Harold Riders is the identical cousin of Woody, as well as the "Woody" that appeared in Advanced Education. After Woody left with Bo Peep years prior to the aforementioned series, Harold took his place and pretended to be him during his absence. He was actually believed to be Woody until it was revealed otherwise in the Dog-Daze series.

Looks Edit

Harold looks very identical to his cousin Woody. Like him, he has fair skin, brown eyes, brown hair, and a pull-string. He even wears the same clothing as his cousin: a red-patterned yellow shirt with folded cuffs and silver buttons under a black and white cow-skin vest on which his sheriff badge is pinned, dark blue denim pants with a brown belt and gun holster buckled with an ovular tan buckle, brown boots with tan spurs, a red bandanna tied around his neck, and a plastic brown cowboy hat.

Description Edit

Harold has a similar personality to Woody's: He is a born leader who cares for his owners, and is the voice of reason during conflicts. He is also kind and caring to everyone around him. Prior to Advanced Education, he was previously owned by a kid named Jacob, until he was thrown away and sent to the dump, where he was found by some old man, who was a neighbor of Andy's grandmother. He stayed with him for a few years, while meeting Woody and the gang, until the old man eventually passed away. Years Later, Woody called him up, and asked Harold to pretend to be Woody while he was rescuing toys with Bo Peep, and he did. He was able to pull it off for many years, and even went with the toys to move to Fredford to hide from the government. After the events of Advanced Education, Woody and Bo Peep return and live with Bonnie and Mason again, while Harold moves out to avoid suspicion, but the other toys found out anyway. He is mentioned a few times in the Senior Year series, and even makes a flashback appearance in "Look Alive".

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