Eric Pines is a recurring character and former antagonist in the School Daze series. He is a classmate of Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou in US History. After betraying Willy, he becomes one of the main antagonists of the last 2 seasons of Forever Sophomores. He first appeared in The Learning Continues".

Personality Edit

Eric is a kind person. He would always help Tom and the gang with their classwork. He is the only one of the guys who are nice to Willy. However, Robert would often "brainwash" Eric into annoying him. He has also shown disapproval with Trent's habit of copying information from other websites for research projects. Later, he becomes a main antagonist in the Jet Fusion Tsunami Arc(along with Professor Calamitous and Beautiful Gorgeous), as he begins to betray Tom and co. by purposely ditching their group, and verbally abusing them. Not only that, but he also gains the personality of a heartless, egotistical douchebag. In Advanced Education, Eric apologizes for his rude behavior in the previous series, and he becomes good friends with Willy again. He has been appearing in almost every episode since his debut in the Season 28 episode "The Learning Continues".

Appearance Edit

Eric has fair skin, green eyes, and black hair. He also sports a pair of black-framed glasses. His outfits vary throughout the series, but he is mostly seen in one outfit, consisting of a light gray hooded jacket, a maroon short-sleeved undershirt, green cargo shorts, and black Nike sneakers. Sometimes, he would wear a black or red hoodie with a different color undershirt and blue jeans. His outfits are often seen in different colors or without a jacket. Starting with Season 37, his sneakers are gray.

In Advanced Education, he wears a light gray polo with khaki cargo shorts. In Season 2 of this series, he begins wearing a blue hoodie, an undershirt of varying colors, and dark blue track pants. In Late Season 2 and Season 3, he switches to a dark green hooded jacket with the same pants and sneakers. Starting with Season 4, he wears a black jacket over the hoodie. These outfits are often seen in different colors.

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