Hannah Beruku is a main character appearing in the Advanced Education series. She is the teacher of TomTrentWillyBonnie, and Mason in FAA English II. Like Bonnie, she is voiced by Ashley Tisdale, and debuted in "A Scoopful of Projects".

Description Edit

Mrs. Beruku is a kind and helpful teacher, and very intelligent as well. She seems to know a whole lot about literature. She also enjoys reading books(such as the Great Gatsby[which was the first book they read together], Hamlet, and The Catcher in the Rye) with her students. She would also make her students write poems either in class or for homework. She teaches them about Blackout Poetry, Irony, Morality, Disillusionment, and Motifs. She is also known to shout something along the lines of "Hey Guys" at the beginning of class to get her students' attention. According to Ms. Gritz, Mrs. Beruku is very fond of Tom and co. due to their kind and positive attitude. She first appears in "A Scoopful of Projects". Her final appearance was in "The Suburbs of Kentucky".

Looks Edit

Mrs. Beruku has fair skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair. Her outfits vary throughout the series, but her usual attire consists of a white short-sleeved jacket over a navy blue dress with a small, light red, green, and yellow floral pattern, and brown sandals with white straps. This outfit is sometimes seen in different colors.

She is also shown wearing hoodies, sweaters, or tunics that are colored gray, red, brown, pink, purple, or other colors, along with a pair of leggings, jeans, or trousers for legwear, and either boots, sneakers, slip-ons, or flats for footwear. She also wears glasses on most occasions.

During the Advanced Education finale, Ms. Beruku wears 2 different outfits. Each one is listed below:

  • On the last full day of school, she wore a black and yellow hooded jacket with the Bruins logo on it, a tangerine-orange undershirt, blue jeans, and gray sneakers.
  • During the English Finals, she wore a black t-shirt, a dark green skirt with a dark teal pattern on it, and black sandals.

Her main outfit in the Senior Year series consists of a light gray coat over a white blouse with a black polka-dot pattern on it, yellow jeans, and silver flats, along with other outfits.

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