Levin Kannenberg, was a main character appearing in the Original Series. He was Tom & Trent’s homeroom teacher from the 7th grade. He was a very calm person, He never yelled or got angry at the other students for doing something bad. He appeared in almost every episode from Seasons 1-10. Then, in Seasons 11-17, he made minor appearances. He made his final appearance in “School Daze: The End.”

Personality Edit

Mr. Kannenberg was very nice. He would always be willing to help Tom & Trent with schoolwork. He let the utensils rent a closet for Herm-2’s Crib, at least until it got re-located in “The New Herm-2’s Crib”. Whenever a student or any of the utensils put a poster on his bulletin board, he wouldn’t mind. He also never gets angry, and there is a possible explanation for this. In the very first episode of the School Daze, Mr. Kannenberg revealed that he had some sort of condition, which possibly prevents him from getting angry. He is also shown to be good at playing the guitar, as he can be seen playing it in his classroom in one episode. In “The Darkening”, He plays his guitar again and sings a song about the good times they had in the 7th grade. He was Tom & Trent’s Homeroom & Social Studies teacher. He became their ELA teacher in “New ELA Class”. He made his final appearance in “School Daze: The End”.

Biography Edit

Mr. Kannenberg was Tom and Trent's Homeroom and Social Studies teacher in 7th Grade. He has appeared in mostly every episode of School Daze from Seasons 1-10, but he was absent in a few episodes. He made minor appearances in Seasons 11-17. After his final appearance in “School Daze: The End”, He was never seen again.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Kannenberg has tan skin & brown eyes. He also has brown hair along with a brown beard. He is always seen wearing glasses. His outfits vary throughout the series, but he is mostly seen in one outfit, consisting of a white dress shirt with a purple vest, blue jeans, and black shoes.

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