Gabe Robatsu is a main character appearing in the Advanced Education series. He is the teacher of TomTrentWillyBonnie, and Mason in FAA US History II. Like Hamm, he is voiced by John Ratzenberger, and debuted in "Make New Friends, But Keep The Old". He serves as one of the major antagonists of Advanced Education.

Description Edit

Mr. Robatsu is a kind and helpful teacher, and very intelligent as well. He seems to know a whole lot about history. Mr. Robatsu is shown to really love Argument Papers. For Example, he made his class write one on the first day of school, and was going to make them write another one on the second day, but made them look for a fake news website instead. He gives out the most difficult work out of all of Tom and co.'s Junior Year teachers. He is the third male History teacher that Tom and co. had, with the first one being Mr. Kannenberg from the Original Series, and the second being Mr. Pillock from Forever Sophomores. He first appeared in "Make New Friends, But Keep The Old".

Looks Edit

Mr. Robatsu has fair skin, brown eyes, slightly large ears, and a brown buzzcut. His outfits vary throughout the series, but his usual attire consists of a white dress shirt with light blue and pink vertical pinstripes and rolled up sleeves, a gold watch, a dark brown belt with a silver buckle, grayish-brown trousers, and dark gray sneakers. This outfit is sometimes seen in different colors.

He sometimes wears a sports jacket or sweater with his outfit. He would occasionally wear a navy blue t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. His footwear has changed a lot in the series. In Season 4 of Advanced Education, his gray sneakers gained blue and green accents, and in Season 5, his sneakers were replaced with a pair of black loafers.