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Forever Sophomores is the fifth series in the School Daze franchise. It features 10 seasons and 233 episodes of Tom and the gang's life in their Sophomore Year in High School.



Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Caillou Tollar

Dora Marquez

Diego Marquez

Allison Connelly

Alex Connelly



Michael Connelly

Aunt Sally

William P. Connelly

Uncle Jerry


Ash Ketchum

Ash's Pikachu









Naruto Uzumaki

Sakura Haruno

Sasuke Uchiha

Kakashi Hatake

Monkey D. Luffy

Roranoa Zoro



Vinsmoke Sanji

Tony Tony Chopper

Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin

Max Tennyson

Phineas Flynn

Ferb Fletcher

Dipper Pines

Mabel Pines

Perry the Platypus

Timmy Turner

Jimmy Neutron

Tommy Pickles

Dil Pickles


Declan Lynch

Nick Nowe

Jackie O'Duggan

Ethan Edwards

Domenic Calitri

Jonathan Mallouan

Brian Chase

Edwin Milham

Ms. Ramsour

Mr. Shultz

Mr. Picillo

Mr. Rosen

Mrs. Killbride

Ms. Jordan

Ms. Fulton

Ms. Fitz

Ms. Beaton

Mrs. Curtis

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Ms. Achin

Ms. Degidio

Ms. Lawson

Ms. Hebner

Ms. Everleigh

Ms. Wolflein

Mr. Masto

Mrs. Raffin(Cameo)

Ms. Ahlberg(Guest)






Baby Jaguar








Stewie Griffin

Brian Griffin

Gary Oak




Uncle Nate

Aunt Judi

Aunt Janine



Michael Davies



Nick Jaworski




Anthony Scap.

Anthony Syn.






Grunkle Stan


Bill Cipher

Vinny (Dog)


Isabella (Phineas and Ferb)
















Stu & Didi

Judy & Hugh

Linda & Lawrence

Chas & Kira

Drew & Charlotte

Dipper & Mabel's Parents


Mr. Crocker

Professor Calamitous

Beautiful Gorgeous

Coco LaBouche

Jean Claude

Toby Larsson

Trina Larsson

Georgette Larsson

Edward Larsson

Leo Larsson

Edd Gould

Tom Ridgewell

Matt Hargreaves


Nick Loureiro






Mr. Williams

The Utensils

Other Students


Part 1[]

With their Summer Adventures behind them, Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou are now starting off their Sophomore Year at Fredford High. They still have the same classmates, such as Daniel, Rick, Janet, and Bryce, but they have new teachers as well: Mr. Pillock and Mr. Roberts, their US History teachers, Ms. Johnson, their Marine Science teacher(Mrs. Parson was their main teacher for a majority of the first season, but left due to her pregnancy), Ms. Gritz and Ms. Keaton, their English teachers, and Mrs. Collins and Mr. Schaft, their Geometry teachers. They still have Essentials to Literacy with Ms. Robinson, which is the only class that Daniel and Rick are in. However, there are a lot of new students in that class who came straight from Robinson Middle School: Rick Jackson, Amy Jones, Phillip Bordeaux, Albert Pavarotti, Albert Garibaldi, and Darryl Munsen. They are eventually joined by Bryce and Frank. Together, they all face the many challenges in school, such as homework, quizzes, bad grades, etc. At home, the gang still does their usual Shopping, Dinner, Movies, and Weekend in Milford routine with Allison, Aunt Sally, William, Michael, and Uncle Jerry. After a failed attempt to impress Chad with a music video, Willy realizes the error of his ways and makes things right with the guys, even having a truce with his long-time rival, Nathan Redheart. However, despite the truce, Robert and Chad continue to give Willy drama, making them the main antagonists of the entire series. While this was going on, Michael was working on a fandom based on his current life. Unfortunately, Janet managed to discover it and began to raging about it online. From threatening to call the police, to sending a hurtful Facebook message to Aunt Sally. Because of this, Tom and co. no longer consider Janet a friend, and begin to avoid her at all costs. Meanwhile, Brian had some internet issues as well. He has posted a racist tweet against black people, causing the town of Quohag to act like oversensitive pussies and treat the Griffins like outcasts, to the point where they have to kick Brian out of the house for "the safety of the family". This causes Stewie to become depressed, along with Rosie. Eventually Caillou decides to give Brian a phone call, telling him to come to his house because Stewie needs him. He has been hanging out at the Tollar residence ever since.

30th Anniversary Special[]

Ash and co. greet Dawn as she returns to Pallet Town to attend a Thanksgiving dinner planned by Ash's Mom. However, those plans change as Dawn finding a picture of Ash and Alex. The gang decides to go back to Franklin to see Alex. When they got to Franklin, Tom and the gang introduces themselves to Dawn. Meanwhile, Tom and co. are still following their usual school routine, as Caillou tries to keep Brian comfortable, since life is still going bad for him. After spending a whole week together, they end up going to Thanksgiving dinner with the Connellys.

Animas Extravaganza[]

After Thanksgiving, Ash and his friends decide to spend all of December in Franklin with the Connellys so they can go to Cape Cod during Winter Break. Then, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi first appear in this series chasing after The Larssons, who have stolen from the villiage. The Larssons open up a portal to escape, and Team Kakashi follows. They land on the roof of a house. Unfortunately, The Larssons escaped and Team Kakashi was arrested for "invading someone else's property". They end up becoming cellmates with Trent, Willy, and Team Rocket, who help them escape, but only for a price: They had to steal Ash's Pikachu. After bonding with Tom, Ash, and the others, Naruto and his group decide not to do Team Rocket's bidding and sends them blasting off. Later, Luffy and his crew were sailing through the ocean, when they were suddenly attacked by the marines. They captured Robin, Franky, and Brook, leaving Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji remaining. A big wave came and hit the group of six. Luffy, Usopp and Chopper find themselves in a snow-covered town known as South Park. After saving Kenny's life with Chopper's medical skills, Cartman decides to let the trio stay at his house temporarily. During their stay in South Park, the group of 3, along with Cartman and his friends, just simply relaxed in Cartman's room, watching YouTube or playing games, similar to what Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby do at home. Meanwhile, Nami, Zoro, and Sanji find themselves in Quohag, where they meet the Griffins, but they were kicked out of their house for mentioning Brian(who has been kicked out of their house a few weeks prior). The three then decide to help Stewie get Brian back by traveling throught time. After meeting Willy and helping Stewie get Brian back in the house, they all head to Milford and reunite. AT School, Tom and co. continue with their school work, but Willy has to deal with a new rival named Samuel, who is brainwashing Chad and Robert to go against him, starting more drama. Afterwards, The Anime Crew has been spending the holidays with the Connellys, going Christmas Shopping, watching movies, opening presents, spending time with family, going to an Aquarium, and going to Cape Cod for the weekend. Then, they beat Tord and his team in a full-on battle before parting ways. Before they left, however, each of the 3 heroes gave Alex an article of clothing: Ash gave Alex a red and white cap similar to his original one, Luffy gave Alex his old blue vest from Sabaody Archipelago, and Naruto gave Alex black Shinobi wristbands, which are very similar to the standard Shinobi headband that Naruto usually wears.

