Doris Tollar, is Caillou's primary caregiver, she often tells Caillou she is too busy to do anything with him or Rosie. Nevertheless, Doris typically spends time with them in every episode of Caillou.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Doris is a very strict and stubborn person. Like Boris, she always grounds her son Caillou. However, after the events of The Christmas Chronicles series, she stopped doing this and began treating Caillou with love and care again. She manages the family's bills and finances, as mentioned in the episode Caillou's All Alone when Doris told Caillou that she was too busy counting bills to play with him. After the events of "Endless Summer", Doris had divorced her husband after learning that he's been cheating on her with Dora's Mom. Now she lives alone in the Tollar's old home in Fredford, though cum would often stay with her so he can attend school with Tom and the gang. Around Season 42, she mysteriously disappeared, and nobody knew where she was, up until the Dog-Daze series, where it was revealed that Doris was arrested for stealing money from the government due to her not getting all the money from the divorce. She later escapes prison to start a new life with Jazz. Eventually, she returns to her family and re-marries Boris.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Doris has tan skin, brown eyes, and mid-length brown hair with a blue hair accessory. Her clothing is usually seen in the colors red, yellow, and blue.

Caillou[edit | edit source]

In Caillou, she wore a long-sleeved red sweater with frilly yellow cuffs and collar, a blue headband, fashionable long blue pants and blue shoes with green soles and bows.

School Daze[edit | edit source]

In School Daze and several Caillou Gets Grounded videos, She wears a red jacket with a yellow scarf, a blue hairbow, blue jeans, and blue slippers.

In Virtual Paradise, Doris wears a beige sleeveless blouse with chest pockets, red capris, and blue sandals.

In the Dog-Daze of Summer series, Doris has a blue flower in hter hair instead of a headband, and now wears a red blazer over a white blouse, a yellow necklace, a blue skirt, and red high-heels.

In Senior Year, she switches back to her Seasons 18-41 attire.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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