Mr. Hiringu is a recurring character who appeared in the Forever Sophomores series. He was the helper teacher in TomTrentWilly, and Alex's Geometry class, and taught alongside Mrs. Collins and Mr. Schaft not long after Ms. Tengoku left. He debuted in "Failure and Poof's Motivation".

Description Edit

Mr. Hiringu was a helpful teacher. He would often help other students with either classwork, or a test, when either Mrs. Collins or Mr. Schaft are too busy to do so. Tom and co. use his help pretty often, more so than other students. When seeing Tom and co. making a mistake, Mr. Hiringu would point it out and help the gang fix it. He has been a helper teacher in Tom and co.'s Geometry class since his debut in "Failure and Poof's Motivation". The only student in his Geometry class that he has never helped was Caillou, since he has departed to Gravity Falls 2 months before Mr. Hiringu joined the class. Therefore, the two characters have never met.

Looks Edit

Mr. Hiringu has fair skin, brown eyes, and black hair with an overcomb. He is also balding slightly. His outfits change throughout the series, but he mostly wears a blue short-sleeved polo shirt, a black belt with a gold buckle, khaki pants, and black dress shoes. Sometimes, he would wear a sweater or dress shirt(usually colored gray, blue, red, green, or other colors), with different colored trousers and shoes.