Post-Animas Extravaganza[]

After their Christmas Adventures with Anime Characters came to a close, Tom and co. went back to school to continue with their school work. Unfortunately, things aren't going too good for Willy, as he is dealing with torment from Robert, Chad, and Samuel, who are declaring a "drama war" against him, and accusing him of starting it. Meanwhile, the gang is spending a lot of time with Jerry's family: going to a memorial sevice for Uncle Bill, and going to Jerry's Uncle's 70th birthday party. Tom and the gang are recieving a ton of work in Geometry, always getting loads of homework and quizzes, and they are trying really hard to get good at it. Eventually, Willy has a truce with his drama-loving rivals, and Alex has a rough battle with the Sock-Headed bandit, as he kidnapped him in order to marry Lizzy. The battle destroyed his clothes, so he recieved new clothes from his parents. His new clothes consist of a black collared jacket, light gray sweatpants, and orange and blue sneakers.

Movie 4[]

When he was 10, Ben, along with Gwen, took out Eon using the Omnitrix and Magic. After being defeated, Grandpa Max sends Eon to the Null Void with a Null-Void projector. Before getting sent away, however, Eon states that he will return in 6 years. 6 Years Later, Ben, now 16 years old, was on a road-trip with Gwen, Kevin, and Grandpa Max. They were minding their own business, when suddenly, they ran into Eon, who had escaped from the Null Void. He tries to take the Omnitrix, but to no avail. But he manages to destroy the Null Void Projector before leaving. This forces Max to find some old fellow plumbers to help him take down Eon. During their trip, Kevin decides to take Gwen to a dog show for Valentine's Day, considering that she loves dogs. On the way, Max accidentally rear-ends someone else's car. The owner turns out to be Fredrick Jones, the host of the dog show with his dog Ellie(NOTE: The dog show part takes place around the same time as the Family Guy episode "Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)"). Once Frederick recognizes Ben Tennyson, he decides to let it slide. He also offers them free access to the dog show. While Max looks for one of the plumbers, Ben and his friends watch the dog show. After Brianwon, they were shocked to learn that the breeding was public. Then, Eon returns and turns everyone he touched into Senior-Citizen-like Zombies. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin manage to rescue Stewie and Brian and meet Max at the Rust Bucket. They then learn that Carter is one of the 2 plumbers the team is searching for. They spend the night at his mansion before heading to Massachusetts to find the second plumber, who is Caillou's grandfather Hadley, who was visiting at the time. Hadley sends a note to Tom and Caillou, telling them to meet at his house. Once they arrive, they head to Bellwood and spend a week there. During the week, they go to the movies, Ikea, the Stadium Theatre, a variety of restaurants, and Froyo World. Meanwhile, Ash is training with Pikachu, when suddenly, he is approached by a group of zombies. He is then rescued by Luffy and Naruto, who take him to Ben 10,000's time machine. They rescue Alex as well, along with Mordecai, Rigby, Dora, and Diego. They are then taken to the park that Mordecai and Rigby used to work at, and the duo is reunited with their old co-workers. They spend the week hanging out at the park while rescuing some friends along the way. Eventually, Ben and his team head to Eon's hideout and successfully defeat him after a rough battle. Afterwards, they all part ways.

Part 2[]

After their adventures with Ben Tennyson and his team, Tom and co. continue to work hard in school, playing "The Oregon Trail" in US History, and writing Long Comprehension Paragraphs in English, in an attempt to prepare for English MCAS. During this time, Caillou announces that he is leaving to go to Gravity falls at the end of the month, and that he will try to right all his wrongs in Franklin before his departure. They also have a lot of snow days, which are often ruined by William and his new habit of forcing the kids to shovel snow. It should also be noted that in this season, Tom has turned 16, and Aunt Sally has turned 45. Later on, Rigby begins to grow tired of the constant torment he recieves from Alex and Mordecai, so tired that he decides to end the fiendship and move out. Then, with help from Allison, Rigby gets revenge on the two by making them do whatever he wants for the day. Alex and Mordecai eventually apologize, and the three reconcile. Near the end of the season, Tom and co. start their Community Service project, and take their English MCAS test, before Caillou departs for his mission in Gravity Falls.

Rise of Bill Arc[]

2 Years after "Off to the Falls", Phineas and Ferb are building a lego project, when they get a call from Dipper and Mabel. They plan to meet up at the Mystery Shack the next day. The Reunion changes from happiness to rage when Caillou joins the party uninvited. Despite his attempts to apologize and warnings about Bill, Phineas, along with the others, are still mad at him and shut him out. Perry and Doof. are the only ones willing to forgive Caillou, so together, they catch the Larssons summoning Bill Cipher, and begin to fight with them. During the battle, Tord put Perry in a choke-hold, knocking him out, so Caillou and Doof had to take him back to the house. At the house, Caillou successfully managed to revive Perry using the CPR tactics he learned in Wellness, thus earning everyone's trust. Since then, Phineas and the gang begin to constantly hang out with Caillou and do many fun things together. That is, until the episode "Assembling a Body Switcharoo", where Bill finally tricks Caillou into shaking his hand by taking the form of Major Monogram, who around the same time, found out that Perry's cover was blown, and was about to erase the gang's memories and send him away. This causes Perry to become posessed by Bill Cipher, using him to start another Weirdmaggeddon, resulting in Phineas and the gang going into a deep depression. They eventually get over their depression and assemble their team to rescue Perry. First, Caillou and co. head to Dimmsdale to seek the help of Timmy Turner, who happens to be one of the 3 components needed to save Perry from the possession of Bill Cipher. Timmy reluctantly agrees, but before they can go anywhere, Jorgen teleports them to Fairy World to prepare for the Fairy World War against the Anti-Fairies and Pixies. After some difficult, conflict-filled training with Poof, Cosmo and Wanda are ready for battle. During the War, Tord and his team summon zombies in the arena, and infect most of the fairies, including Cosmo and Wanda, So Timmy has to go with Caillou and co. to find an antidote for zombieism. After saving Fairy World, Timmy joins Caillou and the gang's journey to assemble the heroes. They then go to Retroville to find Jimmy Neutron. However, they don't go straight to Retroville. Instead, they meet him at the Stadium Theater, where Jimmy is watching a play with his friends. After a weekend of making funny videos and celebrating Mother's Day, Jimmy receives a call from Jet Fusion, saying that Professor Calamitous and Beautiful Gorgeous have broken into the Coast Guard base, with plans to use their technological systems to make a giant wave big enough to flood the entire world. After Caillou and co. help Jimmy and his friends stop Calamitous, Jimmy joins their team. Lastly, they go to find Tommy in his hometown. They meet Tommy, along with his family, in Connecticuit. Tom and co. head there at the same time to visit Trina. They then meet up and explore the state. The Next Day, Tommy's friends join them and play online board games together, before participating in a week-long Karaoke session in an attempt to save the Java Lava, which is doomed to shutting down. Things get worse as Stewie and Brian end their friendship after an argument over what song they would sing together. While their friends are rehearsing for karaoke, Dil, Tommy, and Caillou work on a video to reunite Stewie and Brian. After refixing their friendship and saving the Java Lava, the whole team heads back to the Mystery Shack, and prepares for the final battle with Bill. After a series of vacations and fun activities, The team heads down to Gravity Falls to battle against Bill. They defeat him using their ticklification rays and sending him to the Null Void, saving Perry from possession. Meanwhile, Alex's bad cough forces Tom and co. to stay home from school, preventing them to prepare for their finals. Eventually, Alex heals and the gang does their finals while Caillou and Perry battle against Tord, who is tryng to kill them. Finally, Tom and co. conclude their Sophomore Year, and have a fun summer, and Caillou's Team parts ways as Tord is sent to a maximum security prison.


