Mr. Nanbu is a main character appearing in the Senior Year series. He is the teacher of Tom and co. in Forensics, as well as their final Science teacher. He served as a supporting character in Seasons 48-50, the secondary antagonist of Season 51, and the main antagonist of Season 52. He first appeared in "Adjusting to Academics".

Looks[edit | edit source]

Mr. Nanbu has fair skin, brown eyes, and short gray hair. His outfits vary throughout the series, but his main outfit consists of a light blue quarter-zip jacket with a white polo shirt underneath, brick-red trousers, light brown shoes, and a black watch. He is also seen wearing buttoned-up shirts or polos that are either plain or patterned, along with trousers and formal shoes. He would sometimes wear some sort of overcoat with his attire. His clothing is usually seen in the colors gray, blue, red, brown, yellow, black, white, orange, purple, or green.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mr. Nanbu appears to be a very smart individual, as he teaches his class a lot of what he knows about Forensics-related subjects. In class, he would either show a murder mystery video and expect his students to take notes on it either before or after the video, do labs, or re-create a crime scene. Nanbu also likes to have his students work in groups, and claims that those who prefer working independently “wouldn’t like this class”. He is also revealed to have worked as a principal in the past, and eventually came to Fredford to teach Forensics, which over time evolved from a club to a full-on class. He also has seven children, four of which were adopted from careless, broken families. He has been appearing frequently since his debut in “Adjusting to Academics”. After the Coronavirus hit, he has been teaching his class virtually until his final appearance in "When Life Gives You Pretzels".

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