Charles Crandall Norbert "Chuckie" Finster is a major character in Rugrats and All Grown Up!. He is the best friend of Tommy Pickles, as well as the step-brother of Kimi, and the son of Chas and Kira. He first appears in "Board of the Arts".


Chuckie has changed in many ways since he was a baby. On one hand, he is not as afraid of the world as he used to be and he is even willing to take risks from time to time! Now he likes girls and will do everything possible to get his attention, such as dressing as an exchange student or being kind to Angelica. Chuckie is still Tommy's best friend, and often goes to him for advice. Although Chuckie may not be the scared cat he used to be, his wild red hair and glasses have not changed much at all!


Forever Sophomores

When he first appeared in "Board of the Arts", Chuckie, along with the rest of the Rugrats, played some board games online with Caillou and his team. Throughout most of the "Karaoke Conflict Arc", he is mostly seen rehearsing with Brian, after him and Stewie ended their friendship. He sang the song "{song}" with {partner} during Karaoke Night, in order to save the Java Lava. By the end of the Arc, {name} begins to help Caillou's Team in their mission to rescue Perry.


{name} has fair skin, {color} eyes, and {color} hair. He/She wears several outfits throughout the 3 different programs she appeared in.


In Rugrats, {insert outfit here}.

Rugrats Go Wild!(delete if same)

In Rugrats Go Wild! {insert outfit here}.

All Growed Up

In All Growed Up, {insert outfit here}.

All Grown Up!

In All Grown Up, {name}'s outfits change often, but she is mostly seen in 3 different outfits.

  • From "Susie Sings the Blues"/"Coup DeVille" to "Bad Kimi", {insert outfit here}.
  • For the rest of Season 1, {insert outfit here}.
  • In Seasons 2-5, {insert outfit here}.

Forever Sophomores

In Forever Sophomores, {insert outfit here}.



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