Season 28[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
500 1 The Learning Continues Tom and the gang return to Franklin High School and begin their Sophomore Year. 8/29/17
501 2 Physically Geometric Artists Tom and the gang attend 3 more of their brand new classes for the first time. 8/30/17
502 3 Team Icebreakers! The students spend their third day in school doing Icebreakers in groups. 8/31/17
503 4 Weekend at Gammy’s Tom and the gang spend the weekend at Gammy’s house, and they are joined by some old friends. 9/3/17
504 5 Simapalooza Tom and the gang spend the remainder of their long weekend playing Sims 4. 9/4/17
505 6 Assigned Speeches Tom and the gang have to give a speech about Clasroom Expectations in Ms. Ramsour’s Class. Later on, they get homework in English and Marine Science. 9/5/17
506 7 The Assembly Rules Tom and the gang go to an assembly where Mr. Peri explains the school rules. 9/6/17
507 8 Sounds Like Tragedy Tom and the gang have yet another fire drill. Meanwhile, they learn a shocking secret about Toy Story. 9/7/17
508 9 The Geometry Homework Problem When Tom and the gang unwillingly reboot an online Geometry assignment after a loading tab refuses to leave, they are forced to start over. 9/8/17
509 10 The Target Trip Tom and the gang go on an overdue trip to target to get some more stuff for school. 9/8/17
510 11 Books are Full of C.R.A.P Mr. Picillo’s class learns the acronym C.R.A.P and uses it to test the reliability of several books. 9/11/17
511 12 Homework Strikes Back The students start receiving homework again. 9/12/17
512 13 Another New South Park Episode Tom and the gang once again attempt to watch a new South Park Episode. 9/13/17
513 14 Picture Perfect The students have yet another picture day. 9/14/17
514 15 Planning a Review Tom and the gang review for their first Geometry test. Later, Ms. Rosborough explains the importance of planners. 9/15/17
515 16 The Connellys Night Out The Connellys return to Cracker Barrel and head down to Dairy Queen afterwards. 9/15/17
516 17 Our First Geometry Quiz Tom and the gang take their first geometry quiz. 9/18/17
517 18 Caillou’s Anime Cringe Caillou and co. attempt to watch some full episodes of Naruto, but the teachers decide to interfere by giving out lots of homework. 9/19/17
518 19 4 Sources are Advised Tom and the gang must find 3 more sources for their research project. Meanwhile, the students go to Advisory for the first time. 9/20/17
519 20 Kayoshi and the Big Brother Finale! Tom and the gang spend the longest time at Michael’s playing Roblox while Allison and Jerry watch the season finale of Big Brother. 9/20/17
520 21 The Challenging Road Tom and the gang receive a really difficult Geometry assignment. Later on, they go on another road trip to Michael’s house. 9/22/17
521 22 Social Interferences Willy’s social life gets in the way of Tom and the gang’s work. 9/25/17
522 23 Presenting a Ceramic Production! Tom and the gang finally present their Autobiographies. Later, they continue working on their clay boxes. 9/26/17
523 24 Roast in Revolution Mr. Picillo’s class rebels against some “unfair changes” to the school. Meanwhile, Willy finds a lot of good roasts on Pinterest. 9/27/17
524 25 Quizpocalypse 3: All Will Be Revealed During a road trip to Fenway Park, the mysterious stranger who helped Tom and the gang with their quizzes finally reveals his true identity. 9/29/17

Season 29[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
525 1 The New Killbride Ms. Jordan finally finds a replacement for Mrs. Killbride: Ms. Fulton. 10/2/17
526 2 Trial of the Soldiers Mr. Picillo’s class has a trial about the Boston Massacre. 10/3/17
527 3 Eraser Rescue The Utensils return again and try to search for their friend Ernie. 10/4/17
528 4 The Return of Brian Brian returns to Ms. Ramsour’s class. Meanwhile, Collin tries to blackmail Willy. 10/5/17
529 5 Band of Brainwashers Willy suspects that Ryan is turning Eddie against him. Meanwhile, Chris won't shut up about kicking Willy out of the “band”. 10/6/17
530 6 One Stray Movie Tom and the gang return to the movies and see The Stray. Meanwhile, Caillou, Stewie, and Brian attempt to watch a certain One Piece episode that introduces Chopper. 10/6/17
531 7 A Corny Adventure Tom and the gang venture through a Corn Maze. 10/7/17
532 8 The Rainchops of Columbus Day During a Rainy Columbus Day, Tom and the gang finish the One Piece Drum Island Arc. 10/9/17
533 9 The Fahrenheit Quiz Ms. Fitz’s class takes a quiz on the vocab words in Fahrenheit 451. 10/10/17
534 10 2 Newbies and a Rotation Tom and the gang get 2 new classmates in 2 different classes. Later, they learn about Rotation in Geometry. 10/11/17
535 11 Volcano Jeopardy Tom and the gang play a Jeopardy game about Volcanoes in Marine Science 10/12/17
536 12 Return to Maine Tom and the gang go on another trip to Maine, but this time, they bring Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby. 10/13/17
537 13 Bread Bakers Tom and the gang make some pumpkin bread while attempting to make a Sims 3 gaming video. 10/15/17
538 14 A Bust in Quizzes Tom and the gang attempt to finish 2 quizzes. Meanwhile, 3 students get Willy in trouble with Mr. Shultz. 10/16/17
539 15 Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips Ryan tells Willy to play a song for Chris, but things don't really go as planned. 10/17/17
540 16 Allison’s Cabarete Tom and the gang attend Allison’s Cabarete, which may turn out to be better than they expect. 10/18/17
541 17 Making Amends Willy tries to be nice to the guys in a last- ditch effort to earn their respect. 10/19/17
542 18 Quest to Finish the Transformation Booklet Tom and the gang must finish a Transformation Booklet for Geometry. 10/20/17
543 19 Jerry’s Birthday Part 1: Nona’s Door Troubles Tom and the gang go to Nona’s house to help her fix some doors. Meanwhile, Rigby gets victimized badly in the truck. 10/21/17
544 20 Jerry’s Birthday Part 2: Pizza Party at Last Tom and the gang finally go to Pepperoncinis for Uncle Jerry’s birthday. 10/22/17
545 21 Working with the Enemy Tom and the gang are forced to do projects with Willy's nemesis, Nick L. 10/23/17
546 22 The 3 Absent Teachers: The Sequel 3 Teachers are absent from school, which prevents Tom and the gang from performing certain tasks. 10/24/17
547 23 A Challenge Glazed with Fahrenheit. Ms. Fits assigns a really challenging assignment for the book Fahrenheit 451. Meanwhile, Ms. Edson’s class finally begin glazing their ceramic projects. 10/25/17
548 24 Alex and the Mystery of the Missing Shirt When Alex loses his favorite shirt, he interrogates everyone he sees. 10/26/17
549 25 Atmospheric Quiz In Marine Science, Tom and the gang have to study for a quiz on Atmosphere. 10/27/17
550 26 Holidays with Spongebob and Rigby: The Legend of Bookini Bottom (Part 1) Spongebob, Patrick, and Finn meet up with Tom and co. in Franklin and prepare for Halloween. Meanwhile, Michael experiences some problems with his computer and Fandom account. 10/28/17
551 27 Holidays with Spongebob and Rigby: The Legend of Bookini Bottom (Part 2) Tom and the gang go Trick-or-Treating with Allison and her friends. Also, the school assigns a couple of quizzes. Meanwhile, the Flying Dutchman is up to no good. 10/31/17

