Advanced Education is the sixth series in the School Daze franchise. It features 10 seasons and 232 episodes of Tom, Trent, and Willy's adventures in their Junior Year, along with their new friends, Bonnie and Mason.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Bonnie Anderson

Mason Patzer

Alex Connelly



Allison Connelly

Michael Connelly

Aunt Sally

William P. Connelly (Main Antagonist)

Uncle Jerry

Terri Menton (Main Antagonist)

Andy Davis

Dora Marquez

Diego Marquez

Caillou Tollar

Rosie Tollar

Stewie Griffin

Brian Griffin


Mrs. Ruben


Ash Ketchum

Ash's Pikachu






Naruto Uzumaki

Sakura Haruno

Sasuke Uchiha

Kakashi Hatake

Monkey D. Luffy

Roranoa Zoro



Vinsmoke Sanji

Tony Tony Chopper

Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin

Max Tennyson

Toys Edit

Harold Riders

Woody (flashbacks; cameos)

Buzz Lightyear

Jessie (Toy Story)




Mr. Potato Head

Recurring Edit

Sid Phillips (Main Antagonist)

Daniel Lavrich

Rick Nabavi

David Callahan

Jacob Munsen

Janet Uganden

Bryce Racer

Mr. Shiro

Mr. Robatsu (Main Antagonist)

Mrs. Beruku

Mrs. Collins

Mrs. Fureku

Mrs. Gaishutsu

Ms. Hizamazuku

Tord Larsson (Main Antagonist)

Al McWhiggin (Main Antagonist)


Aunt Judi

Aunt Janine




Uncle Nate



Minor Edit




Nathan Redheart


Other Students

Plot Edit

Arc 1: Changes Edit

While Bonnie Anderson and Mason Patzer, along with their toys, go with Andy Davis to his mother's house to help her move a carpet, when, unbeknownst to them, Sid Phillips is stalking them, recording footage of the toys coming to life, and showing it to the Government, who later show up at their house to try and take the toys away so they can experiment on the toys and eventually destroy them, and Bonnie and Mason, who found out on a prior occasion, are devastated by this. Their parents, not wanting them to be unhappy, decide to take the kids and move to Fredford Massachusetts to avoid the government. Meanwhile, Tom goes on one last adventure with Dora, Diego, and Caillou before they move away. Once they left, Tom goes Back-to-School shopping with his family. At Staples, he met Bonnie and Mason, who were looking for Jessie after she snuck off. The Next Day, Tom, along with Bonnie and Mason, begin attending Robinson Middle School for their junior year, and get new teachers: Mr. Shiro, their Behavioral Science Teacher, Mr. Robatsu, their US History Teacher, Mrs. Beruku, their English teacher, and for Algebra II, they are reunited with their Geometry Teacher, Mrs. Collins. Unfortunately, None of Tom and co.'s friends (such as Daniel, David, or the others), are in their classes(though Rick is on their bus again), So Tom makes plans for them to hang out outside of school. The gang also experience some major changes in their lives. Most notably, weekends with Michael and Jerry have become more difficult. Due to a doctor's appointment in the summer, The Connellys are told that they needed to lose weight, and because of this, Jerry puts them on a very strict diet and no longer takes them to fast-food joints. Also, Jerry's girlfriend Terri moves in, and makes things difficult for the gang, preventing them from going to restaurants they like, making them work, and criticizing them every chance she gets.

Arc 2: Locked Up Edit

After an entire month of absence, Caillou returns to Fredford and begins attending school with Tom and co. again, as they are being overwhelmed with work. Mainly Mr. Robatsu, who gives out the most difficult and largest quantities of work out of all of their teachers, so they are gonna need extra help from him. Another major occurrence is that CoolMath was blocked, meaning that Willy can't play games anymore. Shortly after that, Dora and Diego come back and begin visiting the Connellys frequently. Then out of the blue, A couple of house inspectors come to inspect the Griffins House, when they discover Stewie's secret lair. Stewie is then arrested and sent to a Maximum Security Prison. Now it's up to Caillou and Brian to break him out., so they seek the help of various Nick Jr. characters to rescue Stewie, such as Little Bill, who is Caillou's long-time rival, Kai-Lan, and Ryder. While Tom and co. struggle with loads of schoolwork, Caillou and his group head down to the prison and break Stewie out. Coincidentally, Tord Larsson and his family was at that prison as well, and force Caillou to break them out too after holding Brian and Stewie at gunpoint. They all escape from the prison and celebrate Halloween, while Tord learns that his partners-in-crime Olivia and Vinny were bailed out prior to Advanced Education by Daisy, and sent to a reformatory school, much to his annoyance.

Arc 3: Broken LoveEdit

During the events of the previous season, Rosie showed signs of depression. She was upset over the divorce, the move, and one of her friends being thrown behind bars. Alex(along with Mordecai and Rigby) went to Caillou's house in Quahog to pick up his 3DS, when he finds Rosie crying in his bedroom. Alex provided her lots of comfort, and began spending some time together. They went to Peter Piper's Pizza and finished reading a book at the Library. They eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. However, they were both in love with Rigby, wanting their relationship to be a "three-way". Meanwhile, Tord finds Olivia and Vinny under the care of Dora and Diego, and completely reformed. Tord heads to their house to try and get them back, but to no avail. They don't want to be associated with the Larssons' evil ways anymore. Tord then leaves, and later finds Sid and Al, who become his new henchmen, and together, they work hard to capture the toys and get Olivia and Vinny back. At school, Tom and the gang continue to work hard in school, and spend time with their friends in family. They went to Pliomothe Plantation with Gammy, where Tord and his family try and fail again to get their former henchmen back. ANother thing to note is that the school doesn't have a pep-rally this year, due to the Student Body voting against it. Eventually, the gang gets together for Thanksgiving with the Connellys, with Tord once again attempting to get Olivia and Vinny back. They play a game of Chutes and Ladders to decide whether or not Olivia and Vinny should stay with the good guys, or return to the dark side. While coming up with teams, the gang overhears a heated argument between Aunt Sally, Uncle Nate, and Gammy over an incident that occurred last summer involving Sally not letting Nate into the beach. This eventually leads to Aunt Sally storming out of the house. Then, the group plays the game. The Larssons lose and also leave the house in anger. The gang then visits Michael and Jerry's side of the family celebrating Thanksgiving at a beach house before heading home.

Arc 4: Andy's Christmas Carol Edit

It' s Christmas time, and everyone is getting ready. Aunt Sally, however, is still upset over the argument she had with Nate on Thanksgiving, and her relationship with him and Gammy is strained, as she is not invited to the upcoming Christmas family vacation in Cape Cod. At School, Tom and co.'s teachers are giving them a lot of work, with Mr. Shiro assigning another research project, Mrs. Beruku giving the class a lot of Hamlet work, and Mr. Robatsu and Mrs. Collins committing their usual work-overloading acts. Now the gang must work hard to get it all done before Winter Break. Meanwhile, Andy lashes out on his mother during a dinner-outing due to her getting a new boyfriend. Andy was close with his father, according to Bonnie and Mason, who tell the rest of the gang about how Mr. Davis had polio and won Woody in a promotion. One Weekend, Spongebob, Patrick, and Finn visit Fredford and warn the gang that Plankton has formed an evil alliance with Ronny and Mr. Greenie to try and kill Michael and Uncle Jerry. Ronny then makes amends with Michael, betrays his alliance, and joins the gang. Later, Andy gets into a car accident, and is visited by Bonnie, Mason, the toys, his sister Molly, and his mother, whom he apologizes to for yelling at her. After getting out of the hospital, The Davises run into Future Patrick, who tells them to join him in a mission to stop Sid, Al, and Tord from changing the Toy Story Timelines. They visit the time period where Andy's dad passed away and gave his son Woody, as well as the Toy Story 1 and 2 timelines, all in an attempt to stop Tord's group from changing history. The Davises are then arrested by the Time Police, who are about to erase Mrs. Davis and Future Patrick from existence unless they prove themselves innocent. Andy and Molly then join forces with some of Caillou's old friends to fix the Toy Story 3 timeline before heading home. The gang then celebrates Christmas and spends the weekend in Cape Cod with Gammy, Nate, and the cousins.

Arc 5: Money Troubles Edit

It is getting close to the end of Quarter 2, and Tom and co. are excited. They are dying to get out of their My Money, My Life class, which they were dragged into by their parents. The two main reasons why they want to leave so badly is because it's too hard, and they have classmates that are being mean to them. Their names are Chase, Shia, and Tony. They always harass Willy by calling him names he doesn't like, and starting drama with them using methods such as blaming him for things he didn't do, and acting oversensitive about the littlest things he says. The ring-leader, Chase, is the one who instigates the drama, and would do anything to make their lives miserable. Their other classes aren't going so well, as they are still getting tons of work in them. It is even worse back home, as William is as aggressive as ever, and his screams of anger are now louder than ever before, making the family miserable. Eventually, he catches the flu and ends up staying in the hospital for some time. The gang then finishes their final exams as the Quarter ends. Now Quarter 3 has started, and now they have brand-new electives: Video Production II and Film Production. They are enjoying those classes much more then they did with their old electives.

