Ms. Kera is a main character appearing in the Senior Year series. She is the final English teacher of Tom and co. She first appeared in "Taking Charge", and serves as a supporting character in Season 48, the primary antagonist of Season 49, a supporting antagonist in Seasons 50 & 51, and the secondary antagonist of Season 52.

Looks Edit

Ms. Kera has fair skin, green eyes, and long red hair, which she often puts into a bun during class. Her outfits vary throughout the series, but her main outfit consists of a black long-sleeved dress with a yellow floral pattern on it, as well as black sandals. She would also be seen wearing a dress that is either long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless, with or without some sort of pattern on it, along with sandals or high-heels for footwear(and sometimes leggings and/or a coat). In cold weather, she would wear blouses with trousers and shoes or boots, either with or without a coat(sometimes a vest). Like many of the previous English teachers, she frequently wears glasses. Her clothing is usually seen in the colors black, yellow, red, tan, purple, pink, gray, blue, green, or white.

Description Edit

Ms. Kera is shown to act very calm, kind, patient, and caring towards her students, but claims to be sarcastic on occasion. She teaches her students about English topics, and was revealed to hate Icebreakers in her debut. She also has a brother, which is very weird and quirky in her eyes, and she would bring him up frequently in lessons. In later episodes, she is shown to express frustration towards students who misbehave and refuse to cooperate, especially Adrian Johnson, whose mother happens to be a friend of her's. Starting with Season 49, she begins to go overboard with the assignments, often making the class take notes on Serial and assigning difficult homework on it, making her the main antagonist of said season. She has been appearing constantly since her debut in “Taking Charge”. She last appeared in "The Suburbs of Kentucky".

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