Season 30[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
552 1 Diabetic Dehydration Alex and Willy suspect themselves to have diabetes while feeling dehydrated even when drinking. 11/1/17
553 2 2 Cyberbullies and a Speech Aunt Sally and Freddy get Cyberbullied online, with one of the bullies being Jackie. Meanwhile, Mr. Picillo assigns a speech about Historical figures. 11/2/17
554 3 Back to Babysitting Tom and the gang go with Aunt Sally to babysit Kaylee and Joe. 11/3/17
555 4 A Day in the Life of Michael Connelly Michael and his friends spend the weekend working on a YouTube video. 11/4/17
556 5 The Drama Never Ends Despite the truce, Willy continues to deal with drama from his classmates. 11/6/17
557 6 Shultz, Y U No Help? Tom and the gang struggle with geometry homework when Mr. Shultz hesitates to help. 11/8/17
558 7 The Photo Problem Tom and the gang have trouble getting their school photos. 11/9/17
559 8 Double Movie Tom and co. go to the movies again and see 2 movies. 11/10/17
560 9 A New Horizon Tom and co. check out the new and improved library. Later, they try out a new restaurant: Taco Bell. 11/11/17
561 10 The Wit’s End Tom and the gang grow dreary of Ms. Jordan’s verbal abuse and the lack of Big Ideas homework. Meanwhile, Caillou learns that Brian was kicked out of the Griffin house. 11/13/17
562 11 Never Take Things for Granted Stewie continues to mourn the loss of his best friend, So Caillou goes to his friends for advice. Meanwhile, Nick discovers Willy’s fandom. 11/14/17
563 12 Advisory 2: Cards for Jacob Tom and the gang return to Advisory and make Christmas card for Jacob, a kid who is dying of cancer. 11/15/17
564 13 A Call for Chromebooks Tom and the gang once again forget their Chromebooks. Meanwhile Caillou tries to call Brian over to cheer up Stewie. 11/16/17
565 14 Wonder of Poppins Tom and co. go to the movies and see Wonder. Afterwards, they see a Mary Poppins play. 11/17/17
566 15 The School Daze 30th Anniversary Special! Tom and the gang celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. They are also joined by some old friends. 11/23/17

Season 31[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
567 1 Life During Post-Thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the Corner! After Thanksgiving Dinner, Tom and co. spend some time hanging out with their cousins before heading off to Jerry’s. 11/23/17
568 2 Enter Naruto Uzumaki, The Seventh Hokage! When Naruto and his friends are wrongfully thrown in jail, Team Rocket helps them escape, but they want something in return. 11/24/17
569 3 Straw Hats Separated! Trapped in the Darkest Parts of Television! During a Tsunami, the Straw Hat Pirates get separated. Nami, Zoro, and Sanji end up in Quahog, while Luffy, Usopp and Chopper find themselves in South Park. 11/25/17
570 4 The Start of a New Voyage! Farewell to Ms. Beaton. Stewie, Nami, Zoro, and Sanji begin their journey through time to get Brian back home. Meanwhile, with Mr. Lubin absent, Ms. Fitz and her class are given an opportunity to write thank-you cards for Ms. Beaton. 11/27/17
571 5 Mr. Lubin: Friend or Foe? Too Much Homework XVII Mr. Lubin bebins working in Ms. Fitz’s class. Meanwhile, Tom and co. receive a lot of homework for the 17th time. 11/28/17
572 6 The Larssons’ Time-Traveling Puzzle! We’ve Got a Lot of Work to Do! Stewie, Nami, Zoro, and Sanji finally get the time machine to go back in time, but the Larssons decide to intrude. Meanwhile, Tom and co. are on a mission to complete all their homework. 11/29/17
573 7 Ms. Fitz’s Triple Assignment! The Nagging Witch That Started It All! Tom and the gang receive a triple assignment from Ms. Fitz. Meanwhile, Stewie’s group search for the Metal of Trust while battling with an old enemy. 11/30/17
574 8 Luffy’s First Day In Public! Overdramatic Tablemates Put To The Test! Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper accompany Cartman and his friends on a trip to the movies. Meanwhile, on the day Ryan is supposed to receive his finger puppets, Willy decides to hand them over at a price: A Lunch Period Without Drama. 12/1/17
575 9 Return to Hingham! A Meowth and Pikachu Love Story! Tom and co. spend yet another weekend at Gammy’s House. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Meowth start to fall in love again. 12/2/17
576 10 Brian’s Back Home! Let’s Celebrate with a Scary Movie! Now that Stewie and Brian have returned, Caillou can now watch the Frankenstein movie. 12/4/17
577 11 Edson’s Ink Machine! Double Quiz Means Double Trouble! Tom and co. begin applying Ink to their projects. Meanwhile, they get a double quiz in Geometry. 12/5/17
578 12 Allison’s Sick Day! Willy Meets The Straw Hat Pirates! Allison stays home from school because of a stomach ache. Meanwhile, Willy visits South Park and meets the Straw Hat Pirates. 12/6/17
579 13 A Geometric Re-Take! Seamus Takes The Spotlight! Tom and the gang have to retake a Geometry quiz. Meanwhile, Seamus begins to brainwash Willy’s friends. 12/7/17
580 14 Straw Hats Reunited! The Start of a New Rivalry! Tom and co. must reunite the Straw Hat Pirates. Meanwhile, Seamus continues to brainwash the others, thus beginning a rivalry between him and Willy. 12/8/17
581 15 It’s Finally Snowing! A Winter Shopping Spree! Tom and co. visit several stores during snowy weather. 12/9/17
582 16 Party with the Cousins! Ping-Pong Epic Fails! Tom and co. go to Jerry’s cousin’s house to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Later, they start having fun with the Ping-Pong table. 12/10/17
583 17 Back to the Sick Life! Cooking is the Best Medicine! Tom and the gang stay home sick from school. Meanwhile, Brock tries to teach Chopper how to cook. 12/11/17
584 18 Second Sick Day In A Row! A Desperate Warning Email! Tom and the gang spend another day home from school. Meanwhile, Willy tries to Email his friends to avoid Seamus. 12/12/17
585 19 Returning To A 3rd Advisory! Everything Goes Downhill! Things go terribly wrong when Tom and co. return to school, as Seamus brainwashes Willy’s friends, and the gang get an F in Wellness. Meanwhile, The students go to an assembly during yet another Advisory period. 12/13/17
586 20 The Ever-Fruit’s Hidden Secrets! Wellness Grade In Need Of Improvement! A Bunch of Villains set their goals towards stealing the Ever-Fruit! Meanwhile, Tom and the gang do whatever they can to improve their Wellness grade. 12/14/17
587 21 A Day Without Declan! Brainwashing Is Over, Or Is It? Declan is absent from school because he is meeting the President. Meanwhile, the Brainwashing seems to be over, for now! 12/15/17
588 22 At The Dentist Again! Allison’s Secret Santa Party! Tom and co. attend yet another dentist appointment. Meanwhile, Allison throws a Secret Santa Party. 12/16/17
589 23 Loss of Spirit! When Technology F**ks You! Tom and the gang try to find a new game to play after Tom forgot to charge the chromebook. Meanwhile, Alex loses his Christmas Spirit. 12/18/17
590 24 Fahrenheit 451: The Live Performance! Stay Away From My Seat! The Sophomores watch a play about Fahrenheit 451. Later, Willy goes through a lot of drama for his stolen seat. 12/19/17
591 25 Shopping for Teachers! Alex gets Counseling! Tom and co. take Alex to school so they can talk to the school counselor about his problems. Later on, they go Christmas Shopping for their Teachers. 12/20/17
592 26 A Double Movie In School! Must Finish the Desalination Slideshow! Tom and the gang must finish their Desalination Plant Slideshow that is due today! Meanwhile, the school watches 2 different movies in 2 different subjects. 12/21/17
593 27 Quiz-Themed Final Showdown! A Film That No One Wants To See! Tom and the gang take the last 2 quizzes before break with the help of Billy. Later, they go to the movies and see Pitch Perfect 3, much to the gang’s dismay. 12/22/17
594 28 Town Covered In Ice! Getting Through Another Errand Spree! Tom and the gang must run a lot of errands while struggling to get through an Icy weather. 12/23/17
595 29 Christmas is Here! The Waiting Has Finally Paid Off! Tom and the gang celebrate Christmas and get tons of cool presents. 12/25/17
596 30 Life During Post-Christmas! Driven to Jumanji! After the holidays come to an end, Tom and co. decide to take another trip to the movies. They later drive around town while Allison finishes her Community Service hours. 12/26/17
597 31 Adventures in the Aquarium! A Meal Without our Friends! Tom and co. return to Boston and visit the Aquarium. They are later forced to go to dinner without their friends after William’s dumb decision to wait in the driveway for an hour. 12/27/17
598 32 Planning a Pirate Poaching! A Switch in Entertainment! Tom and the gang spend most of the afternoon using the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning to capture the Straw Hat Pirates. 12/28/17
599 33 The Beginning of our Cape Cod Adventures! Aunt Sally Stays Behind. Tom and the gang celebrate Christmas in Cape Cod with Gammy and the cousins, but without Aunt Sally. 12/29/17
600 34 Cape Cod’s Smallest Aquarium! I Crave a Good Meal! Tom and the gang visit another aquarium, which is a lot smaller than the one in Boston. Later, they have issues with their lunch schedule. 12/30/17
601 35 The Larssons’ Epic Vengeance! Goodbye Old Friends, Hello New Year! Tom and the gang conclude their adventures together with a final battle against Team Rocket and The Larssons! 12/31/17

