Mr. Samson is a supporting character in the School Daze series. He is Tom and the gang's Guidance Counselor. He debuted in "Off to Maine".

Description Edit

Mr. Samson is a very helpful person. Once in a while, he would often call Tom and co. into his office to discuss either what classes they would be in or what they would do after they graduate from High School. He has also helped out the gang with many problems. For example, when they forgot their Chromebooks in "Forgotten Chromebooks", he showed them where to get replacements for the day. In "Simpsons Guy 4", he switched them out of My Money, My Life, though they did have to go back two years later. He even supported Tom and co. when they got that In-School Suspension in "The Lecture". He also helped them sign up for the FAA, which they regretted doing later. Mr. Samson has even attended a number of their meetings. He made his debut in the episode "Off to Maine".

Looks Edit

Mr. Samson is a tall and slender man with fair skin and brown eyes. He is bald and sports glasses. In Senior Year, he grows a dark brown beard, as well as a bit of hair on the sides of his head. The character is usually shown wearing long-sleeved dress shirts of varying colors, usually yellow, white, blue, lavender, pink, green orange, or other colors, with or without a tie. He would also wear dark-colored trousers held up by a silver-buckled belt, and dress shoes for footwear. He sometimes wears a coat or sweater with his outfit.

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