Oscar Neal was a minor character and former antagonist who appears in the Advanced Education series. He was a senior in Fredford High School who appears to have a frenemy-like relationship with Aaron. He was later seen attending Tom and the gang's Film Production class. He made his debut in "Toys to Fenway 2: The Rematch", and later serves as a recurring character/anti-hero in Seasons 38-43, a minor antagonist in the first half of Season 44, a supporting character in the second half of the aforementioned season and Season 45, the quinary antagonist of the first half of Season 46, and a supporting character once again in the second half and the remainder of Advanced Education.

Looks Edit

Oscar was a tall and slender teenage boy with fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. He also sported glasses, braces, and a bit of acne. His usual attire consisted of a hoodie, a short-sleeved undershirt, athletic shorts, long socks, and Adidas sandals. His clothing was usually seen in the colors blue, green, black, gray, pink, red, or white.

Description Edit

Oscar was usually seen visiting the lunch table that Tom and co., along with Helen and Aaron are sitting at, and harasses Aaron by trying to take his food and trade with him and criticize him for his opinions, implying that the two are enemies of some sort. It was later revealed that he was in Aaron's Wellness Class. He was also shown to be nice to Helen and Tom's group, often saying "hi" to them and starting up a conversation with them, while continuing to mess with Aaron. Starting with Late Season 42, He was in Tom and co.'s Film Production class, and they form a group together, along with two other students. They were usually shown filming together during most of Seasons 43 and 44. Oscar's partnership with Tom and co. lasted for a while, up until HU008, when he kicked Tom and his friends from the short film project, which seems to upset Willy since he thought Oscar was his friend, and that he was betrayed again. He eventually apologized and his relationship with the gang was fixed, up until Season 46, when Willy made a joke about suicide, which offended Oscar for no actual reason. After that, he began antagonizing the gang by acting like an oversensitive SJW over mostly everything they say or do, and refusing to forgive Willy for what he said, for whenever he tried to apologize, he would always respond with "Sorry doesn't sweeten my tea". He eventually forgives Willy two episodes later, and now the two are once again on good terms. Near the end of Advanced Education, he graduated and was never seen again.

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