Andy Golan is one of the major antagonists of the High School Years series and a minor character in the Forever Sophomores, Advanced Education, and Senior Year series. He used to be one of Willy's friends until Nathan turned him against Willy. He now sees Willy as a nuisance. In the Forever Sophomores series though mid-Senior Year, he is not in any of Tom and the gang's classes. However, starting with Season 52, he's in their Robotics class. He appears in almost every episode. He served as the secondary antagonist of "The Lecture".

Personality Edit

Andy is shown to be very rude and cocky. He would often insult Willy or roast him without warning. In High School, Whenever he said hi to Andy, he would often ignore him or tell him to fuck off. In the 2-Part episode "The Lecture", after being ignored by Andy once again, Willy was told to kiss him by other students to get his attention, but Andy pushed him away and told him to Fuck Off, causing Willy to get angry and beat him up with his backpack. This did not go unpunished, as a witness told Mr. Wadsworth, who later put Willy and his friends in an In-School Suspension. In the next episode, Willy apologized to Andy for what he did, and he forgave him. However, this didn't stop him from trash-talking Willy. In the Forever Sophomores series, he is now nicer to Willy and says hi to him whenever he sees him.

Appearance Edit

Andy has fair skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. He often wears a blue, yellow, or gray hoodie over an undershirt of varying colors, khaki pants or shorts(sometimes gray sweatpants), and black sneakers. In Forever Sophomores, Advanced Education, and Senior Year, Andy's hair grows longer, and he now wears a dark blue t-shirt(sometimes black, gray, or other colors), khaki shorts(sometimes black), and a new pair of dark gray or black sneakers. He is also seen wearing hoodies and sweatpants. Starting with Season 44, his hair is once again cut short.

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