Season 32[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
602 1 Forgotten Chromebooks 3: Returning to Disaster! Tom and the gang have some tough luck on their first day back at school. They forget their chromebooks again, and they receive tons of homework in Geometry. 1/2/18
603 2 Bullying the Bully When Willy gets bullied by most of his classmates, Caillou and Stewie decide to retaliate by bullying them online. 1/3/18
604 3 Intergalactic Snow Day Tom and co. spend the snow day watching the 4th season of Ben 10. 1/4/18
605 4 Peace Be With Bill Tom and the gang attend the memorial service for Uncle Bill, who passed away 3 years prior. 1/6/18
606 5 Some Grudges are Meant to be Broken Willy struggles to decide whether to report his classmates, or let it slide. 1/8/18
607 6 Truce and Forgiveness Tom and co. put an end to Seamus’s Reign of Terror by having a truce. Meanwhile, Willy finally receives apologies from Shea and Colin. 1/9/18
608 7 Twitter Heals All Wounds Tom and the gang finish their Twitter project in US History. Later, they learn about an anti-bullying Twitter user known as The Nice Bot. 1/10/18
609 8 Geometric Heights Tom and the gang try to finish their Geometry homework in Gym Class while watching a basketball game on the bleachers. 1/11/18
610 9 4 Angles and 3 Waves Tom and the gang take a quiz on waves in Marine Science. Later, In Geometry, they to an activity about angles. 1/12/18
611 10 The Same Boring Routine Part 1: Movie Night is UnBEARable! Tom and the gang return to the movies and watch Paddington 2, while Caillou grows bored of the Connelly’s weekly routine. 1/13/18
612 11 The Same Boring Routine Part 2: The Plaza Search Party Tom and co. search for Allison and her friends at a plaza after a little trip to Froyoworld. 1/14/18
613 12 Struggle and Despair Tom and the gang struggle with a History quiz. Later, another student starts crying on the bus, and Willy thinks it’s Asthma. 1/16/18
614 13 Anti-Snow Day of Disappointment When Franklin High School fails to have a snow day, Tom and co. show feelings of disappointment. Later, they learn that the two half-days are next week. 1/17/18
615 14 Another War Is Brewing Ryan and Seamus are planning another war against Tom and co. 1/18/18
616 15 The Final Disclaimer Tom and co. learn that they have to write a claim about a completely different story. Also, they begin their Art Final. 1/19/18
617 16 Party at Jerry’s Hometown Tom and the gang go to Uncle Jerry’s hometown to celebrate his Uncle’s 70th Birthday. 1/20/18
618 17 Project Quizless Tom and the gang choose to do a week-long Geometry project over a test. 1/22/18
619 18 Story of Alien-Latin Tom and co. have to write a Children’s book in History. Later, Jacob returns and tries to turn Nick against Willy with his new Alien language. 1/23/18
620 19 A Delayed Pick-Up Tom and co. pick up seashells at someone’s house while getting through some hard rain. Later, they have a 2-hour delay at school. 1/24/18
621 20 Half-Day Spree: Part 1 Tom and the gang spend their first half-day taking a quiz, reading, doing a cyberbullying activity, and filling out a tide packet. 1/25/18
622 21 Half-Day Spree: Part 2 Tom and the gang have another Half-Day. Meanwhile, Alex and Rigby escalate Ryan’s war by sending hurtful emails to him and Chris. 1/26/18
623 22 Double-Movie Roadtrip Tom and the gang go an a little road trip to 2 different movie theatres to see 2 different movies. 1/26/18
624 23 Old Faces, New Semester Tom and the gang begin Quarter 3 with their new classes: Wellness and Graphic Design, taught by teachers they had in the past. 1/29/18
625 24 Delay 5: A Failing Friendship Tom and co. have yet another delay at school. They then learn that they are failing US History. Meanwhile, Chris and Ryan continue to give Willy a hard time about the “war”. 1/30/18
626 25 VIP - Very Important Projects Tom and the gang have to finish two homework assignments that are due tomorrow. 1/31/18