Arc 6: Eddsworld Projectpalooza/Movie 5 Edit

Tord begins to show signs of depression after Olivia and Vinny rejected to re-join him. He then proceeds to stalk Tom and co. at Big Y when he runs into Edd Gould, who invites him to join him on a visit to London, where they meet up with Tom Ridgewell and Matt Hargreaves. They then head back to America and find Olivia and Vinny so they could invite them on a trip to Arizona. They accept. Coincidentally, Jerry, Michael, Terri, and Ronny are going on a full-week trip there as well, meaning that Tom and co. can't spend the weekend with them for a while. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang have a rough start with Quarter 3, as Mr. Shiro decides to assign the class and Animal Structure Project, which he expects them to do at home, followed by a Research Paper. Mr. Robatsu and Mrs. Beruku don't make things any easier, as they also assign the gang projects. Now Tom and co. must work really hard to get them done. Shortly after the projects are done, another advanture begins. It starts with Dylan being forced to spend a week with his father Brian to get his life back on track after he is caught vaping in school. Meanwhile, Morty gets grounded for playing a violent game, and runs away with Rick. They end up at the Nick Hotel, where they meet Caillou, Stewie, Brian, and Rosie. They are then encountered by the Galactic Federation, who tries to arrest them. As Caillou's group teleports back home, Rick and Morty end up in the Walking Dead dimension and meet Clementine and Kenny as they save the latter from certain death. They join The New Frontier before getting kicked out for stealing supplies to heal AJ and fix their Portal Gun. Afterwards, the group teams up with The Garcias, The Simpsons, and Lee Everett, who Rick revives using an anti-walker serum. Together, they work hard to fulfill their goal of rescuing their friends, and putting a stop to the newly-formed “Galactic Frontier”. Meanwhile, Tom and co. do all sorts of fun things, such as seeing another play, going out with Gammy, and of course, going to the movies. The film ends with the heroes unting to save their friends from the Galactic Frontier. After the break, Tom and the gang go back to school, as Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby go back to the park. The Park has been bought by the Country Club, so now the guys have to beat them in a Golf Tournament to get it back. After winning, The club proceeds to attack the parkers, when they are rescued by Ash, Luffy, Naruto, and Ben.

Arc 7: Homecoming Edit

The four heroes reunite with Alex and head home. Each of them has a story of how they first encountered the "Zombiens", the creatures that invaded their home worlds. Ben was hanging out at Mr. Smoothie with Gwen, Kevin, and Rook, waiting impatiently for their smoothies. To entertain themselves, Ben can either suggest they play I Spy, Truth or Dare, watch Gwen and Kevin make out, or say nothing. Suddenly, Grandpa Max calls and tells Ben that he found an unknown Alien Species, and tells Ben's group to go downtown to check it out. On the way, The group decides to split up. Ben and Gwen go to a restaurant together(Kevin and Rook are elsewhere), when they are approached by a group of Alien Zombies. Gwen distracts them while Ben runs inside to safety. He fights one of the aliens by turning into Four Arms or Diamondhead before transforming back. Suddenly, Max shows up and fights the alien himself, only to get bitten. Ben then sends him to safety. Max tells Ben that he should leave him because he is about to turn into an alien zombie, and that he should find Frederick Jones. Ben leaves in tears as Max transforms into an Alien Zombie. Ben is then approached by Frederick, who takes him under his care. Naruto is doing work in his office, when Konohamaru comes in and tells him that Boruto has been vandalizing the Hokage Rock by peeing on it. Boruto then comes into his office, and Naruto can either be calm or strict with him on the matter. If he was strict, Sakura will criticize Naruto for yelling at him, and so will Sasuke, telling him that he once peed on the Hokage Rock at Boruto's age. If he was calm, Sakura will praise him for it and wonder what's going on. Sakura and Sasuke then suggest a camping trip to cheer his son up. Later that night, Boruto will spend the night criticizing Naruto for not being there for the family, saying that Sasuke would be a better father than him. Naruto can respond by either telling him to live with Sasuke or slapping his son. Either way, Boruto will get upset and run away, and his group will scold him for his actions. Then, a heard of ALien Zombies show up, and while Sakura runs away in fear, with Hinata and Shikamaru running after her, Kakashi and Rock-Lee stay behind and figh off the creatures. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke set out to find Boruto. Sasuke then finds himself fighting off an alien while Naruto finds Boruto on his own. Naruto tells Boruto to run for his life, because the village is under attack. Boruto, thinking his father had banished him, yells at him and runs away. Naruto than beats an alien to death before being stopped by Frederick Jones, who comforts him and tells him to train with him. Luffy is taking a nap, only to be woken up by Nami, who tells him that they are approaching a pair of rivaling Islands named Dattco and Wyndham, who make those who pass them choose an Island to stay on temporarily, or be killed on sight. Nami then tells him to see what the crew thinks. Unfortunately, the crew is debating on which Island to stay on, mainly because some islands have activities related to their specialties. Zoro, Usopp, and Brook want to go to Dattco, while Sanji, Chopper, and Franky want to go to Wyndham. Robin is neutral, but doesn't like how the crew is fighting over the matter. They then decide to split up. Just as the crew is appraoching the islands, Luffy has to choose to go to either Dattco or Wyndham. Either way, half of the crew is upset with his decision, while the other half praises him. Just as most of the crew head to their respective islands, Luffy, Nami, and Robin are attacked by Alien Zombies. Nami and Robin escape while Luffy stays on board and fights them off. The islanders shoot the ship down, leaving Luffy to drown. He is then rescued by Frederick Jones, who takes Luffy under his care and trains him to fight the alien zombies. Ash is watching Gary once again attempting to beat Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, when he finds that Pikachu is missing. He greets Misty and Brock and helps Susan find Tylenol before finding him in Daisy's bedroom. Shortly After, Dan announces that they are going to the movies again, much to the group's dismay. At the theatre, Ash is told to get some popcorn, when he sees that the cashier is zombified. Unaware of this, Dan scolds the cashier for his terrible job performance, only to get bit and turn into an alien zombie, and eventually infect Susan. Ash then reunites with Gary, Misty, Daisy, and Brock, and they all figure out what's going on. Misty and Brock take a subway and escape. It is later revealed that Daisy was bit, and to make matters worse, Team Rocket captures Pikachu. Ash has a choice to either be there with Gary when Daisy turns, or go after Team Rocket. If he stays with Gary, the two say their goodbyes to Daisy before she turns. Ash then leaves to go after Team Rocket, only to learn that Pikachu saved himself, and is really mad at Ash for abandoning him. If he chooses to go after Team Rocket, Gary will be upset with Ash. Then, Ash will have to fight Jessie and James himself in order to find out where Meowth is hiding Pikachu. After finding and defeating Meowth, Ash is reunited with Pikachu. The two are then approached by Frederick Jones, who tells them to come with him to train. For the remainder of the month, Ash's group proceed to hang out with Tom and co., going to school and the movies with them, and spending weekends with Michael and Jerry, as Tom and co. work hard to finish their projects and join Unified Track, all while our heroes make plans to stop the Zombiens and find their friends. After an entire month of attending school and going on adventures with Tom and the gang, our heroes once again trian with Frederick Jones, and begin their search for not only their friends, but also the ingredients for Galactium, the antidote for the Zombien Virus.

Arc 8: Island Wars, Akatsuki Revival, Cipher's Law, and Post-Cipher's Law Edit

Our heroes arrive at Luffy's world, but Luffy's reckless control of the boat causes them to crash. The gang approaches the island they crashed into, only to find themselves surrounded by a group of female tribe-members. They take Luffy to the leaders, which happen to be Nami and Robin. They are surprised to see each other, and Luffy asks them to join him, but they are unable to, since the leaders are not allowed to leave the island, unless the requester performs a series of difficult tasks, and if he succeeds, Nami and Robin will leave, and if he fails, they will stay, and Luffy’s group will be executed. Luffy proceeds to do the given tasks, and he succeeds(with a little help from Nami and Robin), and the gang leaves with Nami and Robin. The episode ends with the gang teleporting back home and greeting Tom, as Nami and Robin are given a change of clothes. After that, they head down to the rivaling islands: Dattco and Wyndham. The group splits up: Nami, Naruto, Mordecai, and Rigby go to Dattco, while Robin, Alex, Ash, and Pikachu go to Wyndham. Depending on Luffy's decision, he will go to the island he had chosen, while Ben will go to the island he didn't choose. The crew is excited to see them, and the gang tries to convince them to come back, but to no avail, as they still hate each other. The heroes decide to teleport back home to rethink their entire plan, but the crew ends up teleporting with them, and continues to fight with each other. They accidentally break the teleportation buttons while fighting, and Benson’s group was accidentally left behind and were taken away by Dattco and Wyndham. With help from Stewie and Brian, their button is fixed, and the Straw Hat Pirates are friends again. Alex’s group then gets on a sailboat, and head towards the rivaling islands. Nami tells the group to split up and go to the islands they chose. Luffy(or Ben), Ash, Alex, Pikachu, Sanji, Chopper, and Robin try to break Benson and Eileen out of their prison cell while fighting off Team Rocket. Naruto, Ben(or Luffy), Zoro, and Usopp fight Captain Dattco while trying to rescue Skips, Muscle Man, Fives, Brook, and Franky, who are doomed to execution. Mordecai, Rigby, and Nami have to fight off Tord, Sid, and Al in order to get the Blood-Blood fruit seeds. After fighting off the enemies, getting the seeds, and saving the parkers, everyone heads home, while Franky and Brook leave with the parkers to protect the park from Zombiens. A week later, Alex’s group heads down to Naruto’s world and find Sakura, Shikamaru, Hinata, and the kids, who tell our heroes about the struggles they had to deal with the past month, mostly consisting of Sakura and Hinata being in a bad mental place. Naruto then explains the situation and comes up with a plan to save the others and get Itachi’s Chakra. The Next Day, they explore the forest where Naruto separated from his friends, when they are approached by a huge herd of zombiens. They begin to charge at Naruto and Rigby, when they are rescued by Kakashi and Rock Lee. The two are relieved to see Naruto again after the entire month he was absent. The two then reveal that they managed to see Boruto roaming the woods with Sasuke, implying that Sasuke had found him. The group decides to look for them while they are still around. Meanwhile, Sasuke and Boruto are outside training, when they are approached by Team Rocket, who plan to take Sasuke and use him for his plan. As Sasuke is restrained, Boruto tries to stop them, only to be brutally beaten by Sid and Al. Naruto’s group find Boruto and take him home to recover from his injuries, as Al is gruesomely devoured by zombiens. Sasuke was then forced to revive his brother Itachi. Itachi had successfully convinced him to help him reform the Akatsuki clan, betraying Naruto and his friends in the process. The group finds the second ingredient for Galactium. While this is all going on, Tom and the gang are given a lot of difficult work: Mr. Robatsu makes the work on a project on teh 1960's of their choice, Mrs. Beruku assigns an essay on disillusionment, and whether or not a cartian text should be in said unit, Mrs. Collins starts a new unit on exponents and square roots, which our heroes strongly struggle with. She also assigns a couple quizzes on it. And lastly, Mr. Shiro first makes them do a cricket lab aand a lab report, and shortly after, he announces to the class that they will have a test on Elephants, much to Trent's annoyance. Also, William still takes the family to the movies, but his verbal abuse is getting a million times worse, as he is now screaming in anger more often than ever before. It also gets to the point of making Chopper cry, and Tom and co. requesting Aunt Sally to get him help. Tom and the gang work really hard to get all of this done, hoping for a good grade, before school gets out for Spring Break. During Spring Break, Tom and the gang go on a trip to Maine, and there, they meet up with Perry and his group. As Caillou settles a feud between Perry and Doofenshmirtz, he meets Milo Murphy, whose dog Diogee was possessed by Bill Cipher. The entire gang spends the remainder of their vacation in Maine together, and later spend 3 days in Hingham with Gammy and the cousins. After defeating Bill Cipher, they all spent Easter together before parting ways. When Tom and co. got back to school, they were given a lot of work, while Perry and Frederick Jones try to fix Alex's old tablet so the heroees can contact Professor Oak, who had sent them a Skype message to them beforehand. After taking care of that, our heroes head to Ash's world, with plans of saving more of their friends and finding the next ingredient for Galactium.

