Kristen Romano, was a main character appearing in the Original Series. She was Tom & Trent’s teacher from the 7th grade. She was a kind and caring teacher, unlike Ms Cook, who constantly nagged Patrick, which caused him to drop out. She was a main character in Seasons 1-10, but starting at Season 11, she became a minor character due to the fact that she isn’t Tom & Trent’s teacher anymore.


Ms. Romano was a caring teacher, she was always willing to help out Tom & Trent with school projects. She was nice to all of her students, especially Ethan, even though he would constantly get on her nerves. Like many characters, Ms. Romano is often shown as the Voice of Reason when it comes to disputes. She made her debut in the Spongebob short “Patrick joins a Club”, as the host of Lego Club. In School Daze, she was Tom & Trent’s Math teacher. She used to be their ELA teacher, until she moved them to Mr Kammerer’s ELA class in “New ELA class”. She was aware of the living utensils, She constantly made note of this to Tom & Trent by saying they were “distracting”. She tried using methods to get rid of those “distractions”. Like, for example, she moved Herm-2’s Crib from Mr. Kammerer’s room to her room, she then told Tom & Trent they can only bring 3 utensils to class shortly after. She made her final appearance in “School Daze: The Movie”.


Ms. Romano’s outfits vary throughout the School Daze series, but she wears 2 main outfits. She has tan skin & blue eyes. Her hair is brown.

School Daze

When the School Daze series started, She wore a dark blue dress shirt, a red skirt, and dark cyan high-hells.

Adventures in South Park

In the Adventures in South Park Series, she wore a different outfit, which consisted of a green jacket with a red undershirt, pink pants with white stripes, and purple sneakers.


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