Season 33[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
627 1 A Friendship No Longer In Jeopardy Willy makes things right with Ryan and Chris. Meanwhile, Ms. Curtis’s class plays Jeopardy. 2/1/18
628 2 Movie Night, Triple Threat! Tom and co. are dismissed early from school so they can see 3 movies. Later, Aunt Sally’s car gets towed by the police for not paying her car taxes. 2/2/18
629 3 The Doppelganger Wedding The Sock-Headed Bandit returns and kidnaps Alex so he get married with an old friend. 2/3/18
630 4 Half-Assed Homework During a Half Day, Mr. Picillo assigns a notes worksheet to his class, much to Trent’s displeasure. 2/5/18
631 5 The Anti-Bullying Oath Tom and co. work hard to finish their Cyberbullying project. Later, Tom pushes Alex to treat Rigby with respect. 2/6/18
632 6 Snow Can Split Your School Day Tom and the gang have another half day due to an upcoming snowstorm. 2/7/18
633 7 Claims and Robbery
Tom and the gang have to type 2 claims in 2 different classes. Meanwhile, Willy receives a pencil from Ryan, which is eventually stolen by someone at their lunch table. 2/8/18
634 8 The Forgetful Four Tom and the gang forget their Chromebooks for the 4th time. 2/9/18
635 9 The 7:30 to Regal Cinemas Tom and the gang return to the movies and see The 15:17 to Paris. 2/9/18
636 10 School Daze 4: Road to the Omniverse! Tom, Caillou, Stewie, and Brian join forces with Ben Tennyson and his team to stop Eon from taking over the world. Meanwhile, Ben 10,000 unites The Parkers and a few familiar faces to stop Eon as well. 2/24/18
637 11 Allison’s Ukulele Duet Tom and co watch Allison play a duet with a friend at a local Cafe. 2/25/18
638 12 The Oregon Trail In US History, Tom and the gang hear about a game called The Oregon Trail, and begin playing it every chance they get. Meanwhile, Mr. Picillo and Ms. Fitz assign projects that are due Wednesday. 2/26/18
639 13 Project Pressure Tom and the gang are stressed about the fact that the 2 projects they were assigned yesterday were due tomorrow, so they have to rush to get them done. 2/27/18
640 14 Ms. Curtis: The Assembler of Assignments The students go to another assembly involving the Florida School Shooting, But that doesn’t stop Ms. Curtis from giving her class a double homework assignment. 2/28/18

Season 34[]

No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
1 The Death of Big Ideas Tom and the gang have issues with opening Big Ideas Math. Meanwhile, Rigby begins having suicidal tendencies. 3/1/18
2 A Rainy Half-Day Tom and the gang have yet another Half-Day at school while dealing with really rainy weather. 3/2/18
3 6 Cousins and a Baby Tom and the gang return to Hingham and celebrate their birthdays. Meanwhile, Lukas struggles to get along with a baby who is also joining the party. 3/3/18
4 The Silent Earbuds Tom and the gang want to get a new set of earbuds after the old pair randomly stops working. 3/5/18
5 Snow Day or Bust! Tom and the gang are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. 3/6/18
6 Advisory 4: Storm's A Brewin’ Tom and co. are disappointed about not having the day off, but they are still hoping for one tomorrow. Meanwhile, they have another Advisory period. 3/7/18
7 Winter Labor Force Tom and co. manage to have a snow day, but William decides to ruin it by making them shovel the driveway, and Alex is less than pleased. Meanwhile, Caillou and his friends spend the snow day watching YouTube and playing Tomodachi Life. 3/8/18
8 Elements of Polygons Tom and the gang are assigned 2 homework assignments based on Polygons. Meanwhile, they have to take notes on the Elements of Art & Design. 3/9/18
9 Hurricane Showcase Tom and the gang see Hurricane Heist at the movie theatre. 3/9/18
10 The Meeting of Errands Tom and the gang meet Uncle Jerry and Michael at Lowes with Aunt Sally, and later, they go on a few errands. 3/10/18
11 One Day to Finish Tom and co.have to finish a Big Ideas Homework assignment by last period. 3/12/18
12 Birthday Blizzard Tom and co. get out of school again due to a blizzard. It also happens to be Aunt Sally’s birthday. 3/13/18
13 The Walkout Tom and the gang participate in the school’s walkout to protest about the Florida School Shooting. 3/14/18
14 Tom’s Sweet 16! Once again, It’s Tom’s Birthday, and the gang celebrate by having dinner at Friendly's. 3/15/18
15 Our First Long Comp. Tom and the gang begin writing their first long comprehension paragraph. 3/16/18
16 Surprise on St. Patrick’s Day It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and Uncle Jerry & Michael have something fun planned to celebrate it. 3/17/18
17 Meet the 8th Graders! A group of 8th Graders from Remington learn about High School from Ms. Ramsour’s class. 3/19/18
18 12 Days and a Lie Tom and the gang learn a new subject in Geometry using the classic game 2 Truths and a Lie. Later, Mr. Picillo shows his class a video about slavery. 3/20/18
19 You're No Better! After upsetting Rigby once more, Alex and Mordecai are given a good talking to by Tom. 3/21/18
20 Rigby’s Revenge After the events of the previous episode, Rigby decides to get a little payback by making Alex and Mordecai do insanely impossible stuff to test the compatibility of their friendship. 3/22/18
21 William’s Weekend of Terror Due to his mother’s recent stomach surgery, Uncle Jerry is unable to keep Tom and the gang for the weekend, so they are forced to spend it in Franklin, and unfortunately for them, William’s verbal abuse has gotten a LOT worse. 3/25/18
22 Are You Prepared? Tom and the gang prepare for their upcoming English MCAS test. 3/26/18
23 English MCAS Part 1: Return to the Retirement Home! Tom and the gang begin the first part of their English MCAS. Later, they get a head start on their Community Service. 3/27/18
24 English MCAS Part 2: The IEP Meeting! Tom and the gang do the first 2 sessions of their MCAS. Later, they attend their IEP Meeting. 3/28/18
25 English MCAS Part 3: Goodbye, Caillou! Tom and the gang finish their MCAS test as Caillou departs for Gravity Falls. 3/29/18

