Judy Hefner, was a recurring character appearing in the High School Years Series. She was the assistant teacher of Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou in English. She used to be the Academic Support Teacher until she was replaced by Ms. Donahue in Season 21. She always helped Tom and the gang with English projects. She first appeared in the episode “High School Begins”. She last appeared in “Physically Geometric Artists”.

Personality Edit

Ms. Hefner was very kind helpful. She was always willing to help Tom and his friends with English. Whenever a student was confused about a project, she would always be there to help. Before she was replaced, Ms. Hefner also helped Tom and the gang with homework in Academic Support. However, another student would always interfere with their work. She has been appearing in almost every episode since “High School Begins”. She made her final appearance in “The Final Frontier”. In “Physically Geometric Artists”, she is briefly seen talking to Ms. Davis in the hallway. In "Column Column Notes Notes", she makes another cameo in the hallway. She has replaced Ms. Robinson as the Essentials to Communications teacher after her departure.

Appearance Edit

Ms. Hefner had tan skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. Her outfits varied throughout the series, but she was mostly seen in 2 outfits. Her High School Years outfit consisted of a purple cardigan with a white dress-shirt underneath, gray trousers, and black shoes. In the Forever Sophomores series, she wears a black t-shirt with purple trousers and black shoes. In Advanced Education, her hair is hung free and she wears a blue sleeveless dress with a floral pattern and light blue sandals.

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