Arc 9: Let's Go, Baldi, Race Against Time, & Revolution-Prep Edit

Alex’s group finds themselves in Pallet Town, where they are chased by a herd of Zombiens. As they are running, they find Professor Oak’s lab and immediately run inside. Gary and Dawn come to the door and greet the gang. Ash begins to talk to Gary about Daisy, but Gary tells him not to worry, stating that he forgives him. He then tells him how he rescued Dawn, and how she convinced him to forgive Ash. Professor Oak, Delia, and Tracey come in, and Frederick Jones explains the whole situation to them. They then make a plan to find Misty and Brock next. Ash gives Gary and Dawn the Bean Boozled game he bought from Maine, as they all head back to Franklin. The Next Day, Ash and co. head towards the area where the Indigo Plateau is. They search the area for a while before eventually being challenged to a Pokemon Battle by the GL Union. Due to the large amount of people in the group, the Union decides to only let two members participate in the battle, and a third person to be the referee. Ash and Dawn are chosen, and are forced to battle with none other than Misty and Brock, who had been challenged to a battle and joined beforehand. The group of four are surprised to see each other, but Misty and Brock act cold towards the gang due to the influence on the GL Frontier. They begin to battle each other. Ash and Dawn win. They then head home with Misty and Brock. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang are receiving a lot of difficult work from their teachers: the Vietnam Documentary for US History, and the Research Paper for Behavioral Science, followed by another big project from English: a College Essay, and work hard to finish those. They even had to do the Documentary at someone's house. Also, In Unified Track, they begin going to "Track Meets", where they compete in races, and our heroes try to balance it with their missions. They also attend a birthday party for Nona, and while there, Baldi invites the heroes to his "Birthday Party" and claims that he has the next Galactium ingredient. While Tom and co. were working their butts off in school, Alex's group head to Unova, where they find the school. As they enter, they are approached by Iris and CIlan, who warn them not to go in, for it is dangerous. But an approaching zombiens prompts them to rush inside. After searching for notebooks, solving math problems, and trying to avoid Baldi, they make their way to the second floor and find Baldi’s Groudon. The heroes battle with the Akatsuki, along with Baldi’s group. While this is going on, Rock Lee fights the Groudon himself, and once he is defeated, Rock Lee grabs a sample of Groudon’s Magma. They head back home and show Frederick Jones and Professor Oak what they had collected from Baldi’s School. Afterwards, the gang spends a lot of time together by going to the movies with William and spending weekends with Uncle Jerry and Michael, even celebrating Mother's Day at the Bubbling Brook. When it's time for them to go to Bellwood, Our heroes are unable to go, since they have a SUPER busy week with the Connellys: another Track Meet on Monday, when they get lost, and Gwen and Kevin arrive unexpectedly(Perry and Frederick Jones went to Bellwood for them, a Banquet on Tuesday, when Hinata got kidnapped by Eon, a College Tour on Wednesday, when Tom experienced some chest pain, YET ANOTHER Track Meet on Thursday,and on Friday, they were supposed to go to a "Carnival", but that got cancelled due to rain. However, Allison made up for it with her own personal carnival. They experience ANOTHER cancellation, which occurred with a Track Meet, which leads the gang to believe that the cancellations were connected to Eon somehow, and they were right. The heroes finally entered Ben’s World, where they meet up with Julie, Argit, and Cooper. They take them to Eon’s hideout, which is in space. The heroes find Eon and demand they bring back Hinata, but Eon instead sends them into the pasts of three characters(Rigby, Naruto, and Ben) in order to retrieve the crystals by getting rid of their demons. After fighting Rigby’s bullies, preventing the deaths of Naruto’s parents, and helping Ben overcome his clown-phobia in a Matrix-like style, our heroes take down Eon, get the Crystals, and saving Hinata. They then head back home back home, as Julie, Argit, and Cooper go to the park with Frederick Jones. The season ends with our heroes visiting the Park, and the FAA teachers assigning new projects for the year.

Arc 10: Revolution Countdown & Battle Edit

With their new projects, Tom and the gang have a lot of work on their hands. This season was a rocky start, as the gang went to the movies three times in a row, with William's anger at the max degree. Luckily, he will be busy for the next two Fridays, so our heroes will have a break from the movies. As Tom and the gang are working on their projects, our heroes are preparing for their upcoming battle. Later, the seniors graduate from High School and are never seen again, and after that, the whole gang goes on another trip to Maine, but this time, they go with Uncle Jerry and Michael, along with Terri. during the trip, they look at stores, eat at restaurants, get Ice Cream, and go to a water park, while meeting up with Perry and his group. Shortly after the trip ended, The Akatsuki captured the toys, sending Bonnie in a deep depression. Then, Frederick Jones finishes the Galactium and reveals that in order to spread it, they will dump it into the earth's core and shoot an interdimensional portal gun at so the Zombien virus will be cured throughout the multiverse. While Alex and the heroes prepare for battle, Tom and the gang continue to work on their finals in Behavioral Science, US History, and Algebra II. After that, everyone heads to the inner core to spread the antidote, when they are approached by the Akatsuki, Team Rocket, and the whole wave of Zombies. The group then proceeds to fight each other in order to save the world. They manage to successfully rescue the toys and put the galactium into the core, as the police show up and arrest everyone in the evil alliance, except for Sasuke and the Team Rocket trio, who had escaped. The Next Day, Tom and the gang go back to school and take their final, while Alex and the heroes tag along. They take their English final and head back home, and at that moment, Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket. The heroes try to fight them, but aren’t strong enough. Then, Sasuke shows up from out of the blue, and sends the trio blasting off with his Fire-Style jutsu, rescuing Pikachu in the process. The season ends with everyone staring blankly at Sasuke. Now Tom and the gang are done with their Junior Year of High School and will become Seniors next year.

Episodes Edit

Season 38 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
733 1 A New Beginning Bonnie, Mason, and the toys spend the last weekend of Summer at Andy's house. Meanwhile, Sid is plotting revenge on Andy's Toys for traumatizing him as a kid. 8/26/18
734 2 Make New Friends, But Keep The Old! To prevent Sid and the Government from destroying the toys, Bonnie and Mason move to Fredford Massachusetts and meet Tom Connelly, whose friends Caillou, Dora, and Diego have moved away around the same time. Later, the gang begins their Junior year of High School. 8/28/18
735 3 A Scoopful of Projects Tom and co. are forced to finish 3 Projects on the Second day of School. Meanwhile, Willy introduces Bonnie and Mason to the newest Gameria: Papa's Scooperia. 8/29/18
736 4 The Big Brother Binge Tom and co. begin their 4-day long weekend by going to Michael and Jerry's house, and watching a lot of Big Brother. 8/30/18
737 5 Judi and the Abandoned Basement Tom and co. once again visit Nona in Westwood to help fix up Judi's house in the basement, which was left to rot since the move. 9/1/18
738 6 Al's Heart-Attack Barn Sid goes on a search for Al so he can get some help with stealing the toys. Meanwhile, Alex shows some signs of potentially having a Heart-Attack. 9/3/18
739 7 Column Column Note Note! Tom and co. are assigned to do some 2-column notes in US History. Later, they read and analyze a children's book called "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!" in English II. 9/4/18
740 8 Assembled Power-Outage Tom and co. attend yet another assembly that explans all the school rules. Later, the power at the Connely's house randomly goes out. 9/5/18
741 9 The Homework Hitch Tom and co. forget to finish a homework assignment in English. Also, most of their soon-to-be due homework begins to go missing as well. 9/6/18
742 10 Toys to Fenway Tom and co. go to Fenway Park yet again to see the Red-Sox play, but this time, Bonnie and Mason tag along. Meanwhile, the toys have a bet, and want to go too, so they hitch a ride in Bonnie's backpack. 9/7/18
743 11 Greg and Jerry's Blue-Collar Adventure Tom and co. meet up with Uncle Jerry's friend Greg, and together, they head back to Nona's House and empty out Judi's House in the basement, mainly the drawers in the bedroom. 9/8/18
744 12 Happy-Time Proposals Tom and co. witness a former Big Brother cast member proposing to his love interest on Big Brother. Later, they once again go to the movies and see Happy-Time Murders. 9/10/18
745 13 Lots to Do Tom and co. are given so much work to do in class, and they have to work real hard to complete it. 9/11/18
746 14 Papers of Industry Tom and the gang are assigned 2 essays from English and History. One of them is due this Friday, and the other one is due next Tuesday. 9/12/18
747 15 Return of the Observation Assignment In Behavioral Science, Tom and the gang are assigned an Animal Behavior Observation project, similar to another project from way back in the 7th Grade. 9/13/18
748 16 Toys to Fenway 2: The Rematch Deja vu occurs as Tom and co. return to Fenway Park and watch ANOTHER Red-Sox game, and unfortunately, William is in his worst mood. Meanwhile, The toys see this as a perfect opportunity for a rematch. 9/14/18
749 17 Road to Fuddrucker's Tom and co. take a long drive to a different town to look at a new car for Trina, and eventually end up going to a Mall, and eating at Fuddrucker's for dinner. 9/16/18
750 18 Too Much Homework XVIII Tom and co. must finish an English Homework assignment that was assigned last Friday, but Unfortunately, They receive even more homework from 2 other classes, and have to get THAT done as well. 9/17/18
751 19 The FAA "Field Trip" Tom and co go on an in-school "Field Trip" to the auditorium for an FAA meeting. There, they go over the rules and expectations for the program. 9/18/18
752 20 Con Todos Mis Amigos! Tom and the gang plan to go to the movies with Daniel and David during their day off while recurring a time they went on a big adventure together in the 8th Grade. 9/19/18
753 21 How to Present a Quiz Tom and co. take a quiz in Algebra II. Later, they watch a video on how do do a presentation In My Money, My Life, and present a project in English II. 9/20/18
754 22 The Concert Chronicles Tom and the gang get a visit from Gammy during the weekend. Meanwhile, Dora and her friends are going to a concert, and Caillou, along with Diego, Alicia, Stewie, and Brian must retrieve a stolen bracelet for Dora. 9/22/18

