Kristina Labarba, was a main character appearing in the High School Years Series. She was the teacher of Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou in English. She taught her students about English. She made her students read books and take notes on them. She first appeared in the episode “High School Begins”. She last appeared in “The Final Frontier”.

Personality Edit

Ms. Labarba was very energetic. Like Ms. Aarestad, Ms. Labarba was mostly seen in a good mood. She was an English teacher, meaning that she taught figurative language, annotation, etc. She has made her students read and take notes on The House on Mango Street and Of Mice and Men. She’s even assigned projects and made quizzes on them. In Season 24, she started to make her class read Lord of the Flies and do homework on it every day, making her the main antagonist of said season. Ms. Labarba has been appearing in almost every episode since her debut in “High School Begins”. However, after “The Final Frontier”, she was never seen again until “The Learning Continues”.

Appearance Edit

Ms. Labarba had tan skin, green eyes, and brown hair. She also wore glasses. She made a strong resemblance to Velma from Scooby-Doo. Her outfits varied throughout the series, but she was mostly seen in 2 outfits.

High School Years Edit

In the High School Years series, she wore a purple dress, a black leather jacket, and blue shoes.

Forever Sophomores Edit

In the Forever Sophomores series, she wears a black short-sleeved dress, gray leggings, and black boots.

Advanced Education Edit

In the Advanced Education series, she wears a black shoulderless blouse with short sleeves, a purple mini-skirt, black leggings with a green and purple pattern, and the same black boots from her previous outfit.

Gallery Edit