Chad Richardson is a recurring character who served as one of the main antagonists of the High School Years and Forever Sophomores series. He is a classmate of Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou. In Freshman Year, he was in their World History and English class. In Sophomore Year he's in their Geometry class. He is often seen hanging out with Robert. He appears in almost every episode.

Personality Edit

Chad is shown to be wimpy on occasion. For example, whenever Willy was to try to touch him, he would squirm. At the start of Season 18, he was often quiet, but when Willy started asking Chad to entertain him, he began to interact with others more. When Nathan stole Willy's popularity in the next season, Chad has been standing up for himself and arguing with Willy whenever he annoyed him. In the Forever Sophomores series, he kicked Willy out of a "band" and constantly reminded him about it. Despite the fact that Willy and Nathan had a truce in Season 30, Him, along with Robert continue to give Willy a series of drama and war for Willy and his friends, with Samuel's brainwashing episodes in Animas Extravaganza. They eventually made up, and things were good between them(despite Toby's constant habit of telling mind-manipulating lies), until Eric's betrayal in Season 36. It was at that point where he decided that he was done with those guys, and continued to give them the cold shoulder until he had another truce with them in Season 2 of Advanced Education. He's been appearing in almost every episode since Season 18.

Appearance Edit

Chad has fair skin, blue eyes, and mid-length black hair. His outfits vary throughout the series, but he wears 8 main outfits.

In the first part of Season 18, he wore a blue hoodie with an undershirt of varying colors and black shorts(sometimes different colors). In the second half of Season 18 through Season 20, he wears a darker blue hoodie, an undershirt of varying colors, and black sweatpants(sometimes different colors). Around Season 21, he begins wearing a red hoodie, a white undershirt(sometimes different colors), and gray cargo pants.

In the Forever Sophomores series, he wears a black hooded jacket, a light gray and white striped undershirt, and black sweatpants. He later switches to a light gray jacket, black undershirt, and blue-gray sweatpants. By the end of the series, he wears a blue short-sleeved Henley shirt with gray shorts. In "The Weirdness War", his shirt was red.

In Advanced Education, he wears a navy blue t-shirt with the same gray shorts. This outfit is often seen in different colors. In Season 2 of the series, He adds a gray hooded jacket to his outfit, which is replaced by a black one. Starting with "I'm So Alone", he begins wearing a dark gray hoodie with a yellow 21 Pilots logo on it, a gray undershirt, and the same shorts. In Season 3, Chad wears a dark gray t-shirt with a yellow 21 Pilots logo on the front and back, and his shorts are replaced by gray pants. In Seasons 4-7, he wears his gray jacket from the beginning of Season 2 with this outfit. In Season 7, his hair was cut short. Near the end of Advanced Education, he wears a red, blue, or gray t-shirt with his gray shorts and black sneakers.

On his feet, he wears 3 pairs of sneakers. The first pair was black, which he wore up until Season 22. From Season 22, up until the middle of Season 42, he wears white and gray sneakers with red accents. Starting with Late-Season 42, he wears a new pair of black sneakers with white soles and Under-Armour logos.

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