Season 35[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
666 1 An Apologetic Vengeance Caillou heads down to Gravity Falls to try and earn the trust of the people he hurt 2 years ago. Meanwhile, Tord summons Bill Cipher, and the two immediately hit it off. What are they up to? And will Caillou earn forgiveness? Tune in to find out! 3/30/18
667 2 Easter Kicks off the Month (Part 1) Tom and the gang return to Hingham to celebrate Easter with the cousins, and Caillou and his new friends join the party. 3/31/18
668 3 Easter Kicks off the Month (Part 2) Tom and the gang spend Easter eating with Uncle Jerry’s side of the family at a restaurant that Dipper and Mabel had gone to 3 years prior. 4/1/18
669 4 Monopoly of Education Alex begins going to school with Tom and co. Meanwhile, Caillou and his group play Monopoly on the Switch. 4/2/18
670 5 Cracked Screen of Death Alex accidentally destroys the chromebook, and Trent and Willy are pissed. Later, Tom and Alex continue their community service and walk to McDonald’s afterwards. 4/3/18
671 6 Doki Doki Quiz Crew Tom and co. are assigned a Take-Home Quiz in Geometry, and must finish it by Monday. Meanwhile, Caillou and his group play Doki Doki Literature Club. 4/4/18
672 7 Project Twilight Tom and the gang must finish their Geometry Take-Home Quiz and their Slavery Essay from US History by the end of the school day. Later, they watch an episode of The Twilight Zone in English Class 4/5/18
673 8 Half the Nightmare it was Thought to be. Tom and co. have another half day at school. Meanwhile, Caillou and his friends finally reach the disturbing part of Doki Doki Literature Club. 4/6/18
674 9 Larsson Meets Addams! Tom and co. go to Franklin High School to see the Addams Family play. Meanwhile, Tord and Bill tag along in an attempt to become “One with Perry”. 4/7/18
675 10 Grief and Infiltration The High School mourns the loss of a senior named Jack Sewell, who died in a fatal car accident. Meanwhile, Caillou and Perry help Stewie rescue Brian from a dog-slaughtering company. 4/9/18
676 11 The End of Community Service Tom and Alex finish their Community Service project at Magnolia Heights. 4/10/18
677 12 Grease Writing! Tom and the gang must finish 2 homework assignments by the end of the day. Later, they go to the movies to see Grease, and run into Caillou and co. 4/11/18
678 13 A Sweet Victory Tom and co. win a raffle in US History and earn a bunch of candy. 4/12/18
679 14 Oh, I Just Can’t Wait for Spring Break! Tom and the gang spend their last day of school with feelings of excitement for Spring Break. Meanwhile, Caillou and his group head to the Stadium Theatre to see The Lion King. 4/13/18
680 15 A Weekend in Quahog Caillou and his group spend the weekend in Quahog. Meanwhile, Tom and co. work on a new video. 4/14/18
681 16 Sim Story Caillou and his group teleport themselves in a Sims 3-like virtual reality in an attempt to have some fun. However, Andy, Bonnie, and their group of toys aren’t really open to the idea. Meanwhile, Tom and co. go on another shopping spree in really rainy weather. 4/16/18
17 Life Without Allison Tom and the gang decide to take a little trip to the mall since Allison is away on a trip to New Hampshire, but little to their knowledge, Caillou and his group are secretly following along. 4/18/18
683 18 Maine Trip 3: The Out-of-State Viewing Tom and co. go on yet another trip to Maine and see a couple of movies there. 4/22/18
684 19 Old-School Tablet Recovery Tom and the gang return to school after a long break. Meanwhile, Alex finally gets his old tablet working. 4/23/18
685 20 The Channel Claimer During Lunch Period, Tyler claims that he owns the Connelly’s YouTube channel, but this is of course, not true. 4/24/18
686 21 The Studies of Tablet Repair Tom and the gang must study for an upcoming History test. Later, they try to fix their current tablet so Alex can recover some images he downloaded long ago. 4/25/18
687 22 Skippy-Done-Didit! Tom and the gang prepare for today’s History test while learning the truth about SML’s Demonetization issue. 4/26/18
688 23 Let’s Go, Bet-Sox! Tom and the gang return to Fenway Park  and see another Red-Sox Game. Meanwhile, Soos and Perry have a bet on whether or not the Red-Sox would win the game. 4/27/18
689 24 2 House Tours, 1 Walker, and a Table Return Tom and co. go on a variety of errands: A couple of House tours on the water, A trip to Nona’s to set up her walker, and another trip to IKEA to return a table. 4/28/18
690 25 Assembling a Body Switcharoo! Tom and the gang attend an assembly about a young girl dealing with a mental illness. Meanwhile, Caillou and his group head to Quahog and help Stewie with his body-swap issue. 4/30/18

Season 36[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
691 1 The Mental Loners Caillou and Dipper must help Phineas, Ferb, and Mabel overcome their depression after Perry’s possession. Meanwhile, Tom’s school continues to support Mental Health by bringing in Psychiatric Service Dogs. 5/1/18
692 2 A Hair-Raising Battle Against Depression After Alex accidentally shuts down Willy’s favorite game, the two have a serious falling-out. Later, Tom and co. return to Cost Cutters to get their haircuts. Meanwhile, Caillou takes his group to a therapy session, hosted by an old friend. 5/2/18
693 3 Dark & Unfriendly Secrets Phineas and Ferb’ friends Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet, join the therapy session and reveal their darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Tom and co. spend English class in the auditorium, while in desperate need of a Chromebook charger. 5/3/18
694 4 More Than Half-Way Cured! Tom and co. have a half-day at school once again. Meanwhile, Caillou and his group take the final exam at their Therapy Session, and little do they know, a spy is joining them as well. 5/4/18
695 5 Enter Timmy Turner: The Average Kid Who No One Understands! Caillou and his group head to Dimmsdale to get Timmy Turner to help them rescue Perry. Meanwhile, Tom and co. celebrate Cinco de Mayo by eating at Acapulco's for lunch. 5/5/18
696 6 Nona’s Wishful Birthday Tom and co. head down to Westwood to celebrate Nona’s birthday with a pizza party. Meanwhile, Tord, Crocker, Olivia, and Vinny follow along in an attempt to steal Timmy’s fairy godparents. 5/6/18
697 7 Disputers in Training Caillou and co. are teleported to Fairy World by Jorgen Von Strangle so they can train for the upcoming “Fairy World War”, but Cosmo and Wanda are struggling with their teamwork skills. 5/7/18
698 8 Failure and Poof’s Motivation Caillou and co. are struggling to get Cosmo and Wanda to get along, so they get Poof to help. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang have problems of their own: they have bad grades in both Wellness and Geometry. 5/8/18
699 9 Magic Zombeh Attack Part 1: Quadruple Trouble in Geometry When the Fairly World War is in motion, Tord and his alliance decides to summon some Zombies, and infect all of the Fairies, Anti-Fairies, and Pixies. Now Caillou and his group must find a cure in Zombeh Nation. Meanwhile, Tom and co. must finish a quadruple homework assignment in an attempt to improve their Geometry grade. 5/9/18
700 10 Magic Zombeh Attack Part 2: Trust Thy Foes Caillou and co. finally arrive in Zombeh Nation, but they get separated and are forced to work with their enemies to find the antidote for zombieism. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang are still struggling in Geometry, as their teachers continue to fill them up with more work than they bargained for. 5/10/18
701 11 Enter Jimmy Neutron: Agony and the Brains Things for Tom and the gang go from bad to worse in just one day: Their Geometry grade changes to an F, and Alex once again suffers from a Charlie Horse. Meanwhile, Caillou and co. meet up with Jimmy Neutron at the Stadium Theatre, which is currently presenting Beauty and the Beast. 5/11/18
702 12 Lights, Crazy, Action! Caillou and his group help Jimmy and his friends re-enact some old videos they had made several years ago. Meanwhile, Tom and co. are forced to run a surprise errand spree against their wills. 5/12/18
703 13 The Dinner Moms Tom and the gang spend Mother’s Day by eating dinner at the Chateau with Aunt Sally, Gammy, and an adorable baby boy named Nicholas. Meanwhile, Jimmy and his mom take Caillou and co. to the same restaurant. 5/13/18
704 14 I’m Bringin’ Sexy Back (Stabbers) Eddie decides to betray Tom and the gang by refusing to sit with them in US History forever. Meanwhile, Caillou and co. immediately fall in love with Beautiful Gorgeous as Jet Fusion tries to explain her and Professor Calamitous’s plan to flood the entire world. 5/14/18
705 15 Fusion vs. The Storm Tom and co. continue to deal with the betrayal of Eddie, as he begins to torment them, along with Ryan and the others. Later, they deal with a big Thunderstorm, which was first thought to be a tornado. It gets so bad that Caillou and his group are forced to put their journey on hold for the night. 5/15/18
706 16 Attack on Coastal Waters Part 1: Confessions of a Drama Victim Tom and co. decide to report their recent torment from Eddie, Ryan, Chris, Tyler, Colin, and Cole to their counselor, Ms. Turenne, but they are forced to tell Mr. Williams as well. Meanwhile, Caillou and his team finally arrive at the Coast Guard base to stop Professor Calamitous. Will Caillou’s team successfully put an end to Calamitous’ plans, and will Tom and co. be able to tell Mr. Williams about the bullying without getting in trouble? 5/16/18
707 17 Attack on Coastal Waters Part 2: Battleships and Cold-Shoulders Caillou’s Team splits up and battles with Tord and his evil syndicate while on water in an attempt to stop their plan to flood the whole world. Meanwhile, Tom and co. try to ignore the people they reported yesterday. 5/17/18
708 18 Return to Fenway Tom and the gang return to Boston so they can see another Baseball game at Fenway Park. Meanwhile, Ms. Ramsour reveals that she will not be working at Franklin High next year. 5/18/18
709 19 Enter Tommy Pickles: The Connecticut Explorer Tom and the gang go to Trina’s home in Connecticut and take a look around in the town. Meanwhile, Caillou and co. head to that same state and meet up with Tommy Pickles and his family. 5/19/18
710 20 Board of the Arts Caillou and co. try to play some board games online, only to learn that board games are more fun in real life than in front of a screen. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang go to an Art Museum to see Allison’s project, but instead of seeing any art, they are faced with locked doors. 5/20/18
711 21 Splitting Up During a rehearsal session at Tommy’s House, Stewie and Brian fight over what song to sing and end their friendship. Meanwhile, Tom and co. finally move seats in History following Eddie’s betrayal last week. 5/21/18
712 22 8th Grade Scavenger Hunt Tom and co. skip Geometry so they can do a scavenger hunt activity with the 8th Graders. Meanwhile, in the Rugrats’ Hometown, Caillou, Tommy, and Dil are working on a video to unite Stewie and Brian, and their friends are continuing to rehearse for Karaoke Night. 5/22/18
713 23 Geometry MCAS Part 1: The Top Dog on Campus Tom and the gang take the first session of their Geometry MCAS test. Meanwhile, Brian & Vinny tell the story of how they became friends on the streets, & split up during their College Years. 5/23/18
714 24 Geometry MCAS Part 2: Brewie Forever! Tom and co. take the second and final session of their Geometry MCAS test. Meanwhile, Caillou’s Team concludes Karaoke Week with a touching, friendship-fixing music video. 5/24/18
715 25 The (Almost) Best Carnival of all Time! Tom and the gang go to a School Carnival, but are disappointed when they learn that it’s “different” from what they had hoped. Meanwhile, Mordecai is unable to join due to an injury caused by Rigby, and Stewie’s injuries from the last episode prevents him and Brian from joining as well. 5/25/18
716 26 A Trip Down Fatal Lane The Connellys are put in a state of struggle after Tom and co. tell the school about William’s verbal abuse. Later, The whole gang goes to Westwood and visits the graves of Pa and Uncle Bill. 5/26/18
717 27 Memories of a Platypus Bill Cipher decides to look through Perry’s mind, and watch some videos of his adventures in 2017. Meanwhile, Tom and co. make smoothies out of frozen fruit. Later, Alex learns about Bill’s plan during a nap & tries to warn everyone. 5/28/18

