Ms. Jirian is a recurring character appearing in Advanced Education and Senior Year. She was Tom and the gang's Academic Support teacher in Advanced Education, and currently their assistant English teacher in Senior Year. She debuted in "A Scoopful of Projects".

Description Edit

Ms. Jirian is a very helpful teacher. She usually helps her students with any work they needed to get done. She even helped Tom and the gang organize their folders for school. Despite her helpfulness, she did have a bit of an antagonistic side. During Academic Support, she often assigned long-term projects and expects her students to get them done, which would get in the way of Tom and the gang finishing up work of their own. She is also Tom and co.'s "leisan" for Junior and Senior Year. In Senior Year, she became Ms. Kera's assistant and began to help Tom and co. with their English work, such as the College Essay. After the Coronavirus hit, she has been teaching his class virtually until her final appearance in "Jim Runs a TIght Ship".

Looks Edit

Ms. Jirian has tan skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair, which is often seen in a ponytail. In Advanced Education, she mostly wore a white sleeveless blouse with blue jeans and brown high-heels. In Senior Year, her main outfit consists of a turquoise patterned dress with matching sandals. She would also be seen wearing blouses, dresses, or tunics with either skirts, jeans, or leggings for legwear. On her feet, she would wear sandals, high-heels, flats, slip-ons, or sneakers. She sometimes wears a coat with her attire. Her clothing is usually seen in the colors white, blue, brown, turquoise, red, purple, orange, pink, black, gray, or white.

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