Season 39 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
755 1 Let's Read The Great Gatsby Tom and the gang begin to read The Great Gatsby in English class. 9/24/18
756 2 Truce with the Drama Team Willy decides to patch things up with Robert, Chad, and Toby, but continues to give Eric the silent treatment. 9/25/18
757 3 Guess Who's Back! Caillou returns to Fredford to help Tom and co. finish a lot of schoolwork. 9/26/18
758 4 Lockdown Jury Tom and co. continue to work on their butt-load of assignments, when they go through another Lockdown Drill. Later, they all gather together to watch the Big Brother finale. 9/27/18
759 5 Re-Enter Dora and Diego; Coolmath Exits. While Tom and co. are still working on their large quantities of work, something tragic happens: Coomath has been blocked! Later, Dora and Diego return to Fredford, and the whole gang plans to spend the weekend together. 9/28/18
760 6 The Main 8 Reunion Tom and co. spend the weekend with Michael, and Dora, Diego, Caillou, and all their friends tag along. 9/29/18
761 7 Gatsby on a Deadline Tom and co. spend all night watching The Great Gatsby movie, but not before dealing with technical difficulties. Later, they rush to get a formal paragraph done before English class starts. 10/1/18
762 8 Kermitted to Shopping Tom and co. discover a new plushie channel. Later, they try to finish another formal paragraph and go on a small trip to Target. 10/2/18
763 9 The First Behavioral Science Test Tom and the gang have to take a test in Behavioral Science, so they decide to study hard in Academic Support. Their grades are already good, so will they pass the test, or will they get their first F in Junior Year? 10/3/18
764 10 It Just Never Ends! Tom and co., despite finishing their current work, have to deal with even more school-work: Their History Museum Project, their Research Project, and their upcoming 4th Formal Paragraph. Meanwhile, Rigby reveals that his parents might force him to move out of Fredford due to fear that he's living in an "unhealthy environment". 10/4/18
765 11 The Exhibit Problem Tom and co. are given even more stress after learning that they have to make 6 news articles for their History Museum Project. 10/5/18
766 12 Vlogger 2: The Heat of the Moment Tom and the gang go on an errand spree, as well as a long road trip to Providence to see a Fire Show. Meanwhile, Alex continues to film everywhere he goes. 10/6/18
767 13 Journey Through the Witches Woods Tom and the gang go to a haunted theme park and go through the scariest attractions, while Alex secretly films it all. 10/7/18
768 14 Small Foot Inspection Tom and the gang go to the movies and see "Small Foot". Meanwhile, a couple of suspicious-looking health inspectors come to inspect the Griffin House. 10/8/18
769 15 What's Eating Caillou? When Tom and co. return to school after a long weekend, Caillou comes back with feelings of regret and devastation, caused by the events of the previous episode. 10/9/18
770 16 Just a Meet & Greet Tom and the gang attend the annual FAA Meet & Greet. Meanwhile, Caillou and Brian end up going to Little Bill's place just in time for Baby Suzy's birth. 10/9/18
771 17 I'm So Alone! Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby are told to go to Caillou's house to pick up his 3DS, only to find Rosie crying over the events of "Small Foot Inspection". Meanwhile, Tom and co.'s teacher's still won't give their students a break. 10/10/18
772 18 Ni Hao to the Paw Patrol Caillou, Little Bill, and Brian meet up with Kai-Lan and Rider to get them to help with their mission. Meanwhile, Tom and co. begin calculating Daniel's classes, and Later go to a school meeting. On the way, they reunite with an old friend. 10/11/18
773 19 Where's Rigby? Tom and co. begin their research project on Raccoons for Behavioral Science. Later, they all go to the movie theater, and Rigby gets lost there. 10/12/18
774 20 Tom and Friends vs. the SAT's Tom and the gang must take the SAT's test on Saturday, and Trent isn't too happy about it. 10/13/18
775 21 The Black Box of Newsies Tom and co. go to The Black Box, which is a theater in their tow. There, they see The Newsies. 10/14/18
775 22 Imperialism Slides In History, Mr. Robatsu makes his students put their notes into a slideshow. 10/15/18
777 23 Picture Day Cancellation Tom and co. are prepared for Picture Day. However, since they drop History, they are unable to have their pictures taken. 10/16/18
778 24 Maths & Determination Tom and the gang learn of an upcoming History test, and are determined to finish the study guide, but things get out of hand with the Algebra Homework, and the Research Project. 10/17/18
779 25 From Not-So-Humble Beginnings Little Bill tells the story of how his rivalry with Caillou started. Later, Tom and co. begin to work harder on their History Study Guide. 10/18/18
780 26 Unprepared Test-Takers Tom and co. take another Behavioral Science Test, but they struggle with it a lot, for Willy would rather do something else than study. 10/19/18
781 27 Put a Ring on It Tom and the gang attend the Ring Ceremony of Uncle Jerry and Terri, and their entire families join as well. 10/21/18
782 28 Return of the Coughing Virus Tom and the gang get sick from Caillou's bad cough, and are forced to stay home from school. 10/22/18
783 29 Sugar Rush Tom and the gang learn that their Research Paper is due tomorrow, and must get it done immediately. Later, Aunt Sally has another low-blood-sugar episode that might cost the poor woman her job. 10/23/18
784 30 Advisory Pictures Tom and the gang go to their first Advisory period and have their school pictures taken on the same day. 10/24/18
785 31 All Halfed Out Part 1: Retest Costumes Tom and the gang get through another half day while struggling to decide on Halloween Costumes, and learning that they must retake an exam. 10/25/18
786 32 All Halfed Out Part 2: Road to the 21 Pilots Tom and the gang have another half day of school. Later, they all go to a 21 Pilots concert. 10/26/18
787 33 Return to the Lavrich Residence. Tom and the gang spend Sunday afternoon at the Lavrich residence with Daniel and David. 10/28/18
788 34 Robatsu's Challenge Tom and the gang must take a really long, really difficult History test. Will they pass, or will they get a bad grade that costs them their Membership with the FAA? 10/29/18
789 35 Infiltrating the Complex Caillou and his team finally head down to the Maximum Security Prison to break Stewie out, and are forced to rescue Tord as well. 10/30/18
790 36 Terror Tales of Fredford Tom and the gang decide to spend Halloween telling scary stories, just like Mordecai and Rigby did during their time at the park. 10/31/18

Season 40 Edit

No. Overall No. In Season Title Plot Airdate
791 1 Retesting our Love Tom and the gang "retest" in My Money, My Life. Meanwile, Alex and Rosie go on their first date at Peter Piper's Pizza. 11/1/18
792 2 Time to Move On, Tord Tord, after learning that Olivia and Vinny had been sent to a reformatory school, where they wee brainwashed into being well-behaved, tries to get them to re-join the Larsson Family, but to no avail. 11/2/18
793 3 Allied Forgiveness During Tom and co.'s weekend with Uncle Jerry, Olivia and Vinny attempt to make amends with Stewie & Brian. Meanwhile, Tord teams up with Sid to try & destroy the toys. 11/3/18
794 4 Stewie, Brian, and Many Others React to "The Scoots" Tom and the gang watch and react to the new South Park episode on video. 11/4/18
795 5 The Junk House William decides to once again try to clean the house by making big piles of trash in not only the living room, but also the upstairs hallway and bathroom. Now the gang has to clean it all up, and they are less than thrilled about it. 11/5/18
796 6 A Day Off With Downpour Tom and the gang have a day off from school, and spend it with their usual movie routine. Later, they try to get home while dealing with bad weather and traffic, as well as making a couple quick stops. 11/6/18
797 7 We Got In! Tom and the gang finally sign up for Best Buddies, and are supposed to start next Thursday. 11/7/18
798 8 Quest for a Christmas Photo Tom and co. are assigned a lot of projects at school. Later, they try to take Christmas photos before it gets dark. 11/8/18
799 9 How the School-Shooters Stole Christmas After Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny were arrested due to the events of "Time to Get Cereal", Willy decides to let them join him, along with Tom and co. to yet another trip to the movies. 11/9/18
800 10 The Connelly's Plimoth Plantation Adventure! Tom and the gang spend another weekend with Gammy and head to Plimoth Plantation. Meanwhile, the Larssons follow along in another attempt to get Olivia and Vinny back. 11/12/18
801 11 Sites & Literature Tom and the gang so schoolwork on a couple new websites. Meanwhile, Alex and Rosie go to the library and try to finish a book. 11/13/18
802 12 All Work and No Play Tom and the gang are assigned some difficult work based on the websites they visited yesterday, such as a homework redo, and a 250-Word Essay. 11/14/18
803 13 Welcome to Best Buddies! Tom and the gang attend the Best Buddies club for the first time, and make some new friends. 11/15/18
804 14 David's Birthday Part 1: A Delay in Medicare Tom and the gang have their first school delay in Junior Year. Later, Alex and Rosie are taken to the doctor's to treat their coughs. 11/16/18
805 15 David's Birthday Part 2: Dare to Lose a Friend During a game of Truth or Dare, Hamm and Rex end their friendship with Slinky after he accidentally caused them to lose the game, and he wants to earn their forgiveness. Meanwhile, Tom and co. visit Nona's yet again. 11/17/18
806 16 David's Birthday Part 3: The Party of Risks Tom and the gang attend David's birthday, and play a board game called "Risk". Meanwhile, Sid attends the party as well disguised as Daniel, since the real Daniel can't make it, while Tord tries to steal the toys on his own. 11/18/18
807 17 The Larssons' Thanksgiving Crisis Special After the Larssons kidnap the toys at David's birthday party, Tom and the gang must set out to rescue them before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Aunt Sally struggles to get along with her side of the family. 11/19/18