Season 37[]

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
718 1 I Claim to be Under-Pressure Tom and co. are struggling in school because they have to write 2 essays. Meanwhile, Alex continues to try and tell his peers about his vision. 5/29/18
719 2 Messenger Mysterion Willy sends his long-lost brother to Gravity Falls to warn Caillou of Bill’s Plan, as envisioned by Alex. Meanwhile, Tom and co. are still struggling with essays and house cleaning. 5/30/18
720 3 Rescue is Pointless Perry begins to lose all hope in being rescued, considering that the O.W.C.A might brainwash his family and send him away upon his rescue. Meanwhile, Tom and co. finish their History Essay, and learn more about Trigonometry. 5/31/18
721 4 Enter Agents B & I
Tom and co. begin their weekend without Jerry by going to Dunkin’ Donuts and watching the High School Graduation on a live-stream. Meanwhile, Benny and Isa return and warn them about Bill’s plan. 6/1/18
722 5 Overboard Origins Benny and Isa tell the story of how they met Perry and joined the O.W.C.A. Later, Tom and co. go to the Cinema Pub and see the movie “Overboard”. 6/2/18
723 6 Visiting From The Second Dimension Gammy visits Tom and co. and takes them to a fancy store. Meanwhile, Bill finds the 2nd Dimension counterparts of Phineas, Ferb, Perry, and Doofenshmirtz, and takes them hostage in Perry’s mind. 6/3/18
724 7 Not Charged for a Quiz Tom and co. take an open-note quiz with a partner in US History. Later, the gang has trouble finding a Chromebook charger in Academic Support. 6/4/18
725 8 Meet the Inspector! Tom and co., along with Allison, are called down to the main office to meet the Inspector. Meanwhile, Bill shows some signs of being gay for Perry. 6/5/18
726 9 The Graphic-Design Challenge Tom and co. learn that they have to finish a butt-load of projects in Graphic Design before the school year ends. Are they up for the challenge? 6/6/18
727 10 Community Service Presentations In Wellness, Tom and co. finally share their Community Service project that they’ve been working on since the beginning of April. 6/7/18
728 11 Olympic Migraine Alex suffers from a Migraine, a long-lasting headache, as well as the feeling of extreme tiredness. Meanwhile, Most of Tom’s friends miss school to participate in the Special Olympics. 6/8/18
729 12 Pain, Pain, Go Away! Alex continues to deal with his Migraine as he returns to Milford with Tom and co. Meanwhile, Caillou and his group head to the Land of Ooo in search of a cure for Stewie’s “Illuminati Tumor”. 6/9/18
730 13 Party of Coughs Tom and co. return to Vinny’s house for a party with Jerry's side of the family. Unfortunately, Alex’s sickness gets a whole lot worse, as he now has a bad cough. Meanwhile, Caillou’s Team goes to the same party in an attempt to cheer up a depressed Doofenshmirtz. 6/10/18
731 14 Presentation Fever Alex’s sickness reaches to a dangerous point that would force him out of school. He is later taken to the doctor's. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang presents their final Communications projects. 6/11/18
732 15 The Weirdness War Tom and co. return to school after a 3-day absence and take their finals. Meanwhile, Caillou’s Team heads down to Gravity Falls in order to defeat Bill Cipher and get Perry back. 6/19/18

Theme Song Lyrics[]

In the car I just can't wait

To pick you up on our very first date

Is it cool if I hold your hand?

Is it wrong if I think it's lame to dance?

Do you like my stupid hair?

Would you guess that I didn't know what to wear?

I'm just scared of what you think

You make me nervous so I really can't eat

Let's go

Don't wait

This night's almost over

Honest, let's make

This night last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

When you smile, I melt inside

I'm not worthy for a minute of your time

I really wish it was only me and you

I'm jealous of everybody in the room

Please don't look at me with those eyes

Please don't hint that you're capable of lies

I dread the thought of our very first kiss

A target that I'm probably gonna miss

Let's go

Don't wait

This night's almost over

Honest, let's make

This night last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Let's go

Don't wait

This night's almost over

Honest, let's make

This night last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Forever and ever

Let's make this last forever

Ending Theme Lyrics []

All the small things

True care truth brings

I'll take one lift

Your ride best trip

Always I know

You'll be at my show

Watching, waiting, commiserating

Say it ain't so, I will not go

Turn the lights off, carry me home

Na, na, na, na

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Late night, come home

Work sucks, I know

She left me roses by the stairs

Surprises let me know she cares

Say it ain't so, I will not go

Turn the lights off, carry me home

Na, na, na, na

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Say it ain't so, I will not go

Turn the lights off, carry me home

Keep your head still, I'll be your thrill

The night will go on, my little windmill

Say it ain't so, I will not go

Turn the lights off, carry me home

Keep your head still, I'll be your thrill

The night will go on

The night will go on

My little windmill


School Daze 10.PNG
School Daze 10.2.PNG