow is a recurring character appearing in the Advanced Education series. He is a former member of the Best Buddies program, where he met Tom, Trent, Willy, Caillou, Bonnie, and Mason. He first appeared in "Welcome to Best Buddies".

Description Edit

Phil was first introduced in the episode "Welcome to Best Buddies", when he was assigned to Tom and co.'s buddy group, along with Sam Heavington. They instantly hit it off, and he became another one of the gang's closest allies. Phil is a kind young man, and would often join Tom and co. in Best Buddies Activities. He is shown to love video games such as Fortnite, and never watches television. When the second semester came around, Phil attended Tom and co.'s Video Production II class, and they formed a filming team together, along with a few other students and began filming videos together as a group, such as a Sitcom Opening and a Music Video. Phil was in Video Production I last year, and he, along with his group, made various videos, most notably the Gary Come Home Music Video. Phil works great with Tom and the gang, but would sometimes get irritated whenever Willy goofs around, especially when he forms a tripod in the shape of a gun. In Mid-Season 43, Phil quits Best Buddies, but still remains good friends with Tom and co. In Senior Year, he's in Tom and co.'s Robotics class.

Looks Edit

Phil has a fair skin complexion, brown eyes, and brown hair. His outfits vary throughout the series, but his primary and most common outfit consists of a gray hoodie, a black short-sleeved undershirt, black sweatpants, and dark blue sneakers. This outfit is usually seen in different colors. Sometimes, he wears shorts instead of sweatpants.

During the Gary Come Home Music Video he made in his Freshman Year, Phil wore a blue long-sleeved shirt, gray shorts, white socks, and black sneakers.

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