Season 41 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
808 1 Simful Errands During their weekend with Uncle Jerry, Tom and co. play a lot of Sims 3 while running a buttload of errands. 11/25/18
809 2 KKK Research Mystery Tom and the gang forget what KKK event Mr. Roberts told them to research for their second podcast, and to make matters worse, they have no way of reaching out to him. Will they figure it out? 11/26/18
810 3 Morality Madness Tom and the gang ask their Algebra teacher about their forgotten assignment. Later, they begin a unit in English involving Morality. 11/27/18
811 4 Many Unhappy Returns Tom and the gang are assigned another research paper. They later do another box-related activity in Algebra II, but they don't make boxes. 11/28/18
812 5 To Andy Davis Sr, My Favorite Deputy! After Andy lashes out on his family during dinner, Bonnie and Mason tell Tom and co. the story of how his father received Woody in a promotion. 11/29/18
813 6 Worsening Conditions Bonnie and Mason continue telling Tom and co. the incredible tale of Andy Sr. More Specifically, they tell them about his polio condition. Later, they all go out to eat at Cracker Barrel. 11/30/18
814 7 Ronny's Not A Fan Tom and the gang visit Nona's yet again to install a new fan in the kitchen, and a new monitor for her computer. Meanwhile, they are joined by Spongebob, Finn, and Patrick, who go there to retrieve the Secret Formula, which was stolen by Plankton, as well as some old friends. 12/1/18
815 8 Too Much Homework XIX Tom and co. once again get a lot of homework in all of their classes. They have to take notes in History, finish an Algebra problem, and write another Morality paper in English. They must get it done as soon as possible. 12/3/18
816 9 The Deadline is Near Tom and co. have projects in both History and My Money, My Life, which are due very soon, and must finish them ASAP. 12/4/18
817 10 Broken Promises Tom and the gang want to finish their Pamphlet in US History during the promised extra work-time today, but Mr. Robatsu has other plans. 12/5/18
818 11 Back to the 90's Andy, Molly, and Mrs. Davis meet Future Patrick Star and travel back in time to Andy's Past to stop Tord from altering the timeline. On the way, they see the late Mr. Davis. Meanwhile, during her absence, Mrs. Beruku decides to give her class 3 paragraphs to write. All of which are due Monday. 12/6/18
819 12 Tater's Gonna Hate Mrs. Potato Head returns to the Anderson/Patzer Household for a visit, and her ex-husband is less than pleased. Later, Tom and co. go to William's nephew's house for his 30th Birthday. 12/7/18
820 13 Hair-Raising Festivities Tom and the gang go to Judi's hair salon to get Uncle Jerry a haircut. Later, they stop at the homes of Janine and Nona, and decorate their Christmas Tree. 12/8/18
821 14 You're a Mean One, Mr. Prime Tom and co. go to the movies with Daniel and David to see "The Grinch" again. Meanwhile, they install a new app called Amazon Prime. 12/9/18
822 15 The Picture Essay Tom and the gang have to take a test on Predators in Behavioral Science. Later, they are assigned a "Photo Essay" in US History. 12/10/18
823 16 Not Again! Despite the class just finishing a test and research paper, Mr. Shiro assigns his class ANOTHER test, with an ESSAY in it. 12/11/18
824 17 Advisory 6: Caillou and the Strep Throat Tom and the gang go to their Advisory Period for the second time in Junior Year. Meanwhile, Caillou begins showing some Strep Throat symptoms. 12/12/18
825 18 Tord Wins! Tord and his team have successfully messed up the timeline for Toy Story 1, which results in him becoming an evil dictator in the future. Now it's up to Andy and Molly to set things right. 12/13/18
826 19 Doc Everlasting Tom and the gang, after being sick from school for 2 days, are taken to the doctor's to get checked out. However, the appointment ends up taking a lot longer than they expected. 12/14/18
827 20 The Warmest Day of Winter During another weekend with Michael and Jerry, the group experiences some warm temperature outside today. Meanwhile, the gang has to take a lot of medicine. 12/15/18
828 21 Gotta Catch Up! Tom and the gang have a lot of work to catch up on after their 2-day absence from school. 12/17/18
829 22 A Tough Decision Tom and the gang learn that their tests for both Behavioral Science and Us History are tomorrow. However, Mr. Robatsu gives them the option to take his test on Friday. What will their decision be: to take it tomorrow, or on Friday? 12/18/18
830 23 It's Al in the Past (Part 1): Behavioral Studying Session Tom and the gang study hard and take their Behavioral Science Test, as well as deciding to take their History test on Friday. Meanwhile, Andy's group travels back in time to the Toy Story 2 timeline, while Sid and Tord accidentally kill Al's past self. 12/19/18
831 24 It's Al in the Past (Part 2): Must Finish the Study Guide Tom and the gang have to finish their Study Guide for the US History test they have tomorrow as soon as possible. Meanwhile, while Andy's group tries to prevent past Al's death, Future Patrick takes his from so nobody will suspect a thing. 12/20/18
832 25 Andy's Coming Home for Christmas! Tom and the gang celebrate Christmas by going to various holiday parties. Meanwhile, Andy's group is framed for messing up the timelines that Tord's group did. With help from old friends of Caillou, Andy and Molly must prove their innocent before the time police erase their timelines. 12/25/18
833 26 The Beach Incident Tom tells Bonnie and Mason about the incident at the beach involving Uncle Nate and Aunt Sally in full detail. 12/26/18
834 27 One Night at Carver Inn Tom and the gang spend the weekend at a hotel in Plymouth with Gammy, Nate, Isabella, and Lukas. Meanwhile, the Larssons follow along, and once again try to convince Olivia and Vinny to return. 12/30/18

Season 42 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
835 1 A New Year Awaits Tom and the gang get ready for the new year, 2019. They celebrate by getting Chinese food, and hanging out at the house. 1/1/19
836 2 Welcome With Gaming Tom and the gang return to school, and all their teachers have a lot of fun activities planned for them, except for Mr. Robatsu, of course. 1/2/19
837 3 Snap out of it, Hamlet! In English, Tom and co. are assigned a new project, known as the Hamlet Act 4 Snap Scenes, where the class has to act out scenes from the text. 1/3/19
838 4 No Shit, Sherlock! Tom and the gang work hard to finish some work they missed, and grasp an understanding of the English Snap project. Later, they all go to the movies to see "Holmes & Watson", and Sean joins them. 1/4/19
839 5 Cancelled Plans Tom and the gang spend another weekend with Uncle Jerry and Michael, and go an a few errands, planning to go to the movies with their friends tomorrow. However, they later learn that Daniel has other plans. 1/5/19
840 6 3 Assignments and a Birthday It's Mr. Shiro's birthday, and the calss celebrates it by eating cake and finishing their lab. Later, Tom and co. are given 2 Homeowrk Assignments by Mr. Robatsu, and 1 from Mrs. Collins. 1/7/19
841 7 It's Not Over Tom and co. finish their previous homework assignments in US History, and though Tom and co. are done, Mr. Robatsu isn't. He now expects them to write ANOTHER argumentative paper. 1/8/19
842 8 Willy's Willy During a game of floor hockey in Lifetime Activities, Willy suffers an injury in his groin area. Later, Tom and the gang go to their Advisory period yet again. 1/9/19
843 9 Snap-Graph Tom and the gang must finish the graph for their lab report, which is due tomorrow. Later, they present their Hamlet Snap-Project. 1/10/19
844 10 When You Least Expect It... Tom and the gang are assigned yet another project by Mr. Robatsu. Later, they attend a surprise school event, and have a miserable movie night with a seriously "pissed the fuck off" William. 1/11/19
845 11 Oh, The Places We'll Go! During a weekend of errands with Michael and Uncle Jerry, Caillou's old friends Leo and Clementine come to visit. 1/12/19
846 12 Very Little Time Tom and the gang must finish their Battle of the Bulge Slideshow project in US History, which is due today. Meanwhile, Mr. Shiro tells the story of how he worked with troubled kids. 1/14/19
847 13 Divided We Stand Tom and the gang are assigned to do 3 long division problems for homework, and struggle a lot with it. 1/15/19
847 14 The Class is Watching Tom and the gang do presentations in US History and Lifetime Activities. 1/16/19
848 15 Hamlet's Final Stand Ms. Beruku's class finally finishes reading the Shakespeare Tragedy: Hamlet. 1/17/19
849 16 Tomodachi Tune-Out Tom and the gang go see two movies again at the AMC Theater, and try to tune out William's anger with Tomodachi Life 1/18/19
850 17 It's Pretty Swell! Tord reflects on the day he first met his daughter Olivia. Meanwhile, Tom and co. pay another visit to Nona. 1/19/19
851 18 The Lunch Money Problem Tom and the gang plan to buy lunch at school, since they don't have a lot of food at home, but unfortunately, Caillou loses the money, so now the gang has to find it before 4th Lunch. 1/22/19
852 19 Throughout the Course of History Tom and the gang take their World War II Test in History, and are constantly talked to about what courses to take next year. It is also their last day in My Money, My Life. 1/23/19
853 20 Sleeping with the Sickness Tom and the gang finally finish the 2nd Quarter of their Junior Year. Meanwhile, William falls very ill to the point where he ends up sleeping on the floor of any random room in the house, and Alex's tablet is once again unable to access YouTube. 1/24/19
854 21 A Cinematic Start Tom and the gang begin the 3rd Quarter of their Junior Year with new electives, both of which take place in the Video Production room. 1/25/19
855 22 Dental Repairs Tom and the gang attend another dentist appointment, while Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby are hoping to get their tablet fixed. 1/26/19

