Chase Carlson is a major antagonist who appears in the Advanced Education series. He is a classmate of Tom and the gang in My Money My Life who enjoys picking on Willy. He first appeared in "Make New Friends, But Keep the Old". He serves as the primary antagonist of Season 42, and a supporting antagonist in Seasons 38-41, the Advanced Education finale, and the Senior Year series.

Description Edit

Chase is a rude and disrespectful person. He is always trying to start drama with Willy. He would usually turn Shia and Tony against him by blaming him for something he didn't do, touch his stuff, spread rumors, and call him nicknames he doesn't like. He provokes mostly every argument Willy has with Shia or Tony, and always tries to make him look like the bad guy. Like Tony, Chase acts as an oversensitive SJW over his jokes, usually saying that they're "offensive" or "not nice". His frequent habits of antagonizing Willy and his friends makes him the main antagonist of Season 5 of Advanced Education. In Season 6, He was in their Directed Study, so Tom and co. attempt to avoid him at all costs, and even in the Senior Year series, where he isn't in any of Tom and co.'s classes, Chase still calls Willy "Marty".

Looks Edit

Chase is tall and slender with fair skin, black eyes, and greyish-dirty blonde hair. His usual attire consists of a gray hoodie(sometimes replaced by or underneath an unbuttoned, blue and green checkered flannel shirt), a gray short-sleeved undershirt(sometimes white, black, blue, red, or other colors), blue jeans(sometimes khakis or sweatpants), and white sneakers. In some episodes, his hoodie is a lighter gray. In warm weather, he would wear a simple t-shirt and shorts.

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