Season 43 Edit

No. Overall No. In Season Title Plot Airdate
856 1 More Projects Tom and the gang continue to work on their World War II Scrapbook project in History, while eventually learning about ANOTHER project in Behavioral Science that has to be done independently and at home. 1/28/19
857 2 Speech of Forgiveness Tom and the gang are still working on their projects, but unfortunately for them, Mrs. Beruku wants to get in on the action. Meanwhile, while stalking his foes at the grocery store, Tord finds himself reunited with an old friend. 1/29/19
857 3 It Can't End Like This! While still under-pressure with all their projects, Tom and the gang try to relieve their stress with a game series called "Riddle School", which ends in a disappointing way. 1/30/19
858 4 Delay in Understanding Tom and the gang have their first Delay in a long time, and later deal with high levels of confusion when doing their schoolwork. 1/31/19
859 5 2 Down, One to Go! Tom and the gang finally manage to finish 2 out of the 3 big projects assigned by their teachers. All that's left is the sculpture project. 2/1/19
860 6 The Offer Edd and Tord reunite with Tom and Matt, and together, they give Olivia and Vinny an offer to join them on a full-week trip to Arizona. 2/2/19
861 7 Back Together, Torn in Half Tom and the gang have another half-day at school, and have trouble printing their projects. Meanwhile, with help from Michael, Olivia and Vinny finally make up their minds on whether or not they should go on the trip with Tord. 2/4/19
862 8 The Final Riddle Tom and the gang attempt to finish the last 2 Riddle School games while later performing their speeches in English. 2/5/19
863 9 Check, Done! Tom and the gang finish the research paper part of their project, and are later given another annotation assignment by Mr. Robatsu. 2/6/19
864 10 What Needs to Change Mr. Robatsu checks over Tom and the gang's scrapbook, and suggests that they make some minor improvements, such as losing the plagarism and adding an extra slide. Meanwhile, their buddy Phil, reveals that he might stop going to Best Buddies. 2/7/19
865 11 Intolerance Tom and the gang fix their History Project so it's less plagiarist, as well as starting to read "The Catcher and the Rye". Later, they unwillingly attend YET ANOTHER double movie night with William as aggressive as ever. 2/8/19
866 12 The Larsson's Nest Tom and the gang get the supplies they need to finish their Behavioral Science project once and for all. Meanwhile, The Larssons begin their long drive to Arizona. 2/9/19
867 13 Reader in the Rye Tom and the gang must finish their Catcher in the Rye reading before last period. 2/11/19
868 14 Half-Snow Day Tom and the gang have another half-day at school due to an upcoming snow storm. This causes the Science Test to be rescheduled to Friday, but it doesn't stop Mr. Robatsu from giving out dificult classwork that would soon become homework. 2/12/19
869 15 Complete Tom and the gang turn in their Animal Structure Project and present it to their teachers. 2/13/19
870 15 Advanced Education The Movie: Strong Forces Rick and Morty run away from home and find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world, where they meet a group of survivors, and they, along with Tom and co. must work together to take down the Galactic Frontier and rescue their imprisoned friends. 2/23/19
871 17 Assembled for a Rescue Tom and the gang go to Declan's house and play with legos. During the game, they role-play with their minifigures and join forces with Mario and Luigi to save the princess. 2/24/19
872 18 Too Much Homework XX Tom and the gang return from February Vacation, only to be welcomed with tons of difficult homework by their teachers. 2/25/19
873 19 Holden Me Back Tom and the gang work hard to finish their homework assignments, and later do a discussion about Holden's character in English. 2/26/19
874 20 Back to the Grind! Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby return to the park, only to find out that it was already purchased by the Country Club. Now the guys must beat them in a golf tournament to get it back. Meanwhile, Tom and co. learn that they are failing History. 2/28/19

Season 44 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
874 1 Half-Day Today! Heroes on Campus! Tom and the gang have another Half-Day at School, and Ash and co. join them. 3/1/19
875 2 Naruto's a Bad Father! Shopping in the Snow! Tom and the gang spend the weekend going on errands while Naruto tells the story of how he hurt his sun druing the start of the Zombien Apocalypse. 3/2/19
876 3 What's Changed in Westwood? Battle of the Rivaling Islands! Tom and the gang visit Nona once again as Luffy tells the group about how he separated from his crew over a conflict. 3/3/19
877 4 Snow-Shoveling as a Team! You Can't Help Everyone! Tom and the gang have their first snow day in a while, and are once again forced by William to shovel the driveway. Later, Ash reveals that he struggled to help a friend at the start of the Zombien Apocalypse. 3/4/19
878 5 Ready to Read! Must Graph our Pillbug Data! Tom and the gang have to finish their Catcher in the Rye reading, another reading in History, and a graph for their Lab Report. 3/5/19
879 6 Lots to Do! The Due Date is Dead Close! Tom and the gang have to write their entire lab report and find sources for their 1950s Essay before the end of the week. 3/6/19
880 7 Focus on the Task at Hand! The Game with a Trick Inside! Tom and the gang must continue to work on their current projects, with high expectations for Alex and the heroes to help them out. Later, they discover a supposed “know-all” game in Video Production II. 3/7/19
881 8 Booted and Overworked! Identity Crisis at the AMC Theater! Tom and the gang are still struggling with their research project, for they have learned that they need a total of 4 sources, and to make matters worse, they are kicked out of their Film Production group. Later, they all go to the movies yet again to see How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, and Allison loses her ID. 3/8/19
882 9 A Mysterious Noise! Home Alone with Oral Pain! Tom and the gang once gain go to Nona's and help her find out where the beeping noise in her house is coming from. Later, while Jerry and Terri go to a party, the gang is left home alone, while Alex develops pain in his jaw. 3/9/19
883 10 A Work in Progress! Quest to Finish the Video and Paper! Tom and the gang continue to work hard on their research project while also planning to help Michael with his personal project. 3/11/19
884 11 Catching Up With the Rye! What's Wrong With Alex's Tooth? Tom and the gang learn that they are falling behind with their reading, and must get it done before tomorrow. Later, they all go to the dentist to find out what's up with Alex's tooth. 3/12/19
885 12 The Perfect Card! Happy Birthday Aunt Sally! It’s Aunt Sally’s Birthday, and Tom and the gang must make her a perfect, fully-detailed birthday card. Later, they all go to a fancy restaurant called “Olivadi” for dinner. 3/13/19
886 13 The Utensils are Alive! Bernie and the 5 Stages of Grief! The Utensils return once again and meet Tom and co.’s new friends. Unfortunately, the Annoying Pen is on the verge of dying, and Bernie isn’t taking it well. 3/14/19
887 14 The Birthday Prom King! Return of the Psycho Girlfriend! It’s Tom’s Birthday, and him and his friends decide to spend it by going to Best Buddies’ Prom. Meanwhile, Lizzi kidnaps Mordecai and Rigby, and the only way for Alex to save them is to take her to prom. 3/15/19
888 15 Another Birthday Surprise! What on Earth Could it Be? During a weekend in Milford, Uncle Jerry and Michael once again have something special planned for Tom's birthday. What could they have planned? Stick around to find out! 3/16/19
889 16 Unified Track Meeting! Now I Know How to Sign Up! Tom and the gang have another Catcher in the Rye discussion in English and want to improve their grade. Later, they attend a Unifird Track info meeting, and learn not only how to sign up, but it will be coached by an old friend. 3/18/19
890 17 Revise and Make Up! Gotta Get Rid Of That D! Tom and the gang have to revise their 1950s Research paper before turning it in. Also, they want to improve their English grade, and in order to do so, they must make up some work. 3/19/19
891 18 The Catcher Paragraph Must Be Finished! Homework Shall Not Stop Us! Tom and the gang must finish their late Catcher in the Rye Paragraph for English in order to improve their grade, which is currently a “D+”, but will today’s homework get in the way of their progress, or will they prevail? 3/20/19
892 19 Literally Home-SICK! Bronchitis Makes A Comeback! Alex’s bronchitis kicks in again and he is met with another terrible cough, forcing Tom and the gang to stay home from school. 3/21/19
893 20 The Things We Missed! Not Another Double Movie Night! Tom and the gang return to school and make a plan to make up for the stuff they missed, and Unsurprisingly, they all go to the movies again, but much to everyone’s dismay, they see TWO MOVIES, with those two movies being Five Feet Apart and Wonder Park. 3/22/19
893 21 Many Errands in Westwood! Nona and the Manual Treadmill! Tom and the gang spend the weekend running several errands while on their way to visiting Nona, who needs their help with fixing her treadmill. 3/23/19
894 22 Not A Lot of Missed Work! Looks Like We’re Off the Hook! Tom and the gang try to find out what they need to make up for Behavioral Science and US History, but it seems like they didn’t miss much. Also, their grade in English still hasn’t changed. 3/25/19
895 23 Struggles with Project Brainstorming! The End of a Telltale Era! Tom and the gang are assigned a new project in History, and they struggle on deciding what to do with it. Meanwhile, the heroes are psyched for the premiere of the series finale of the Walking Dead game. 3/26/19
896 24 A Vengeful Bully! Violence is Never the Answer! Tom and the gang finally decide on what they will do for their project, and they later deal with more harassment from AJ, who still despises them for a video they made about him. 3/27/19
897 25 Project Malcolm X! The Ultimate Best Buddies Scavenger Hunt! Tom and the gang decide to do their video project on Malcolm X. Later, they attend the last Best Buddies meeting of the year, and they spend it by doing a Scavenger Hunt. 3/28/19
898 26 Training with Frederick Jones! The Friend Recovery Mission Begins! Frederick Jones pays our heroes a visit and trains them for their upcoming mission to find their friends and the ingredients for Galactium. 3/31/19

Season 45 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
899 1 Enter Nami and Robin! Stranded in an All-Female Civilization! The heroes arrive in Luffy’s world, but find themselves on an island that is civilized by a tribe of women, which is led by Nami and Robin. The gang must perform a series of difficult tasks in order to get them back. Meanwhile, Tom and co. are still stressing over the current projects they are working on. 4/1/19
900 2 Meeting for the Future! We're Getting the Crew Back Together! Tom and the gang have their first IEP Meeting in Junior Year, and discuss their future during it. Meanwhile, Alex’s group heads back to Luffy’s world and finds the rest of the crew, who unfortunately are still in a fight. 4/2/19
901 3 Welcome to Unified Track! Gotta get that Button Fixed! Tom and the gang finally join Unified Track, and do some exercises with their friends, and try to get some work done beforehand. Meanwhile, Alex’s group go to Quahog so Stewie can fix their Teleportation device. 4/3/19
902 4 Everything is Due Today! Operation Total War! Tom and the gang have to turn in their 1960s Project and their Cricket Lab Report, and are also assigned another Essay in English. Meanwhile, Alex and co. return to the rivaling islands in order to rescue the Park workers and find the first ingredient for Galactium. 4/4/19
903 5 End of Quarter Half-Day! A Movie Without Allison The third quarter comes to an end on another half-day. Later, Tom and co. go to the movies yet again and see Dumbo, but this time, Allison is unable to join them. And unfortunately for our heroes, William is in one of his worst moods. 4/5/19
904 6 Adventures in Milford! Walking for our Sims! Tom and the gang spend the weekend at Uncle Jerry’s, and during it, they partake in all sorts of activities, such as eating at a new restaurant, playing Sims 3, and taking the dog ot for a walk while on camera. 4/7/19
905 7 An Assembly on Life! Trying to Keep Things Together! Tom and the gang begin the first day of Quarter 4 with an assembly, hosted by a magician who inspires students to make the right choices in life. Meanwhile, our heroes head down to Naruto’s world and find some of his friends. 4/8/19
906 8 Present and Prepare! Danger Lurks in the Forest of Allies! Tom and the gang watch presentations of projects in US History, and later make preparations of their upcoming quizzes and tests. Meanwhile, Alex’s group begins to search for Naruto’s friends in the woods, the same place where Naruto separated from them to begin with. 4/9/19
907 9 Mr. Shiro's Ultimate Challenge! Reunion from Beyond the Grave! Tom and the gang have a test in Behavioral Science today, and only have a limited time to study and memorize everything. Meanwhile, Tord, Sid, and Team Rocket force Sasuke to bring his brother back to life, and he is faced with a difficult decision. 4/10/19
908 10 Races with Birds! When Friends Become Foes! Tom and the gang take yet another quiz in Algebra II, and later discover a game about Bird Racing, and begin to play it in class. Meanwhile, Alex’s group head down to Itachi’s base to get the second ingredient needed for Galactium, but someone they trust decides to interfere. 4/11/19
909 11 Spring Break is Here! Try to Stay Positive! Tom and the gang spend the last day of school before Spring Break doing all sorts of fun activities, such as watching movies and filling out math puzzles. Later, they go to the Happy Place to take some selfies, and as you may have already guessed, William is NOT in a good mood, since he has absolutely no interest in going. 4/12/19
910 12 Jessie the Explorer! Recruiting Some Former Allies! Tom and the gang once again visit Nona in Westwood and help her with some things around the house. Meanwhile, Team Rocket takes Dora’s friends on an adventure disguised as Dora, Diego, and Boots, in an attempt to get Olivia and Vinny Back. 4/13/19
911 13 Enter Agent P and Company! Finally on the Road to Maine! Tom and the gang prepare for their three-day vacation in Maine, while meeting up with some of Caillou's old friends. Meanwhile, Perry continues to struggle with getting along with Doofenshmirtz, and is pressured to resort to Bill Cipher for help. 4/15/19
912 14 William Ruins the Fun! Who is Bill's New Pawn? William joins the gang's vacation and takes them to look at stuff for the wedding, and of course, the movies. Meanwhile, Caillou and Perry must interrogate everybody to find out who Bill had possessed. 4/16/19
913 15 The Long Journey Home! Ciphogee is in Control! Tom and the gang are finished with their vacation in Maine, and go on a long drive back home, while making a few stops along the way. Later, during dinner with Uncle Jerry, they learn that Bill CIpher had possessed Milo’s dog, Diogee. 4/17/19
914 16 Reunited with the Cousins! The Start of our Hingham Adventures! Tom and the gang meet up with Gammy and the cousins and leave for their trip to Hingham. They spend the first day going on a quest and playing a lot of games, such as Roblox and Chutes and Ladders. 4/18/19
915 17 Happy Anniversary Meowth and Pikachu! A Truce of Laziness! Today is Meowth and Pikachu’s 2-Year Anniversary of confessing their love towards one another, and our heroes and the Akatsuki must temporarily set their differences aside for today in order to support them. 4/19/19
916 18 The Fall of Ciphogee! Ending Break with an Easter Celebration! Tom and the gang depart from their vacation in Hingham, and spend Easter dinner with Uncle Jerry’s family, and later do an Easter Egg hunt with Aunt Sally. Meanwhile, Caillou, Perry, Milo, and the rest of the gang finally put their Diogee rescue plan into action. 4/21/19
917 19 Welcome Back, Now Get To Work! A Call From the Town of Pallet! Tom and the gang return to school from their Spring Break, only to be welcomed by their teachers with loads of classwork and homework! Meanwhile, Frederick Jones and Perry inform our heroes of the message they had received from Professor Oak. 4/22/19
918 20 William Must Pick us Up! Will He Remember? Tom and the gang have to trust William to pick them up from school, since Aunt Sally isn’t able to because she has work. Meanwhile, Perry and Frederick Jones try to get Phineas and Ferb to fix Alex’s tablet, but they struggle in doing so. 4/23/19
919 21 Unified Pasta Party! Can Jerry Fix the Tablet? Tom and the gang still have lots of work to do, and later go to a Pasta Party for Unified Track and Unified Basketball, where they have to meet up with Perry to get the tablet fixed. Meanwhile, Sasuke and Team Rocket also attend disguised as High School Students, with Sasuke being the father. 4/24/19
920 22 Advisory 10: The Teacher Insane Asylum! Running Towards Sweet Victory! Tom and the gang have yet another Advisory period and are also overwhelmed with schoolwork, as Mr. Robasu decides to assign his class a bunch of classwork to become homework in his absence, and Mrs. Collins gives her class a really difficult math worksheet. Also, Tom and the gang have their first Unified Track meet today, and they plan to give it their all, but they need to get all their schoolwork done first. 4/25/19
921 23 Movie Night Un-Cancelled! The Young Athlete Who Drowned! Tom and the gang are upset after learning yesterday that William, despite his changed work schedule, is taking them to the movies after all. He had work on Friday, but he decides to work in the day so he can go to the movies at night. This time, they are seeing Breakthrough, and will this movie night be a successful and calm experience, or will it be another rage fest? Stay tuned to find out! 4/26/19
922 24 The Connelly Cleanup Crew! An Alternate Contact Method! Tom and the gang help Allison finish her volunteer hours for school by cleaning up trash on the street for 3 hours, and it turns out to be a lot harder than they thought. Later, Uncle Jerry struggles to fix the tablet needed to contact Professor Oak, but luckily, a blast to the past helps Ash find an alternative solution. 4/28/19

Season 46 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
923 1 Enter Dawn and Gary! Training in a Post-Apocalyptic World! Tom and the gang must continue to revise the Disillusionment essay they started a couple weeks ago, as it has a serious effect on their Quarter 4 grade, since they now have an F in the class. Meanwhile, Alex’s group heads down to Ash’s World and reunites with their old friends: Gary and Dawn. 4/29/19
924 2 Beware the Indigo Plateau! Ash vs. The Gym Leader Union! Tom and the gang struggle with the Unified Track Chocolate charity, as William STILL hasn’t given them the money he made, and the money being due today. To make matters worse, the gang receives a lot of work from their teachers. Meanwhile, Ash and co. must battle with the GL Union in order to get Misty and Brock back. 4/30/19
925 3 Arts and Confusion Galore! Let’s Celebrate our School Year’s End! Tom and the gang go to another FAA field trip where they do all sorts of art-themed activities hosted by an artist named Bren Bataclan. Later, they all go to the Best Buddies End-of-Year Celebration, and their dinner schedule is completely screwed up, due to Allison having plans for Wednesday as well. 1/1/19
926 4 Track Meet Cancelled? Return of the Research Paper Project! Tom and the gang must catch up on all of the work they had missed because of the FAA field trip they accidentally fully-attended yesterday, especially the newly-assigned Final Research Paper for the 4th Quarter in Behavioral Science. Later, they learn that Thursday’s Track Meet was cancelled due to rain. 5/2/19
927 5 Half of a Difficult Situation! No Movie Night or Bust! Tom and the gang have a half-day at school, and on the same day, Mr. Robatsu introduces his next project, and Willy has another conflict with Oscar. Meanwhile, the gang are not so thrilled about today, since today is Friday, and that’s when Movie Night is. Now they are hoping that they have a break from the movies for once. 5/3/19
928 6 Judi & Vinny’s House Party! It's My Birthday and You're Invited! Tom and the gang attend another family event: a birthday party for Nona, which is being held at Aunt Judi and Vinny’s new house. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki clan is making plans for Baldi's return and upcoming birthday party. 5/5/19
929 7 Two Projects to Finish! Three Including the Lab Report! Tom and the gang currently have two projects to work on: The final Research Paper for Behavioral Science and the Vietnam Documentary for US History, and they spend the entire day working on them. Also, they learn that the Planarian Lab Report they never started is due tomorrow, and must get THAT done as soon as possible. Will they finish? Stay tuned to find out! 5/6/19
930 8 With Apologies to Oscar Neil! Unified Track is Back in the Game! Tom and the gang continue to work on their Science and History Projects, but Mrs. Beruku also decides to join the fun by assigning a College Essay. Meanwhile, Willy tries to make amends with Oscar after offending him with that suicide joke last week. Later, the gang attends their last Unified Track Practice, for the rest of the program will be Track Meets. 5/7/19
931 9 Enter Iris and Cilan! Baldi’s Ultimate Birthday Bash! Tom and the gang must work on their English projects. They decide to do their essay on Tom’s 6th Grade year and interview two of their old teachers. Meanwhile, Alex’s Group go back to the Pokemon World and attend Baldi’s Party. They are also joined by Ash’s old traveling companions from Unova: Iris and Cilan. 5/8/19
932 10 Questions for the Adults! Foxborough is the Way to Go! Tom and the gang finished the first half of their FAA Interview project, as they do their first interview with Ms. Diode. With most of the projects done, all that’s left is the second interview and the Vietnam Documentary. Later, they participate in the Track Meet in Foxborough. 5/9/19
933 11 Pep-Talk with Ms. Gritz! Pikachu and the Mystery of the Raging Father! Tom and the gang interview Ms. Gritz and finish the FAA Interview Project, and also continue to work on their Vietnam Project in US History. Later, William once again takes our heroes to the movies, and of course, he's in a really bad mood. This time, they are seeing “Detective Pikachu”. 5/10/19
934 12 Meet the Phillips Family! Mother’s Day is a Sweet Treat for All! Tom and the gang spend Mother’s Day having dinner and dessert at Bubbling Brook’s with Gammy. Meanwhile, Sid, along with the Akatsuki clan, is invited by his mother to have dinner and dessert with her for Mother’s Day, but things get chaotic when she finds out that Andy’s toys are alive. 5/12/19
935 13 Meeting in Canton! How Do We Get Home? Tom and the gang attend their constantly-rescheduled Track-Meet, which takes place in Canton, and afterwards, they spend some more time with Gammy. Later, the entire gang gets lost while on their way back home. 5/13/19
936 14 The Banquet for Unified Track! Getting Grouped with Ugliness! Tom and the gang are given a lot of group projects in US History, Algebra II, and English during the school day, and later attend the Banquet for Unified Track, but first, they once again go to the movies with William and see “Ugly-Dolls”. Little do they know that a shocking surprise will be waiting for them when they get back. 5/14/19
937 15 Welcome to Quinsigamond University! Movies are a Pain in the Chest! Once again, Tom has to miss yet another day of school, as he begins to feel sharp pains in his chest. He is supposed to stay at home and get some rest under the care of our heroes, but William has other plans. Later, the entire gang attends a tour of Quinsigamond University. 5/15/19
938 16 The Pain Continues! Fighting My Way Through Taunton! Tom is still experiencing chest pain, but he chooses to fight through it for the entire day so he doesn’t have to miss his Track Meet in Taunton, despite his friends’ objections. Unfortunately, the teachers don’t make things any easier. Later, the gang tends their 4th Track Meet in Taunton, but it is not heir last. 5/16/19
939 17 History of Stress! Revenge of the Cancellation Gag! Tom and the gang are put under a lot of pressure in school today, with starting a new text in English, Mr. Reynolds recent homework assignment, and being invited by their group to work on the project this weekend. Later, they are faced with disappointment when the Carnival they were supposed to go to gets cancelled, and are forced to hang with William instead. 5/17/19
940 18 Donations from Westwood! Come One, Come All to Allison's Carnival of Fun! Tom and the gang return to Westwood and help Nona get rid of some old furniture. Meanwhile, Allison hosts a mini-Carnival to make up for the one that got cancelled previously. 5/18/19
941 19 Project on a Weekend! Broadcasting at the Paularatt Studio! Tom and the gang must go to their classmate’s house on a Sunday in order to finish their Vietnam Project for World History, and Alex and the Heroes also attend for “moral support”. 5/19/19
942 20 Another Cancellation? Something Definitely Isn’t Right! Tom and the gang must get a Permission Slip signed so they can attend the next Track Meet. They Succeed, However, after doing a lot of schoolwork, they learn that the Track Meet had been cancelled due to thunder. 5/20/19
943 21 Testing Unprepared! Race Against King Philip! Tom and the gang have to take a test in Behavioral Science, but they are totally unprepared, as they never had time to study. Later, they all attend another Track Meet at the King Phillip High School, which is located in Wrentham. 5/21/19
944 22 The Latest Eye! Twists and Turns in Walpole! Tom and the gang have to catch up on their reading before English class starts. Later, they are dismissed early so they can go to the Track Meet in Walpole, and this time, Michael, Uncle Jerry, and all of their other friends attend as well. 5/22/19
945 23 Me Against the Past! A Rescue from Out of This World! Tom and the gang’s teachers are absent, and are given a lot of work to do during their absence. Meanwhile, Alex’s Team finally goes to Ben’s world to get the Crystals and rescue Hinata, but first, they have to pass Eon’s test by fixing the dark pasts of three of their friends: Naruto, Ben, and Rigby. 5/23/19
946 24 The Double Movie Night Sequel! Testing our Vietnam Knowledge! Tom and the gang have to take a test on Vietnam in US History. Later, they go to YET ANOTHER Double Movie Night with William and see Aladdin & Booksmart. 5/24/19
947 25 The Plumbers’ Errand Spree! Tales from the Ruins of Bellwood! Tom and the gang go on various errands in an attempt to fix the busted toilet. Later, Gwen and Kevin tells the story of how they were rescued from Bellwood by Frederick Jones and Perry the Platypus. 5/25/19
948 26 No More Seniors! The Place Where it All Began! With all the Seniors out of school, Tom and co, as well as all of the Juniors, are now “in charge” of the school, while Mrs. Beruku decides to make things harder for them by giving them a lot of work and projects. Meanwhile, Alex’s group decides to take a visit to the park, and there, they see a lot of familiar faces. 5/28/19
948 27 Bored Outta Heck! The Spectators of Milford! Tom and the gang attend their final Track meet for the year, but they don’t participate, since they didn’t qualify, so they spend most of their time bored, with nothing to do. 5/29/19

Season 47 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
949 1 A Movie on Thursday? Introducing Mr. Robatsu's Final Challenge! With Mrs. Beruku already stressing out Tom and co. with her newest text, Mr. Robatsu also gets in on the action by giving the class a brand-new project, which involves an Oral Presentation on an event in History of their choice that is between 1990 and 2019. Later, they all go to the movies and see “A Dog’s Journey”, but this time, without William, and after that they get haircuts at a place they haven’t been to in a long time. 5/30/19
950 2 Second Movie in a Row! What to Do for the Project? Tom and the gang struggle to figure out what to do with their final project, and are also given more work from their English teacher. Later, they all go to the movies again and see “Rocketman”. Eventually, William once again ruins movie night with his anger. 5/31/19
951 3 William Strikes Again! We’re Finally Seeing Endgame! While Uncle Jerry and Michael are unable to pick up our heroes for the weekend until 2PM because of a funeral, William seizes his opportunity for yet another trip to the movies. This time, they see Avengers: Endgame. 6/1/19
952 4 A Perfect Sunny Day! Working in the Great Outdoors! Tom and the gang do a couple of school activities outside, such as finishing the Bluest Eye text, as well as doing an Echolocation lab and going on a walk. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is making preparations for the upcoming final battle. 6/3/19
953 5 Podcast Production Begins! Taking Care of Business! Tom and the gang spend the entire day working really hard on getting their final FAA projects done, for they are due at the end of the week. 6/4/19
954 6 More Stuff to Do! We Can’t Catch a Break! Tom and the gang finish their current activities in their Non-FAA classes, but soon find out that they have some extra work based on them afterwards: A Lab Report for Behavioral Science, and Final Review corrections for Algebra II. 6/5/19
955 7 Almost Work-Free! When Can I See You Again? Tom and the gang finish up their last few projects, and plan to visit Ms. Robinson tomorrow. 6/6/19
956 8 Ms. Robinson is Back! On the Road to Graduation! Tom and the gang want to visit Ms. Robinson at the end of the day. Later, they watch the graduation ceremony while driving to Cape-Cod. 6/7/19
957 9 Soaked and Inflatable! Terri's Cape Cod Shopping Spree! For the second day of their trip, Tom and the gang go shopping at a variety of different stores, and later visit a town filled with stores and restaurants, as well as an inflatable water park near the hotel. 6/8/19
958 10 Return to Milford! Gotta Watch Your Back! Tom and the gang concludes their Cape Cod adventures and drive back home to Milford. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki follow along, for they are not leaving empty-handed. 6/9/19
959 11 The Battle for Freedom! It All Comes Down to This! Now that the Galactium is finished, our heroes must head down to Earth's core and spread the antidote throughout the multiverse, but they will have to fight off the Akatauki first. Meanwhile, Tom and the gang have to take their finals, but after the toys were kidnapped, they have to suit up for battle as well. 6/13/19
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